BEWARE! A New Breed Of Thieves Is Targeting Gas Stations. How They Do It? SHOCKING!!


This is so scary!!


Beer Brings $1 Million To Ohio Stadium After Alcohol Ban Lifted

Beer's a hit at Ohio Stadium, and now that the ban has been lifted the Buckeyes will bring in millions of dollars.


Canadian Song: “Hey, United States, We Have Stronger Beer!”

The song that’s sweeping both nations...!


How Many Of These Iconic Christmas Quotes Can You Complete?

"You're a mean one, Mr....Mr....what was his name again?"


The Only 11 Holiday Cookie Recipes You Need To Blow Away Your Christmas Guests

Time to make some cookies that ACTUALLY taste better than store-bought.


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    Is Chewing Gum Really The New Flossing?

    The secret to a clean mouth isn't flossing between teeth - it's unwrapping a piece of gum!


    The Trump Administration Is Now Feuding With The Weather Channel Because it's 2016 And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

    Nobody knew that Weather Channel was capable of a verbal smackdown quite like this.


    5 Foods Made With Weed You Won’t Believe You Can Eat

    You won’t believe you can find weed in these 5 foods, but you’ll be so glad to know that it’s possible.


    Ready For A Real Wake And Bake? This Company Is Putting Cannabis In Their Coffee!

    Now, you can get your morning buzz on in two ways all at once. Yes, someone's making single-serving coffee that's infused with weed.


    Nearly 100 Years Old, The Founder Of Corona Never Forgot His Hometown -- And Now, They'll Always Love Him

    Welcome to Cerezales del Condado, a tiny town in Spain with one big claim to fame -- oh yeah, and several million dollars.


    New York Restaurant Employs Grandmothers Instead Of Gold-Star Chefs

    Leave the food prep to a wiser caliber of cooks.


    Akihabara Barcade Combines Craft Beer and Games...

    An oasis with drinking and digital delights.


    First 'Real' Snow Of The Year Is Causing Back-To-Back Accidents. Literally.

    It's the most wonderful time of the year - unless you're on the road!


    He Built a Batman Grappling Hook Gun. But That's Not Even The Craziest Part...

    Looks like it's time to start my crime fighting career.


    Creative Gifts For The Craft Beer Lovers In Your Life

    Give the gift that shows them you understand their interests: give them gifts for craft beer lovers.


    Now That Weed Is Legal, Beer Isn't Selling So Well

    Is legal weed going to be the death of the beer industry?


    Beaver Is Seemingly Unhappy Upon Its Visit To A Retail Store

    Customer service is not limited to two-legged patrons.


    Chicago Bar Drops MillerCoors Over Trump

    One of America’s oldest beers has just made an enemy.


    Dude Goes Full Australian - Punches Kangaroo In The Face To Save His Dog

    Dogs are a man's best friend. Kangaroos? Not so much.


    What Color Is Your True Christmas Spirit?

    Are you red, green, or maybe something in-between?


    Keep an Eye on This Bus Driver. His Day Goes From Bad to Worse to WTF?!?! Really Fast

    I would hate to be their insurance agent right now. 


    This Cat Gets His Head Stuck. And Then Another Gets Stuck. And Then...AWESOME!

    I'm starting to wonder about all those people who discuss feline intelligence. 


    Sweden's Yule Goat Has Been Burned To The Ground -- Again

    The Yule Goat won't be surviving through this Christmas season, either. It's been burned down...again.


    Want To Buy Santa's House In The North Pole? You Can Buy It From Zillow

    Location really is everything in real estate, and Zillow officially has the listing to beat them all: Santa's house in the North Pole.


    Guy Combines A Shotgun And A Guitar Into One Bizarre Instrument - Instantly Reaches Peak 'Murican

    And to top it all off, the guy who created it is a reverend.


    A Mother Of Six Might Serve Jail Time For Selling Food On Facebook

    When a food forum among friends goes foul


    NASA Needs Your Help, And They'll Give You $30,000 If You Can Solve Their Challenge

    It sounds like a prank, a hoax, a trick of some sort, but it's real. NASA is giving $30,000 to the first person who can solve the Space Poop Challenge.


    This Chicago Bar Is Banning All Coors Beers, And It's Donald Trump's Fault

    You know what they say about a woman scorned. When she also owns a bar in Chicago, Coors beers get banned -- and other things happen. 


    You’ll Never Believe Where Dippin‘ Dots Came From!

