Experts: Virgin Crash Sets Back Space Tourism by Years


Virgin Galactic had hoped to start ferrying passengers to the edge of space in 2015. That dream was scattered across California's Mojave Desert after the disaster that claimed Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo and the life of one of its pilots.


Burkina Army Officers Have 'Taken Country in Hand'

A group of Burkina Faso army officers said Friday said they had "taken the destiny of the nation in hand" and were closing the borders.


'Nightcrawler' Creeps to $13 Million Halloween Weekend

The Jake Gyllenhaal thriller is providing the only spark of life amid an otherwise deadly Halloween box office.


Gold Slumps to 4 Year Low

Gold has fallen sharply since the Fed said Wednesday that it will end its QE policy, after six years of pumping easy money into the US economy via asset purchases.


4 Astonishing Facts about Calories and Alcohol

That glass of beer is the same as how many Oreos?


Zombies Invade London for Halloween

Such street games are becoming increasingly popular, cashing in on the current fashion for zombie movies, games and books -- and giving players an exhilarating experience.


8 Reasons Why Amy Poehler is the Greatest Celebrity Ever

Amy Poehler's Reddit AMA is everything you dreamed it would be... And more!


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    3 Long-Life Secrets of 100-Year-Olds

    Add over 15 years to your life with these everyday details. 


    Mike Tyson: 'I Was Sexually Abused as a Child'

    Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson says he was sexually abused when he was seven years old.


    Cop-Killer Caught After Manhunt

    A man accused of shooting dead a Pennsylvania state trooper was arrested after eluding capture for six weeks during a massive manhunt through mountains and dense forests.


    9 Hilarious airbnb Logo Hacks

    Clever Photoshoppers have twisted the logo for this couch-surfing site into something great.


    17 Of The Most Dramatic Plot Twists In Human History

    Things rarely go according to plan, but these are just ridiculous.


    14 Types Of Coworkers That We All Know (And Hate)

    "Why yes, I have gained weight. Thanks for pointing that out Pam."


    The Gray Lady Gains Foothold in Digital World

    "Digital advertising revenue saw its third consecutive quarter of positive growth -- up nearly 17 percent year-over-year -- and print advertising revenue rallied in September as well." 


    These 2 Charts Show Just How Much Trouble Venezuela's President Maduro Is In

    Does the future of Chavez’s “revolution” now depend on cutting deals with the likes of Exxon or Chevron?


    11 Musicians Matched to Fan's SAT Scores - Is Your Music Smart or Dumb?

    A recent study plots how intelligent a musician's fans are. You might want to switch off that Lil' Wayne song. 


    French Village Bans Clowns

    A French village has banned teenagers from dressing up as clowns for Halloween after people kitted out as the colorful pranksters have sown terror and violence in several parts of the country.


    For Hong Kong Youngsters, Protests Bring Taste of Freedom

    Freedom of speech? Standing up to a totalitarian government? Well, that's cool, but the demonstrations gave young people a taste of life outside the city's cramped shoebox apartments -- and away from the prying eyes of overprotective parents.


    Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces That He's Gay

    Tim Cook said he was coming out as gay as part of a lifelong commitment to advocating equality for all people.


    17 Situations Speedily Spiraling Out Of Control

    "Well that sure escalated quickly." - All of these people.


    Viral Video: NYC Street Harassment of Women

    At no point did the woman in the video make eye contact or talk to any of the men she passed. That didn't stop the comments from coming...


    Halloween 'Gin & Juice' Parody Video is the Ultimate

    "Kin & Moose" is the Snoop Dogg parody you can't live without this Halloween!


    19 Crazy-Colorful Caterpillar Before And Afters

    The creepy crawlers may just be doing Halloween better than most humans.


    'Unruly' Daughter Sent to Siberia by Parents Finds a New Family

    The epic story of Sophia Roberts is either a case of the world's best parents or the worst.


    Google Maps Pays $2,250 for Cleavage Snafu

    A Montreal woman took the tech giant to court over an embarassing Maps shot and won.


    9 Easy & Cheap Ways to Keep Eyes Healthy

    It's as easy as redirecting the vents in your car. 


    40 Years Later, the Jungle Still Rumbles

    The epic Rumble in the Jungle in Zaire between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman turns 40 on Thursday, and time has done nothing to diminish its place in boxing history.


    11 Bizarre Booze Flavors That Actually Exist

    Make your wild nights even wilder with these intense adult beverages!


    'Harry Potter' Can Rap Like You Won't Believe

    "Harry Potter & the Magical Rap" is the newest installment of the Harry Potter series!


    14 People Who Have Clearly Never Seen An Animal In Their Lives

    You don't have to be a zoologist to know what a raccoon is.


    12 Bizarre Cross Stitches That Might Give Grandma a Heart Attack

    They left "Home Sweet Home" in the dust a long time ago.


    Sick Tortoise Had Turtle Pendant in its Stomach

    Proving once and for all reptiles do have a sense of irony. 


    7 Simple Foods That Help Battle Stress & Anxiety

    A little avocado goes a long way, but that's just the start...


    20 Truly Tragic Moments Comedically Caught On Camera

    It's all fun and games until the cheesecake is on the floor.


    This Simple Innovation Could Slash Air Travel Costs

    Prepare to be thrilled...and/or completely terrified. 


    12 Jaw-Dropping Examples of 'Typewriter Art' by a Man with Cerebral Palsy

    Artist Paul Smith was born with cerebral palsy, but that hasn't slowed his artistic quest. 


