He Lived Long and Prospered: Tributes Pour in for Leonard Nimoy


President Barack Obama joined Leonard Nimoy's co-stars from "Star Trek" to bid adieu to the actor who died Friday aged 83 after making his name as "Mr Spock."


Scale of Russian Racism Exposed

The first systematic study of fan racism in Russian football shows the scope of the discriminatory behavior that thrives despite President Vladimir Putin pledging to address the issue.


Russian Opposition Figure Shot Dead

Boris Nemtsov said earlier this month that his mother was afraid that Vladimir Putin could have him killed for his opposition activities.


Vatican Whodunit: What Happened to Missing Books on Marriage?

A "whodunit" is making the rounds at the Vatican. Someone apparently swiped upward of 100 books on traditional Catholic marriage last October, leaving some to cry foul.


Hesburgh, Former Notre Dame President, Dies at 97

The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh transformed the University of Notre Dame into a school known almost as much for academics as for football, even if it meant challenging popes, presidents — or legendary football coaches.


FCC Sets 'Net Neutrality' Rules

The Federal Communications Commission's 3-2 vote in favor of so-called "net neutrality" followed an intense debate in Washington pitting backers of online services against internet service providers.


21 Kids Who Insist On Making Life Rough For Their Parents

Parents pretty much know from the start that kids make life difficult, but is it really supposed to be this hard?


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    26 Essential Everyday Items We Stole from NASA

    From memory foam, to firefighting equipment, to Super Soaker water guns, we should all be giving NASA a high-five. 


    Behold! This Is The Dress That Is Currently Causing An Online War

    Eat your heart out, Kim Kardashian. The heated debate over this dress' colors is something that may actually break the Internet.


    Mrs. Clooney Slams Canada

    Prominent human rights lawyer Amal Clooney lashed out at the Canadian government, accusing Ottawa of "woefully inadequate" efforts to secure the repatriation of Al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy from Egypt.


    Benedict Cumberbatch Writes Touching Letter to Family of 'Sherlock' Fan

    Break out the tissues -- Benedict Cumberbatch wrote a letter to the grieving family of a 14-year-old "Sherlock" fan after hearing about her death. He apologized for missing her funeral because he was "filming the show she loved."


    6 Reasons Why You're Still Carrying That Holiday Weight

    Losing weight can be incredibly difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Find out why the pounds aren't melting off quite as quickly as you'd hoped.


    Stolen Picasso Worth Millions Turns Up

    The century-old work was snatched more than a decade ago from a storeroom in Paris; It's in New York and will be returned to the French government.


    Harrison Ford All Set for 'Blade Runner' 2

    Ford recently said the second installment's script was the "best thing he's ever read." The film will take plac e decades after the dystopian 2019 Los Angeles original.


    Hong Kong Woman Gets 6 Years for Maid Abuse

    A Hong Kong woman was jailed for six years for beating and starving her Indonesian maid and keeping her prisoner.


    Obama to Attend Selma 50th Anniversary

    Former president George W. Bush will also attend next week's event.


    The 26 Most Devastatingly Sad Pictures Ever Taken

    It's hard to live in a world where bad things happen to good food, but we will get through it. Together. 


    Pot Lovers Light Up in Washington, D.C.

    Marijuana enthusiasts lit up their joints with confidence Thursday on the first full day of legal pot in the U.S. capital


    Kanye Says Sorry to Beck

    West briefly rushed toward the stage at the Grammys and later told an interviewer that Beck should "respect artistry" by giving the prize to Beyonce.


    Virginia to Compensate Victims of Forced Sterilizations

    More than 7,000 Virginians were involuntarily sterilized between 1924 and 1979 under the Virginia Eugenical Sterilization Act.


    Disrupt the Supreme Court? You Get Charged

    Prosecutors are going after demonstrators, five women and two men, who who shouting protests against the court's 2010 Citizens United campaign finance ruling.


    3 Accused of IS Plot Against U.S.

    “This is real,” NYPD Commissioner William Bratton (right) said. “This is the concern about the lone wolf, inspired to act without ever going to the Mideast.” Officials said one of them spoke of shooting President Barack Obama or planting a bomb on Coney Island.