    The “Ice Cream of the Future’s” past.


    Maine’s Original Craft Brewery Is Dying

    Second-wave sudsers stood on their shoulders and ultimately left them behind.


    American Monks Are Brewing Beer To Save This Ravaged Italian Town

    Can craft beer rescue this earthquake-damaged Italian town?


    Only 5% Of People Can Recognize These States And Their Mottos - How Many Can You Name?

    "Wait, states have mottos?" - someone in response to this quiz, probably.


    People On The Internet Are Losing Their Minds Over This Airplane Riddle - Can You Figure It Out?

    Three airplanes, one trip, and a whole lot of confusion.


    Meet The Dogs Who Are Going To Save New Jersey...By Sniffing Out Sewage

    These canines are sniffing out problems all along the Jersey shore.


    WOW!!!! DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals!

    Only the best bot wins.


    Seven Incredible Barrel-Aged Vanilla Stouts

    ’Tis the season to be stouty.


    She Was Trapped in Her Car During a Flood. She Didn't Panic, She Did THIS!

    She was calm and cool and collected. And then the craziest rescue in the world began!


    After 45 Years, The American Ban On A Scottish Delicacy May Be Lifted AT LAST

    An illegal Scottish dish may soon be on every American table thanks to a loosening of the food laws.


    Find A Beer Book For Everyone On Your Gift List

    What's the best way to ease family tensions, relieve holiday stress and score big points for gift-giving greatness? Turn to beer, of course...and books all about it.


    Matthew McConaughey Spots Some Drunk College Kids. What Happens Next BLEW MY MIND

    Keep your eye open around the University of Texas for this bizarre sight. 


    In Emotional Video, Blind People Describe Their Loved Ones To A Professional Sculptor

    It's amazing how accurate some of these sculptures are! 


    This 3,200 Yr Old Tree Is So Big, No One Could Capture It In A Single Photo…Till Now!

    When Jesus walked the Earth this tree was already 1200 years old


    This Guy's Christmas Is Going To Last 47 Hours -- ALL Spent On Planes

    He's going to spend all of Christmas Day aboard airplanes, all in a strange attempt to stretch the day so it lasts as long as possible.


    May The Suds Be With You: These 4 Craft Beers Love ‘Star Wars’ Even More Than You Do

    When is NOT a good time to drink a “Star Wars” themed craft beer?


    Loans Boss Hired Hackers to Attack Consumer Website!

    Some folks will go pretty far to prevent bad publicity.


    Stone’s Mint Coffee Milk Stout Will Be Available In Six More States Next Year

    More of America’s population will be privy to this stout.


    Give Up, Men Of The World - This Guy Just Had The Best Proposal Of All Time!

    Fact: Every proposal that involves an adopted animal always results in a yes.


    What Actually Happens When Your Body Is Exposed To Space Travel?

    Do you enjoy using your bones, eyes, and/or heart? You should probably stay on Earth.


    This Small Illinois Town Has A RIDICULOUS Number Of Oversized Objects

    If you like somewhat weird roadside attractions, there's one small Illinois town you've GOT to add to your bucket list.


    Steak And Beer Chili: Because You Can Drink Your Craft Beer And Eat It, Too

    Take your chili up to the next level this winter: fill the pot up with steak and craft beer.


    The Black Friday Chaos Collection Is Officially Here And It's Just...Insane

    No shopping mall food court will ever be the same again.


    World's Strongest Acid Takes On An iPhone 7 - Is The Phone Really THAT Durable?

    Your phone won't survive a 6-inch fall onto the ground, but it handles acid like a champ!


    No One, Not Even Scientists, Can Explain This Strange Light Beam In The Sky. What Is It?

    This guy was just riding his bike when he saw this mysterious light in the sky. He pulled out his phone and shot this amazing footage.


    The Impact Of Flaked Oats On New England IPA | exBEERiment Results!

    Do flaked oats really make a difference...?


    Hillary Clinton Is America's Most Popular Loser

    Not only did Hillary Clinton win the popular vote in the election, she got more votes than any other Presidential loser who was beaten by the Electoral College.


    The Craft Beer Lover’s Library

    Want to take your craft beer knowledge to a whole new level? Try one of the best books about the business of beer.


    German Chicago Man Finds Feline Love At His First Thanksgiving

    When foreigners have holiday happiness in America


    Sorry, Craft Beer Lovers: Avery Brewing Is Killing 7 Favorite Brews

    Be prepared for widespread mourning in the craft brewing industry. Avery Brewing is burying 7 well-loved beers.


