Security Breach at White House


A man sparked an evacuation at the White House after he scaled and jumped over a fence and made it into the building before being captured.


5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Data Breaches

Data breaches at retailers aren't going away but there are ways consumers can protect themselves from future heists of their payment card information.


NFL Commissioner on the Defensive

More defiant than contrite at his nationally televised press conference, Roger Goodell made his first public statements in more than a week of turmoil surrounding the NFL’s handling of players accused of crimes.


Britain Plans Political Upheaval after Scot Vote

Prime Minister David Cameron responded Friday to the passion of the failed Scottish breakaway by promising sweeping new powers to the U.K.'s regions.


Man Kills 6 Grandchildren in Florida

He also killed his daughter and himself. The youngest grandchild was just three months old.


Republican, Democrat Go Mano a Mano in the Wild

"Rival Survival" finds Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) and Senator Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico) sweating it out for a week on a desert island with a camera crew in tow. "I can assure you, we were very afraid -- but not naked," Flake said.


Fleckenstein: The Stock Market Is More Crash-Prone Than Ever

"I don't think we will get through October without some accident," the noted shortseller said in an interview.


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    10 Things To Know: Friday

    Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today.


    16 Adults Recreating Heart-Warming Childhood Photos

    We may get bigger as we get older, but we never outgrow the spirit of being kids.


    Li Na, Who Made History for China, Retires from Tennis

    She won the 2011 French Open, became the first player from China to win a Grand Slam singles title, and the 2014 Australian Open.


    16 Celebrities Who Prove That Time Travel Is Actually Possible

    Is Leonardo DiCaprio, the hearrthrob of teenage girls throughout the 1990s, actually a woman from the 1960's? Lets find out.  


    3 Arrested in Chile Bombing

    Two men and a woman were arrested early Thursday on suspicion of involvement in a recent bombing in a subway station in the Chilean capital.


    18 Adorably Confused Pets Trying To Figure Out The World

    The world can be an overwhelming place for everyone, but these animals especially just can't deal.


    Another NFL Arrest

    Police arrested Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals on suspicion of assault, just the latest NFL player to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.


    Texas Woman Executed for Starvation of Child, 9

    Texas, which has put more inmates to death than any other US state, executed child killer Lisa Coleman, one of only a handful of women on death row.


    New York is 'Vegan Capital' of 2014

    Animal rights charity PETA declared New York vegan capital of the world on Wednesday as a replica of the Manhattan skyline carved out of a fitting material was unveiled.


    6 Historical Figures with Quirky Animal Companions

    "Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!" Find out what odd pets famous people have kept throughout history.


    14 Baby Photo Shoots Gone Horribly, Hilariously Wrong

    Babies are precious bundles of joy. Well...until you get them in front of a camera.


    Emotional Social Media Posts Produce Colorful Paint Sculpture

    Social media powered art? Emotional tweets make this sculpture leak colorful paint.


    4 Surprising Facts About New Male Birth Control

    Yes, one of them is a pretty big catch. 


    Yellen: Europe's Slow Growth Threatens Global Economy

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday that extremely slow economic growth and low inflation is a danger to the rest of the world.


    Billionaire Peter Thiel: 'Probably a Lot of Pot-Smoking' at Twitter

    Venture capitalist Peter Thiel criticized Twitter for its poor management, suggesting executives likely smoked too much pot.


    13 Terribly In Love Couples With Equally Terrible Last Names

    "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Butts-McCracken".


    7 Saddest Dads Photographed at One Direction Concert

    You don't even need the music to feel their pain. 


    Shades of 'Bring It On'

    Obama declared there was no hiding place for the Islamic State and warned: "Our reach is long." Congress approved his plan to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels.


    18 Unknown Animal Facts Guaranteed To Make You Smile

    We aren't the only ones that act, well, human. These adorable animal facts prove that even the animal kingdom has some humanity.


    Rob Ford Has Cancer

    The Toronto mayor will undergo chemotherapy to fight a malignant tumor.


    Daughters of Chinese Activists Demand Meeting with Obama

    The women bring up a thorny issue -- how far a president can push during a supposedly friendly diplomatic mission.


    Top Saudi Clerics Issue Edict on Terrorism

    The highest body of religious scholars issued a supportive ruling for Saudi Arabia on terrorism, which they say is in line with Islamic law.