    22 Quacktastic 'DuckTales' Facts for Children of the 80s

    The kids classic is coming back in 2017. Does that mean Indiana Jones is going to rip it off again? One way to find out. (See #21)


    Cuba, U.S. at Odds on Ending Havana's Terror Blacklist

    Cuban officials demand that as a preliminary step to renewing relations, Washington must remove the island from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. No way, says USA.


    Trayvon's Mom Wants Justice

    Reacting to the recent decision by federal prosecutors that there was insufficient evidence of a hate crime, Sybrina Fulton says she still believes George Zimmerman got away with murdering her son and should be held accountable.


    6 Hilarious Reasons Runners Will Want to Buy a Tomato Robot

    The most adorable, heaviest tomato-feeding robot you've ever worn on your back might not be as bad an idea as it sounds. 


    Band: 'Scarlett Johansson Took Our Name'

    Scarlett Johansson's new band's name The Singles has triggered a firestorm. A Los Angeles rock duo already called The Singles said it had sent a cease-and-desist order.


    Why Net Neutrality Matters to Hollywood

    Those in favor of robust rules of the road have a myriad of concerns, but they share a common fear: that left unchecked, the Internet will morph into something resembling cable TV, including its expensive bundling structure.


    More Cold, Snow, Ice in South, But Relief May Be in Sight

    States of emergencies have already been declared and schools have already been closed ahead of wintry weather mix that is expected to continue to batter much of the South on Wednesday.


    25 Photos Prove The Matrix Is Real, And It Glitches All The Time

    The universe generally runs pretty well, but every now and then, reality gets totally distorted. How can be sure that anything is real when these photos exist?


    K-State Student Cited for Misconduct in Court-Storming Case

    A Kansas State student has been cited for disorderly conduct for body-checking a Kansas player during an on-court celebration following the Wildcats' upset over the visiting eighth-ranked Jayhawks.


    Man Convicted in Deaths of 'American Sniper' Author, Friend

    The trial of Eddie Ray Routh has drawn intense interest, in part because of the blockbuster film based on former Navy SEAL Kyle's memoir about his four tours in Iraq.


    House to Debate Partisan Bill to Fix No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind is a widely criticized law, but a GOP bill intended to fix it isn't winning popularity contests among House Democrats.


    19 Sports Fan Signs More Entertaining Than The Game Itself

    Admit it: the surprisingly witty signs are half of the reason why you watch ESPN in the first place.


    Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline Bill

    Barack Obama issued the most significant veto of his six-year presidency, blocking legislation that would allow the Keystone XL oil pipeline to be built between Canada and the United States.


    Rate Hike Unlikely Before June

    In testimony in Congress, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said that frailties in China and Europe continued to pose a risk for the US economy, supporting the need for keeping the extraordinarily loose monetary policy currently in place.


    Awesome Infographic: Bowling's 10 Toughest Shots

    Surprisingly, the 7-10 Split is not the hardest to hit. 


    Hailed by Israel, US Ruling a Setback for Palestinians

    The Palestinians may be turning to the international courts to advance their bid for statehood, but they have lost a first battle in the US courts that could cost them dearly.


    14 Bizarro Celebrity Endorsements Fans Have (Likely) Never Seen

    There's this, and Bruce Willis singing into a wine cooler bottle, plus so much more. 


    Alaska Now 3rd Legal Pot State

    Questions to ponder as Alaska legalizes marijuana.


    13 True, Happy Facts Guaranteed To Bring A Smile To Your Face

    These little bits of info are delightful enough to quell even the most vitriolic political argument. We promise!


    Head of UN Climate Panel Steps Down Amid Harassment Allegations

    The leader of the U.N.'s expert panel on climate change stepped down on Tuesday amid an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment in his native India.

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    5 Reasons Parks and Rec is Actually Better than The Office

    Parks and Recreation is coming to an end after 7 years of hilarity. Take a look back at one of the greatest NBC sitcoms of all time. 


    Bank Robber Arrested after Stopping for Coffee

    Police arrested a man suspected of robbing a bank in New Jersey after they say he stopped for a cup of coffee a block away.


    14 Times Icicles Proved They Have a Mind of Their Own

    And that mind is usually up to no good. 


    Apple Emoji Go Racially Diverse

    Apple is preparing to release non-white faces in its line-up of the cartoon faces used to liven up text and email messages.


