Ex-NBC Employee: I Helped Bill Cosby Pay Off Women


"He had everybody fooled," Frank Scotti says. "Nobody suspected."


'Hunger Games' Gobbles Up Box Office

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" easily topped "Transformers: Age of Extinction" to secure the year's biggest domestic opening weekend at $123 million.


Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Dies at 78

Barry will be remembered for a single night in a downtown Washington hotel room and the grainy video that showed him lighting a crack pipe in the company of a much-younger woman.


Pacquiao Dominates Algieri; Mayweather Next?

"He's going to fight me? Yes! Yes!," Pacquiao said.


13 Truly Unfortunate People With Bizarrely Bad Luck

Black cats, broken mirrors, and chain letters have nothing on these folks.


Boko Haram Kills 48 Fish Vendors in Nigeria

It was unclear if the motive for the gruesome attack was robbery or if there were other reasons for the killings.


ISIS and Children

Across the vast region under IS control, the group is actively conscripting children for battle and committing abuses against the most vulnerable at a young age.


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    13 of the Most Insanely Expensive Items Ever Purchased

    This dog is one of the most expensive pieces of art ever sold. You won't believe how many Millions it went for. 


    Suicide Blast at Afghan Volleyball Game Kills 50

    Sunday's attack occurred on the same day that Afghanistan's lower house of parliament approved agreements to allow about 12,500 NATO-led troops to stay on next year.


    11 Made-Up-Sounding Facts That Are Entirely True

    We were so close to having Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Boybands. Maybe next time.


    Winners and Losers Under Obama's Immigration Plan

    About 5 million people are expected to qualify under the measures outlined Thursday. But about 6 million who are in the country illegally will be left out.


    Afghanistan: It's Back On (Sort of)

    President Obama has quietly approved guidelines in recent weeks to expand the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, mainly when it comes to fighting the Taliban..


    22 Photos That Will Make You Grateful to Not Live in Buffalo This Week

    Unless you actually live there. Sorry. 


    City's 'Ugly' Christmas Tree Prompts Public Outcry

    A Christmas tree that might make Charlie Brown think twice is getting kicked to the curb a little early after residents of Reading, Pa., complained it was too ugly.


    For Cosby, the Show Goes On

    Amid allegations of rape and sexual assault, Bill Cosby took the stage in Florida to a standing ovation. The crowd loved him.


    Oklahoma's Perine Rushes for Record 427 Yards

    A week after Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon broke a 15-year-old mark by rushing for 408 yards against Nebraska, Samaje Perine ran past him. He broke the 7-day-old record on his 34th and final carry, a 42-yard run with 12:16 left in the fourth quarter.


    Gay Singers Test Country Music's Appeal

    Church, pickup trucks and dive bars -- the imagery of classic country songs evokes "traditional" small-town American life. Suddenly, two prominent singers have come out of the closet within hours of each other.


    Calm Urged as Ferguson Grand Jury Nears Decision

    But tension is already high and arrests are being made, and it is unclear whether the panel was still at work or when it will render a decision.


    This Storm's One for the Books

    Anyone who's grown up in Buffalo or even spent a few years here has stories of "the big ones" -- But even for Buffalo, this week's storm is a whole other story.


    House GOP Sues Over 'Obamacare'

    Republicans framed the lawsuit as a broader challenge to what they see as systematic executive overreach by the president.


    Flocking to Casablanca

    At the gates of Europe, Morocco has long been a transit point for migrants looking to make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean. Now the kingdom is a destination for many.


    China Cuts Interest Rates in Surprise Move

    China's central bank unexpectedly cut benchmark interest rates for the first time in more than two years.


    Blue Diamond Sells for Record $32.6 Million in NY

    A magnificent blue diamond has fetched $32.6 million in New York, breaking the world auction record for any diamond of its color, auction house Sotheby's announced.


    Details of President Obama's Sweeping Immigration Order

    President Barack Obama takes executive action Thursday to lift the threat of deportation for some five million people, 44 percent of the estimated 11.3 million immigrants living illegally in the United States.


    Poll: Employers Watching Insurance Costs Closely

    A poll found that companies that offer health insurance see it as a key tool to attract workers, but they're also sweating the expense.


    Doctors Think You are Probably an 'Excessive Drinker'

    It's not as many drinks as you might think to fall between a moderate drinker and an alcoholic. 


    18 Extremely Lazy People Who Clearly Just Gave Up On Life

    Putting effort into things takes, well, effort. So let's just not.