    Man Rescues Driver Seconds Before Exploding Gas Pump

    This split-second decision risked his own life, but ultimately saved another... You have to see it to believe it!


    Canadian Air Force So Outdated it Raids Museums for Repair Parts

    We wish this was a joke. You won't believe the new uniform patches being passed around by some of the pilots, too!


    9 Worst Items to Order at Fast Food Restaurants (According to Workers)

    Be warned: You will never look at Fast Food or Slurpees the same way again!


    Jimmy Kimmel's Hilarious New ALS Pasta Challenge for Olive Garden

    Jimmy Kimmel wants the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to team up with The Olive Garden's never ending "Pasta Pass" -- the result speaks for itself in this hilarious video...


    Winners of World's Most Innovative Cities Contest

    Cities were challenged to come up with creative solutions to critical urban issues, such as youth unemployment, aging populations, civic engagement, environment and public health and safety.


    18 Extravagant Cats Who Are Cooler Than You'll Ever Be

    It's a dog eat dog world out there. Luckily for these cats, they've figured out the secret to living the high life.


    Brownies Are Now Illegal in Vermont Schools

    But don't worry, kale and a few other surprises are still legal. 


    6 Surprising Facts About Annoying Wait Music While On-Hold

    Yes, they even have their own Grammys-type award show. 


    Guys Jump Into an Active Volcano for Mind Blowing GoPro Video

    Watch people walk into a bubbling volcano with a camera strapped to their head so you don't have to. 


    3 Drunkest and Most Sober Countries Might Surprise You

    Based on consumption of beer, wine and liquor, you might be surprised by the countries at the top of these rankings.


    27 Parents Who Need To Have Their Texting Privileges Revoked

    Technology can be dangerous if it's in the wrong hands. These parents are living proof, as their kids live in fear of the next torturous text message...


    17 Products Prove The Pumpkin Spice Craze Is Out Of Control

    Move over bacon, there's a new craze sweeping the nation. But has it gone too far?


    9 Haunting Places Really Found On (Google) Earth

    Masked creatures and abandoned buildings? I'll book my flight now.


    13 Freaky Photos Prove You Probably Have a Twin Out There

    One photographer's quest to prove everyone has a lookalike. 


    13 Incredible New Toys Inspired by Children's Art

    These amazing creatures are each hand made and one-of-a-kind, but the artist creating them is worth the wait. 


    Amazon Surprisingly Owns Some Pretty NSFW Web Addresses

    The book giant and others are staying one step ahead of the haters. 


    Shocked Dog Has Unbelievable Reaction during 'Sister' Reunion

    Casey the dog is so excited, and she just can't hide it!


    Attractive Murderer Escapes Prison; Teen Girls Are Smitten

    "That TJ Lane guy is pretty hot even though he's a murderer."


    17 Seductive Animals Who Are Bringing Sexy Back

    Remember that scene in Titanic? "Draw me like one of your French girls"? Because these critters sure do.


    18 Employees Who Are Absolutely Awful At Their Jobs

    It generally takes a lot of effort to get fired from a job. These people are pushing their luck.


    20 Terrible Puns Guaranteed To Make You Roll Your Eyes

    I once did a theatrical performance based entirely on puns. It was a play on words.


    Burger King's New Dark Secret Revealed

    Yes, that's a real hamburger they offer. 


    Hilarious Video Explains Why Starbucks Misspells Your Name

    According to one guy, it's not as innocent as you think. 


    This Mom Turns Toddler Doodles into Unbelievable Art

    She takes her child's doodles and brings their dreams to life. 


    3 Simple Steps to Snap Incredible Moon Shots

    Lesson number one: don't use your phone. Duh.


    16 Cats in Costume That Are Too Cute for Words

    Cats on the internet are great. Cats on the internet wearing costumes are the greatest thing ever.


    7 Insane Vintage Medical Treatments Doctors Actually Used

    Mercury, cocaine, heroin, and bloodletting were recipes for medical success back in the day, can you believe it?


    17 Extremely Impressive Avant-Garde Makeup Looks

    Never heard of avant-garde makeup? Learn more about the neon colors, special effects, and jewels that "make up" this awesome trend!