    US: Iran Nuke Talks Made Progress But Still 'Long Way to Go'

    High-level talks in Switzerland on Tehran's disputed nuclear program were "useful and constructive" but a deal is still a long way off, a senior US administration official said Monday.


    Inside Vanity Fair's Oscar Party: Beyonce, Cumberbatch and In-N-Out

    There's plenty of elbow rubbing in Hollywood, but nothing compares to the amount of touching between famous people at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.


    Taylor Swift Officially World's Top Seller for 2014

    Swift dominated US charts in late 2014 but the group said that she was also among the top five artists in the next largest markets of Germany, Japan and Britain.


    Singapore Raises Taxes on Rich to Fund Rising Social Spending

    Political observers said the move aims to address rising discontent among Singaporeans at a widening income gap.


    'Birdman' Is Best Picture

    “Birdman,” directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, who also won best director, stars Michael Keaton as an aging superhero movie star suffering an identity crisis.


    22 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up True Friendship

    There's no form of relationship more pure than best friendship. That's just a fact.


    6 New Starbucks Menu Items for 2015

    If you're going through Salted Caramel Mocha withdrawal, fear not. Starbucks has six new menu items to ring in the New Year and you should try them all.


    Attorney: Fatal Shooting of Vegas Mom 'Not Road Rage'

    A defense attorney representing a 19-year-old man accused of killing a Las Vegas mother of four says the case has been mischaracterized as road rage.


    26 Surprising 'Godfather' Facts Most Fans Don't Know

    The story behind that horse head in the bed is even weirder than you'd guess (see #19) and other mysterious facts behind one of the most popular films of all time. 


    17 Ways To Make The Absolute Best Of A Snowy Situation

    The never-ending snow is making all of us miserable, but it doesn't have to be this way!


    18 Times That Nature Was Totally And Unexpectedly Badass

    Everyone knows that Mother Nature has a cool streak, but sometimes she really outdoes herself.


    11 Things Your Tinder Profile Really Reveals About You

    Red flags that earn you an immediate swipe left


    4 Street Trends to Copy from Fashion Week

    Fashion Week is known for wacky designs and styles that don't translate to real life. Luckily, New York Times Fashion tracks street trends, and you can check out the best here. 


    Joey Logano Is 2nd-Youngest to Win Daytona 500

    More than two years after nearly washing out of one of NASCAR's top rides, Logano surged to the front of the sport with Sunday's win in "The Great American Race."


    No Clear Plan if Health Care Subsidies Fall

    Millions could lose health insurance subsidies if the Supreme Court sides with opponents of Obamacare. One thing was clear as the nation's governors gathered in Washington: Many states are not prepared for the potential fallout.


    'Fifty Shades of Grey' Dominates Box Office, Again

    Steamy bondage romp "Fifty Shades of Grey" kept its spot atop the North American box office this weekend, a week after scoring the biggest February opening ever.


    Huge Plant That Waited 80 Years to Flower Has Month to Live

    The unusually old specimen has called Ann Arbor, Mich., home since 1934.


    Poll: Public Backs Obama Tax Plan

    An Associated Press-GfK poll found that most people in the United States support President Barack Obama's proposal to raise investment taxes on high-income families.


    Modi's Monogrammed Suit Raises $700,000 at Auction

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dark suit with its unique monogram pinstripes was auctioned Friday for a whopping sum of nearly $700,000. Modi wore the suit when he met with U.S. President Barack Obama in India last month.


    25 Minor Things That Should Be Reclassified As Crimes Against Humanity

    There is a very fine line between 'daily annoyance' and 'this literally just ruined my life'. These things clearly crossed that line.


    7 People Who Refuse to Let Winter Win

    Like the old saying goes: When in doubt, build a fort!


    19 Horrific Smelling Candles to Surprise Your Enemies

    When you absolutely positively can't stand someone, share your feelings with a rest stop urinal scented candle or something worse. (Much worse.)


    Why 1995 Was Like, Soooo Like, The Most 90's Year Ever

    20 years ago was so 90s. Either relive why 1995 was all that and a bag of chips, or talk to the hand.


    21 Adorably Playful Pups (And A Monkey) Embracing The Winter

    Winter sucks - this we all know. Fortunately, puppies have the ability to make everything instantly better.


