Father Of The Year Figures Out How To Get His (Adorable) Child To Help Out Around The House


"Basically, babies don't say no to anything, so you just ask them to do it."


He Walked Up to this Normal-Looking ATM and Discovered Something Horrifying About the Card Swiper

You will never get money from an ATM the same way after watching this. 


This Hilarious Dad Has Been Trolling His Daughter By Recreating Her Instagram Selfies

Looks like we've got a new frontrunner for the 'parent of the year' award!


14 Funny Face Swaps Fails That May Just Give You Nightmares

Not all face swaps are created equal.


Buckle Up: You Won't Want to Be Near These 5 Towns With America's Worst Drivers

Shockingly, one state has three of the worst cities. (Nope, not California.) 


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    REJOICE! This Video Found That You Don't Need To Exercise To Lose Weight!

    Oh wait. You're saying I need to eat less? That's just as bad as exercise!


    5 Real Places Where You Can Battle Against (Fake) Zombies

    Think you’re ready to battle zombies? Go to one of these places where you can actually battle them.


    Kids Pose For A Class Photo. 30 Years Later, The Teacher Looks At The Bottom Left And Sees It...

    The second she realized, she could hardly believe it.


    The Romantic, Twisted Truth About 6 of History’s Most Incestuous Royal Couples

    Turns out, “Game of Thrones” isn’t so weird after all. Plenty of royal couples were also incestuous


    Crystal Pepsi Is Making A Triumphant Return For The Summer Even Though Nobody Asked For It

    Rejoice, 7 people who actually enjoyed Crystal Pepsi!


    Someone Recorded A Smash Mouth Song in Reverse. And it Sounds Totally...

    This might actually be an improvement. 


    Where Can You Find Bigfoot? At The Bigfoot Trap In Oregon, Of Course

    For 40 years, the Bigfoot Trap has waited faithfully to capture its prey. So far, none have been caught -- but that hasn’t stopped people from coming to see the trap.


    After His Idol Snubbed Him, He Designed This Amazing, Horrifying House To Get Revenge

    The House on the Rock is an architectural wonder on the outside and mad carnival-like museum on the inside, and it was all made for the sake of revenge.


    I Was Hypnotised By These Guys Torturing Spray Paint Cans in Super Slow-Motion

    They use BB guns, sledge hammers, and something even more ridiculous. My heroes! 


    22 Total Geniuses Who Have Mastered The Art Of Snapchat

    So apparently I've been using my Snapchat all wrong. 


    It Looks Blue, But You’ve Never, EVER Seen This Color Before

    They say nothing is new under the sun -- and they're wrong. Science just unveiled a brand-new color that no one's ever seen before.


    Pssst...Have You Got A Secret?

    Who says old and new technology don't mix? Write down your darkest secret on a postcard, stick it in the mail and watch it appear days later online.


    This Little Terrier Got A Rottweiler Pregnant. And You're Gonna Want To See Their Puppies, Trust Me.

    What do you get when you mix a West Highland terrier with a Rottweiler? You get these little adorable "wotties"


    People Are Criticizing This Red Cross Poster For Being 'Super Racist' - What Do You Think?

    Who knew that one 'swimming safety' poster could cause such controversy?


    She Took A Photo Of Her Son At An Apple Store. When She Looked At It Again, She Noticed This

    She saw a stranger talking to her 2-year-old son in a store. When the manager asked to speak with her, she could never have foreseen what was coming.


    He's Been Gluing Matchsticks Together Since 1977, And You'll Never Believe What He's Done With Them

    He was bored one day, so Pat Acton started gluing matchsticks together. Now 40 years later, he has an amazing museum you have to see to believe.


    A 40-Year-Old Twinkie? These 5 Other Really Old Foods Are Even Weirder

    A school in Maine may have a Twinkie that’s 40 years old, but these other 5 really old foods are a lot scarier.


    Why Are Dogs Committing Suicide on the Overtoun Bridge?