    Snowbound Bills Head to Detroit to 'Host' Jets

    Whether by plane, snowmobile or sled dog, the Bills are leaving snowbound Buffalo behind for Detroit to play their "home" game against the New York Jets on Monday night.


    The $10 Billion Franchise

    Blockbuster military shooter video game "Call of Duty" has blasted past $10 billion in lifetime sales.


    Real Beer Fans Know the Secret to Pouring a Perfect Beer

    It isn't that difficult to impress your friends with a perfect pint pour...


    The End of Cash Registers?

    The boss of Twitter and Square said new software would allow shopkeepers to track sales and provide digital receipts.


    Florida State Shocked by Lawyer Alum Shooter

    Police say a gunman who shot three students at Florida State University's library believed the government had targeted him.    


    Crafty Brew - How to Make Beer Art from Bottle Caps

    Create a simple piece of art from your leftover beer bottle caps!


    Jim Webb 1st to Announce 2016 Presidential Bid

    The dust has barely settled on midterm elections, but ex-senator Jim Webb has become the first candidate in America's upcoming presidential race -- and an early potential challenger to fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton.


    6 Tips for Pairing Food & Beer Like a Pro

    Learn how to pair tricky beers with food with this handy instruction guide!


    11 Little-Known Facts About Your Favorite U.S. Presidents

    Interesting facts you might not know about former U.S. presidents.


    Mexico City Braces for Large Demonstrations

    Mexico City is bracing for demonstrations as caravans of students and family members of 43 missing college students converge on the capital after several days crisscrossing the country.


    18 Eye-Popping Sculptures That Prove the Snowpocalypse is Upon Us

    The snow is falling at a record pace and some twisted folks are making the most of it.


    Delicious Beer Jelly from Vermont - Make Your Breakfast Boozy

    Bacon, eggs, toast, and beer? Yes it is true! One Vermont resident and foodie has created a line of beer-flavored jams.


    Merger Fever Back on Wall Street?

    Mergers and acquisitions around the world this year have already hit $3.16 trillion, according to Dealogic, the highest level since the record year of 2007 just prior to the economic crash.


    Iran Nuclear Deal Dead?

    A final round of talks on Iran's nuclear program before a looming deadline hung in the balance as Britain expressed pessimism a deal could be done and foreign ministers stayed away.


    World's Sexiest Man

    Australian actor and "Thor" avenger Chris Hemsworth is People magazine's pick.


    14 Unfathomably Stupid Criminals Caught Red-Handed

    Fortunately for society, some criminals are so dumb that they catch themselves.


    Angelina Jolie to Quit Acting

    "I love directing, I'm much happier directing," the 39-year-old star said.


    11 Surprisingly Sippable Celebrity Craft Beers

    Can you guess these 90s pop stars with their own ale?


    Drinkers Beware - The World's STRONGEST Beer is Here!

    Scottish brewery Brewmeister's Armageddon beer will definitely put hair on your chest!


    What Is True Love? These 25 Teens Think They Know

    "I'm 14 and we've only been dating a week, but I just KNOW that he/she is the one!" - Every teenager on Facebook.


    Netflix, NBC Dump Cosby

    The double setback came after a lawyer for the 77-year-old Cosby dismissed the claims of a string of attacks made by several women as "old, discredited allegations."


    Missing Honduras Beauty Queen & Sister Found Dead

    Alvarado had been scheduled to leave for London on Sunday to compete in the Miss World 2014 pageant.


    Fed Wary Over Global Growth, But Cheap Gas a Boon?

    Federal Reserve policymakers saw a potential threat to US growth in their last meeting, according to the newly released minutes.


    Word of the Year: 'Vape'

    Oxford Dictionaries said the word only began to appear regularly in mainstream sources around 2009.


    Detroit to Create 'City Symphony' Through Everyday Noise

    The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is asking residents to record sounds around the city in an experiment on how to turn everyday noises into classical music.


    Does Beer Have More Calories than Red Wine or a Doughnut?

    Should you have that red wine, a pint, or a nice jelly doughnut? You might be in for a shock!


    6 Serious Beer Facts That Most Don't Know

    Fast facts that will impress your friends and change the way you look at breweries!


    Ex-Head of Iceland Bank Sentenced Over 2008 Crisis

    The former head of Icelandic bank Landsbanki, the country's second-largest before the collapse of the financial sector in 2008, was handed a 12-month sentence on Wednesday over his role in the crisis.


    16 Times That The News Made Even Less Sense Than Usual

    Is that dog a sexual predator? Are PB&J sandwiches racist? We have the answers.