    31 Sugar Buzzed and Long Forgotten 80s Breakfast Cereals

    Gremlins, C3PO, chocolate-covered marshmallow cereal and a whole lot more things that were never part of a very balanced breakfast. 


    Meet The 33 (Possibly Insane) Americans Who May Be Mars-Bound

    Would you give up everything for a trip to Mars? For these 33 individuals, the answer is clear.


    19 Patterns Gone Wrong That Will Absolutely Enrage You

    Humans are naturally drawn to nice, neat patterns. I guess some people just want to watch the world burn.


    Woman Changes Her Name to Use Entire Alphabet

    You'll be surprised what order she chose to use.


    23 Frightening Foods That Prove IKEA Might Be Trying to Kill You

    Take a moment to ask yourself, do I really want to buy my fish eggs in a tube from the same guy who sold me a futon? 


    Born Without Arms, Woman Draws with Her Feet

    When Marina Khodiy was born, doctors told her mother that the baby was unlikely to survive and she should give her up. Good thing her mother didn't follow their advice...


    17 Animals Who Are Having Major Identity Crises Right Now

    Pigs who think they're dogs, dogs who think they're cats, and cats who don't care enough to think anything at all. What's next?


    20 People Who Need Their Facebook Passwords Taken Away Right Now

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Please think about what you're saying on social media before hitting 'post'.


    Keep Your Shirt On: 12 Festive Mardi Gras Facts Revealed

    Get your beads and get ready to party, it's that time of year again. 


    11 Guys Who Haven't Yet Mastered the Snow Plow

    There are a lot of idiots on the road this time of year...some of them trying to clear the roads. 


    14 Times When Athletes Totally Forgot What They Were Doing

    You are a winner simply by virtue of trying. Well, unless you're one of these people. In that case, I've got some bad news for you...


    26 Sidewalk Bar Signs Hilarious Enough To Get You Drinking

    Bars have been having to try harder than ever just to get people in the door. We think these surprisingly sassy signs are getting the job done.


    9 Energizing Facts About America's Most Physically Fit Reading Program

    Astoundingly, Ward Elementary's Read and Ride program is peddling out smarter, fitter kids with very little effort. 


    18 Examples Of 'Food Expectations' Gone Horribly Wrong

    We all know that packaged frozen food isn't exactly gourmet, but this is ridiculous.


    20 Pictures Perfectly Summing Up What Parenthood Is

    "So you're sure that the tiny human didn't come with some kind of instruction manual?"


    22 Terrific Alternatives To Man's Best Friend

    Canine companions have been at man's side for thousands of years, but that doesn't mean that there aren't other options.


    6 Over- and Underrated First Date Ideas

    It's 2015 and I'd like to believe dates still exist. But dinner and a movie isn't what you think it is.


    What Happens When American Kids Try International Foods?

    Opening up your palette to food from other cultures can be a challenge, particularly if you're a child.


    The 21 Most Ridiculously Photogenic People Who Have Ever Lived

    It can take hours of manipulating angles, applying makeup, and perfecting facial expressions to take a good photo. Unless you're these people.


    Idiotic Image Uncovers The Dumbest Criminal of the Week

    This modern day Robin Hood is so dumb it's almost not funny...almost.


    18 Elite Athletes Making Absolutely Ridiculous Faces

    Athletes are constantly testing the physical limitations of the human body, and you can bet that they look absurd while doing it.


    7 Scientific Studies Answer Stupidly Simple Questions

    If you give a monkey a typewriter, will it reproduce the works of Shakespeare? Or will it poop on everything? Thankfully, science has the answer.


    26 Regrettable Versions of Monopoly You Might Not Believe

    Pickle Relish Avenue isn't even the strangest property by a long shot. 


    10 Most Depressing Disney Quotes

    We all love Disney movies, especially the happy endings. However, when taken out of context, they can be incredibly depressing.


    18 Photos Proving Celebrities Are Just As Awkward As You Are

    Celebs are just walking proof that no matter how put together you may seem, nobody is immune from being debilitatingly awkward.


    23 Secrets Behind Your Most Beloved Children's Books

    Richard Scarry frequently made some surprising changes to his books and many other underground facts. 

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