    Find out why so many dogs are leaping to their deaths from the otherwise unremarkable Overtoun Bridge.


    History Forgot the Other Riders Who Make Paul Revere Look Like a Wimp

    Paul Revere didn’t ride alone that historic night, but somehow history forgot these other riders who rode harder and longer than Revere to warn of the approaching British.


    This One Video Will Make You Never Want To Watch The Olympics Again

    Apparently Donald Trump isn't the only fan of building walls in the world.


    Who Were The 15 People Buried Under Ben Franklin's House, And How Did They Get There?

    Why did Ben Franklin's house have a secret basement chamber with 15 dead bodies inside of it, and why don't more people know about it?


    The Mystery Author Who Spent Her Life Chasing Her Daughter’s Unsolved Murder

    She thrilled fans with exciting stories, and most never knew that Lois Duncan was obsessed with solving her own daughter’s mysterious  murder.


    18 Drinks of the Union: Favorite Presidential Beverages

    These men take drinking to the ultimate Presidential level!


    Two Colorblind Brothers Used Special Glasses To See Color For The First Time - Their Reactions Left Me In Tears!

    Let this be a reminder to never take anything - even colors - for granted!


    Handy Dad Built This AMAZING Bed For Backyard

    Jason Hodges decided to do something creative to his naked concrete courtyard. He makes a daybed out of grass! And you’ll see how it makes for an absolutely…


    This Crappy Go-Kart Totally Changed The Way I See Car Commercials. (They Are Lies!)

    Watch this and realize you'll never see a car commercial the same way again.


    15 'Wine And Design' Fails That Are So Bad They're Actually Amazing

    Men not listening to directions? I am just SHOCKED!


    This Journalist Put The Popular Glass Bottom Bridges To The Test, But Is It Safe?

    NOPE, I don't care if it can survive a missile strike...


    It Took Him 21 Years, But He Finally Painted His Own Version Of The Sistine Chapel -- With Spray Paint

    Get a load of how amazing this spray-painted recreation of the Sistine Chapel looks. Soon, people in Rome will be vacationing in Iowa to see it.


    Will These Singing Roads Be Music To Your Ears, Or Is This Just Too Weird?

    You aren’t losing your mind if you hear a highway playing music for you. This is where you can find the world’s musical and singing roads.


    The Utah Man Who's Looking For A Wife Didn't Place The Viral Newspaper Ad -- His Dad Did

    The man who’s seeking a wife in the newspaper is actually his father, who took out the ad on his son’s behalf.


    Perfectly Folded Fitted Sheets Are A Lie, But A Different Hack WILL Actually Work

    It really doesn't matter what you do, a folded fitted sheet by itself will never look great. So stop matching up corners, and find a better way to store them.


    9 Mind-Blowing Conspiracy Theories You Never Knew You Should Believe In

    These conspiracy theories are so outrageous, they might as well be true.


    13 of the World’s Most Well-Protected Places, and the Secrets They Keep

    No one really knows all the secrets hiding inside these high-security places across the planet.


    Hidden Camera Catches The A/C Repairman Doing THIS In Her Bedroom. Then He Says The Unthinkable

    I've heard of stuff like this happening... I'm going to make sure to show this to all of the neighbors!


    17 Genuinely Traumatized Roller Coaster Riders That Will Leave You Laughing

    It's roller coaster season! Which, luckily, means that it's also roller coaster FACES season!


    See The Town That's Been Taken Over By Monkeys

    Monkeys invaded their town, so they found a way to make them a tourist attraction that draws thousands.


    Can You Hit Two Sticks Together? Maybe You Can Win A World Championship

    If you can smack a stick with a bigger stick, you can play dainty. Now, have you got what it takes for the World Dainty Championship?


    He Put Spaghetti Into A Cupcake Tin And Made Something So Epically Delicious

    The recipe in the video above is pretty epic and pretty simple to make. It's a recipe for a lasagna cupcake.