    11 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Coffee Hot Even if You are Freezing Cold

    Java sweaters are cute, but they don't hold a candle to the heating power of one longtime coffee cup classic.


    22 Bizarre Shoppers to Avoid at the Grocery Store

    This doesn't even compare to #12.


    Do You Remember This Emotional Budweiser Ad That Only Ran Once?

    Yes, this is a Budweiser commercial that will make you cry.


    20 Kids Who Have Better Priorities Than Most Adults

    Underneath the innocence and wonder, kids actually have some pretty sage advice.


    The 17 Least Thought Out Plans In The History Of Mankind

    You can't fix stupid...though we should really start trying.

    movies & tv

    Holy Factoid! 16 Wacky Secrets About 'Batman'

    Sinatra as the Riddler? Alfred came back from the dead? What is that tattooed on Adam West's tooth?


    10 Strange College Mascots That Actually Exist

    Who are you going to root for: the Artichokes or the Banana Slugs?


    Beer Hockey - Your New Favorite Party Game

    Find out how you can easily start up this crazy game (being popularized by Jimmy Fallon) at your own parties.


    Hilarously Misguided Cop Tries Profiling Frisbee Golfer

    "Answer me a question. Why does everyone who plays disc golf smoke weed?"


    13 Answers to Ferguson Grand Jury Questions

    A Missouri grand jury is deciding whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, which has sparked violent protests.


    14 Fantastic Family Photos (Ruined By Mischievous Pets)

    And you thought it was hard getting your human kids to pose for a photo.


    24 Hilariously Brutal Notes From Incredibly Honest Children

    Somebody needs to teach these kids that little white lie is ok every now and then.


    11 Historic, Frightening Diseases Way Worse Than Your Cold

    Cold season might have you down, but be glad you didn't have the Hong Kong Flu of 1968.


    What Type Of Beer Are You?

    Find out what type of beer best matches you by answering these questions.


    21 Oblivious People Who Will Make You Feel Like Einstein

    You'll be scratching your head wondering how these people are even still alive.


    11 Bizarre Alternative Grading Scales for School

    From smiley faces to students naming their own grades, this is not school like you remember.


    13 Surefire Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

    Cutting out coffee? Try some sage, a crossword puzzle or...


    17 Of The Absolute Worst People In The Entire Universe

    It takes a lot of effort to be a terrible person. Unfortunately, these people have risen to the occasion.


    Which Alcoholic Drink Are You?

    Even if you already have a favorite, you might be surprised to discover with which drink you share the most in common...


    19 Kids Prove That Children Are Too Weird For Words

    "No, you can't stick that up your nose." - Every parent that has ever lived.


    6 Beers Your Stadium is Secretly Watering Down

    The Seattle Seahawks recently got busted and the results are scary.


    9 Brilliant Ways Taco Bell is Winning at Twitter

    Taco Bell is the only Twitter account you need!


    19 Of The Most Unapologetically Southern Things To Ever Happen

    The land of hospitality, camouflage, resourcefulness, and sweet tea.


    21 T-Shirts From Japan That Make Absolutely No Sense

    English can be a difficult language, especially if you're a clothing manufacturer in Japan.


    3 Migraine Cures That Must Be Seen to be Believed

    When popping an Advil doesn't cut it, try this. 


    17 Simply Brilliant Inventions Show That The Future Is Now

    These inventions are so clever that you won't believe that you're living without them!


    7 Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones Will Leave You In Tears

    We challenge you to find anything more emotionally charged than a member of the military setting up a surprise homecoming.


    16 Totally Absurd Potato Chip Flavors That Really Exist

    Are your tastebuds ready for Russian beet stew in chip form? 


    Exotic New Font May Have Solved Big Problem for Dyslexics

    It's called "Dyslexie" and this typeface is revolutionizing reading for millions. 

    movies & tv

    5 Flopped Films That Couldn't Live Up To Their Terrific Trailers

    Sometimes we wish we had stuck to simply watching the trailer.


    21 Crazy Cats Acting Hilariously From Their Catnip

    Where will you be when the catnip kicks in?


    The 18 Worst Types Of People You'll See On Public Transportation

    If you don't have a public transportation horror story, then you might just be the problem.


    15 Awe Inspiring Stained Glass Designs Around the World

    Revel in the glory of beautiful stained glass!


    9 Easy Ways to Fight Overpriced Heating Bills

    Don't let the polar vortex crush your pocketbook. 

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