    6 Fast Facts About Black Friday You Will NOT Want To Believe

    If you think Black Friday is bad, be careful. These facts are going to make it much worse.


    Turducken: What The %$&# Is It, And WHY Does It Exist?

    A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. As is Thanksgiving wasn't already a big enough mess with throwing three birds into the mix.


    Which Craft Beers Should You Serve At Your Thanksgiving Meal?

    Give your Thanksgiving guests a taste of delicious craft beer this year, and maybe you won't have to hear any editorials about the turkey.


    A D.C. Restaurant’s Feeling The Infamy After Hosting An Alt-Right Event

    When the alt right represents—Italian style


    This Dad Tries (And Hilariously Fails) To Copy His Daughter's Gymnastics Routine

    This is the most "dad" thing that's ever happened.


    She Sprinkles Salt On A Table And Turns Up Sound. And Then The Magic Happens!

    She sprinkles salt on a table and turns up sound. And then the magic happens!


    This Touching Christmas Ad Is The Only One You Need To See This Year!

    This touching Christmas ad is melting hearts all over the Internet


    They Flush Something VERY Common Down the Toilet. The Results are EXPLOSIVE!

    Where was this stuff when I was a high school prankster? 


    New Colorado Initiative Seeks To Lower The Drinking Age To 18

    Just when you thought nothing could top Colorado’s cannabis craze...


    How DO Native Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving?

    They're an integral part of the origin story of Thanksgiving, but how do Native Americans figure into the Turkey Day equation today? 


    Craft Beer Just Got Classy: Rare Michelin Star Awarded To A U.S. Brewpub For The First Time

    Craft beer just hit a new high thanks to a Chicago brewpub, the first in the U.S. to get a much-coveted Michelin star.


    What's The Best Way To Cook Your Thanksgiving Dinner? By Drone, Of Course

    Do you deep fry? Oven roast? Order in? Or will you cook your Thanksgiving dinner with a drone this year?


    There’s Actually An Impaired Psychology Behind Sadistic Pranksters

    After’ll never see pranks in the same light again.


    She Takes Down Syndrome Teen To Homecoming. Then Gets A Surprise She Will NEVER Forget

    I watched this with tears in my eyes. We need more of this in the world


    You Can’t Make This Up: Anheuser-Busch Teams With Atlanta Hawks For Lime-A-Rita, Women’s Sportswear

    What do you get when you add ABInBev, the NBA and fashion together?


    Watch: Lost Video Resurfaced Featuring a Surprise Meeting of Two Musical Geniuses We Lost in 2016

    Watch Prince surprise the band and the audience for a wailing solo. 


    9 Strange Things Your Body Does That You Never Knew Were Defense Mechanisms

    The body is amazing. Did you know these things?


    Brilliant Parents Strap A GoPro To Their Toddler Before Playing Hide And Seek

    So THIS is what it's like to be inside the mind of a 2-year-old.


    Don't Tell This Guy Trump Won The Election -- He Doesn't Want To Know

    Meet the only happy man in America. This guy has no idea who won the Presidential election, and doesn't want you to tell him. Can you blame him?


    16 Savory Comfort Recipes That We're Very Thankful For This Year

    Pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, and stuffing? What's not to love about Thanksgiving!?


    She Got 'Proposed To' At Kindergarten - The Ring She Got Had Me Rolling!

    Some little boy is about to have a VERY long talk with his mom.


    Autistic Boy Confesses Dark Secret, Santa Grabs Him And Speaks 5 Words

    Mom overheard the whole conversation . .


    Bus Driver Sees Kids' Treatment To Boy On Bus, Writes Note To Parents That's Going Viral

    Bus driver Cindy felt she could no longer keep silent after watching this brother and sister’s treatment of another boy on the bus each day. Finally she writes a note to the parents, but never expected it to go instantly viral.


    A Man Was Literally Dissolved By Yellowstone’s Hot Springs!

    There are reasons why parks prohibit hot-spot dips.


    Keg Loss: The Unsung Problem For Craft Brewers That Costs $33 Million A Year

    Few people talk about keg theft, a huge problem that costs craft brewers more than $30 million per year.


    African King to Return to His Job -- As a Gardener in Canada!

    Eric Manu became a celebrity when he learned last year that’s the new king of his African tribe, but now he’s headed back to work as a gardener.

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