    14 Feelings That Literally Everyone Has During Their Work Day

    In just 1 more hour I'll only have 3 more hours to go until I'm halfway done with work for the day. Yay!


    How To Build Your Own Air Conditioner Using Just Plastic Bottles

    This is freaking amazing!!!!! Just a great idea at the cost of nothing!


    BEWARE: Their Son Lost 75% of His Eyesight Due To A Little "Toy" He Had At Home

    I have one at home and I never knew it could do this much damage.


    The Strange, True Story Of The Mad Scientist Who Gave America The Smithsonian

    No one knows why he chose America for his Institution, and no one expected the strange request in a mad scientist’s will to create a national landmark. 


    8 Strange Summer Music Festivals In All The Weirdest Places

    These 8 strange summer music festivals are held in unbelievably weird places.


    The Bizarre, Sometimes Real Stories of Towns That Totally Disappeared

    Can an entire village disappear into thin air? Some of these scary stories are much more than mere urban legend.


    This Dad's Hilarious Anti-Birthday Candle Rant Left Me On The Floor Laughing

    Tell me again why you don't blow out the candles?


    Dad Takes 9-Year-Old Daughter Out For Breakfast, Then Sees A Mysterious Note On The Table...

    "My daughter told me that a woman, before leaving the coffee shop, had asked her if I was her father and said that the message was for me. I looked around and flipped over the paper to find the words below."


    16 Shocking Fails From People Who Couldn't Do One Simple Job

    How can one person mess things up so badly?


    This Dog Hops in a Pool for the First Time. Its Reaction was NOT What I expected!

    Everyone is having the time of their lives...but this pup isn't so sure. 


    Dad Notices Something Strange About His Baby, Then Doctors Reveal The Shocking Truth...

    A single dad was crushed by his 2-year-old son's diagnosis. Fearing his boy would live isolated from the world, he brought home a shelter dog. What happened next is nothing short of INCREDIBLE!


    The Rainy Night, The Stranded Couple And The Hotel Clerk Who Accidentally Landed An Incredible Dream Job

    It’s part of hotel legend, but the urban myth of the hotel clerk who got the best gig in the business is true -- mostly, anyway.


    Georgia Shoppers Were Afraid that iPhones Are the Devil's Tool, So One What One Store Did to Get Buyers? You'll Reach for the Holy Water!

    A Georgia retail store couldn't sell their iPhones, so they turned to the highest power available to get help: the Catholic church. And it worked.


    He Won His Dream Girl and a Dream Wedding When He Saved a Soldier's Life in Afghanistan

    Their incredible story won them a dream wedding after they won each other.


    Watch A Prepper Save His Home With An Aqua Dam!

    "I was the crazy guy. Everybody was kinda, y'know, goin' by laughing at me. But today they're really impressed with this."


    Ever Have Braces? This Time-Lapse Video Shows What Was Going On In Your Mouth

    Slowly, but surely, orthodontics do their work and straighten out crooked teeth.


    The Incredible Up And Down History Of Roller Coasters in America

    Roller coasters were old news at the end of WWII, but thanks to a man who built a castle they soon took over America again.


    It’s Official: You Really Can Study Anything In College Thanks To New Comedy Course

    It's no joke -- an actual accredited college is offering degrees in comedy. So you can spend money on that now.


    When Their Dog Was Killed, They Learned How To Turn Their Grief Into A Device To Save All Dogs In The U.S.

    They were mad when their dog was killed by a coyote, but then they decided to get even -- and get active in protecting all dogs from coyotes.


    After 70 Years, a Wallet Lost During WWII Has Found Its Owner Again, And You Won’t Believe How It Happened

    After 70 years, a lost wallet found its way back to its owner thanks to renovations at a Nevada comedy club.


    13 Guests Share The Most Horrifyingly Awkward Wedding Moments Of All Time

    "Til death, or divorce, do us part."

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