    Town Fights to End Alcohol Ban and Discovers Something Shocking

    It pays to read the fine print, people. 


    'Between Two Ferns' With Brad Pitt is Awkwardly Brilliant

    Brad Pitt sits down with Zach Galifianakis for one of the most memorable interviews yet.


    14 Self-Portraits By Artist on 14 Different Drugs

    Some bizarre and unusual insights are reflected in the results of this artist's creations.


    Clubbing for Kids: NY's Hottest New Trend

    The music's thumping, the dance floor's packed and the bar's bustling. Welcome to one of New York's hottest nightclubs and a new generation of clubbers: six-year-olds.


    Gender Equality at Work is 80+ Years Off

    If you're waiting for gender equality in the workplace, be prepared to wait a long time, according to a report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) Tuesday.


    17 Sassy Smart Phones - Siri Makes People Feel Dumb

    Just because Siri isn't real doesn't mean the pain isn't.


    Here is the (Sexy?) Ebola Halloween Costume No One Asked For

    This will literally be the most "viral" costume of the year.


    One Man Robbed a Gas Station and What Happened Next is a Shock

    You've heard of "buyer's remorse." Here's a unique case of "robber's remorse." 


    17 Hilariously Horrible Resumes For The 'Do Not Hire' Pile

    Résumés are the perfect opportunity to professionally brag about yourself. Unless you're these people that is...


    6 Insane Menu Items That Put Fried Oreos to Shame

    Over a decade ago, Chicken Charlie paired cookies and deep fryers. Now he has opened a "FryBQ" restaurant and gone even further.  


    Hilarious! Jim Carrey Spoofs McConaughey Lincoln Ads

    In his third "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig, Jim Carrey took aim at Matthew McConaughey's series of ads for Lincoln's MKC sport utility vehicle, pondering some of life's deeper questions. Check it out!


    Clown Terror in France

    A wave of panic sparked by evil clowns stalking French towns has spread to the south of France where police on Saturday night arrested 14 teenagers dressed as the pranksters, carrying pistols, knives and baseball bats.


    5 Ways Drones Make the World a Better Place (Without Killing Anyone)

    “People don’t realize how fast things are changing,” one expert says. “You’ve gone from UAVs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars a few years ago to the price of a cellphone and it’s not going to stop there.”


    The 20 Most Important Photobombs In The History Of Cameras

    The iconic moments in photographic history will likely never be topped.


    Queen Elizabeth II Tweets for the 1st Time

    The Queen of England tweeted for the first time today, and it was historically enchanting.


    15 People Who Obviously Have No Idea How To Flirt

    If love is a game, then these people are definitely losing.


    Drinking After 60 Actually Helps Fend Off Dementia

    A recent study proves that seniors who booze a little are better off. 


    7 Awesome Rock Bands Led by Children

    These guys and gals give new meaning to the name: Kid Rock.


    18 Awkward Kid's Costumes Made by Mischievous Adults

    Sometimes clever parents are a little too clever for their own good...


    14 Flawless Ways To Respond To A Stranger's Text

    Have you been saying "Sorry, you have the wrong number."? If so, you've been doing it wrong.


    Football Coach's Job Listed on Craigslist, Hilarity Ensues

    ...and he doesn't look very happy, either.


    This is What Happens When You Give McDonald's to Fancy Foodies and Call It 'Organic'

    What happens when you serve McDonald's food to some experts and pretend it's a new organic meal?


    21 Times That Churches Had A Divine Sense Of Humor

    Nothing gets people in the pews like a well-crafted joke.


    'Helpful' Senior Citizen Hides 500 Pounds of Porn in a Park

    The good news: He did it for a friend. 


    Nation's 2nd-Biggest Tobacco Company to Ban Smoking

    Beginning in 2015 you can't smoke at work...even in the fitness center. 


    7 Twisted Pumpkin Carvings To Try This Halloween

    Forget traditional Jack-o-lanterns, these takes on pumpkin decorations will test your creativity and maybe even haunt your trick-or-treater's dreams.


    17 Inexplicably Inappropriate Times To Post On Facebook

    "Oh, you're mugging me? Finally something to make a Facebook status about!"


    18 Embarrassingly Awkward Pregnancy Photo Ideas

    It takes a special kind of parent to embarrass their child before they're even born.


    Taylor Swift Tops the Charts with Nothing

    Seriously, 8 seconds of silence. 


    25 Years Later, Hoverboards Have (Finally!) Arrived

    Welcome to the future! The mythic gadget from Back to the Future II is finally becoming reality...


    Icahn Sounds Alarm: 'Quite Concerned' with Market

    The legendary activist investor explains why he is 'quite concerned that something is going to happen' to the stock market.


    11 Adorably Itty Bitty Automobiles You Can Own

    Nubmer five makes a Mini Cooper look like a stretch limo.


    19 Albino Animals Amaze Even Without Color

    What's more fun? Saying "Albino rhino" or looking at one?


    The 19 Most Romantic Things That Have Ever Happened

    Hopefully we can all find true love like this one day.


    Amazing Robot Helps Paralyzed Groom Walk The Aisle

    This amazing exoskeleton can help improve the quality of life of millions.


    8 Insanely Edible Frankenstein Food Mash-Ups To Try

    Yep, people are eating hotdog/eclair hybrids. 

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