    15 Fearless Boozers Who Should Maybe Get New Hobbies

    Some people can hold their liquor. Some can't. These people are definitely the latter.


    20 Totally Objective Reasons Why Every Child Needs A Pet

    "There is nothing in existence more perfect than an animal-child friendship." - Science, probably.


    6 Sneaky 'Facebook Vacation' Pics That Completely Fooled Everyone

    One Dutch student tricked everyone into thinking she was on an exotic Asian vacation using a few simple props and Facebook.


    Kendall Jenner is Winning Fashion Week in NYC

    Could Kendall Jenner be the world's newest "It" girl?


    Inside Olive Garden's Bizarre New Endless Pasta Promotion

    How exactly does one gorge themselves on pasta for seven weeks and what does that do to you?


    'Hair of the Dog' Actually DOES Fix Hangovers: Science!

    Drinking to get rid of your hangover is now scientifically proven to work!


    NFL Rookie Johnny Manziel Continues His Crusade for Trademarks

    Ridiculous rookie NFL player Johnny Manziel files for his 10th name trademark. 


    19 Next-Level Ways To Finally Conquer Your Office Boredom

    Hate how your day at the office drags on forever? We've got your solutions.


    What Happens When Molten Lava Meets Monster Energy Drink?

    Kind of makes you wish you had a volcano to play with as a kid, doesn't it?


    11 Adorably Demanding Letters to the Tooth Fairy

    Apparently, the tooth fairy has been slacking as these kids can attest. 


    OSU's Marching Band Does the Most Perfect Halftime Show Ever

    Whether you are a Buckeye lover or loather, their recent halftime show was pretty amazing!


    8 of the Dumbest Things Ever Said By Politicians

    You would think that the leaders of the free world would brush up on their common sense before they started speaking.


    Detroit is So Broke THIS is Their Fire Alert System

    No joke: The city is so bankrupt it uses a soda can and a fax machine to alert firefighters. 


    9 Bizarre Animal X-Rays that Shocked These Pet Owners

    Proof positive that animals will eat anything, including dolls, duckies and more.


    16 Honest Logos From A World Where Ads Don't Lie

    We all know that most advertisements are just downright deceptive. But what if companies decided to spread the truth? 


    17 Seasonal Animals Who Are Officially Ready For Autumn

    Humans aren't the only ones that get excited about leaves, pumpkins, and terrifying small children.


    IKEA Slays Apple in Hilarious Ad Video

    IKEA's commercial for its 2015 catalog skewers Apple's hipness in all the right ways. 


    Hungry? Try the World's Most Expensive Hot Dog!

    What makes this hot dog so special that it set a world record? The answer may surprise you!


    NFL Players Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

    Jimmy Kimmel's skit "Mean Tweets" is back! Watch these tough NFL players trying not to react while reading horrible things people say about them.


    3 Infographics That Will Blow Your Mind About Books

    From a running tally of how many donuts are sold compared to books to a crazily detailed history of print. 


    16 Weird USB Sticks You Can't Live Without

    2 GB Chicken drumsticks, Apollo Creed and things that make you go "ewwww".  


    Book Review Defends Slavery - Internet Is Not Having It.

    Rule #1 of America: Don't defend slavery. Rule #2 of America: Don't defend slavery.


    19 Perfectly Timed Photographs Make Normal Events Fantastic

    Sometimes it's nice to take a step back, take things frame by frame, and laugh at how weird the world is.


    20 Most Underrated, Best Feelings Of All Time

    It's usually the littlest things that bring us the most joy. These subtle moments in life are guaranteed to make everyone happy.


    Ailing Great Dane's Surgery Yields 43 ½ Socks

    DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital spokeswoman Shawna Harch said it's perhaps the strangest case in the hospital's history.


    Dark Meat: Wanna Buy an Insanely Expensive Black Chicken?

    Even it's meat is black, but you probably can't afford to eat the wings. 


    Amazing Video: Baby Hears Parents' Voice for First Time

    He was seven weeks old before getting a hearing aid. His reaction will brighten your day and bring a tear to your eye.


    14 Absolute Facts Everyone Learns When Raising A Child

    Each child is unique in their own way, but some things are just universal.

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