This Seat Belt PSA Is One Of The Best Commercials I’ve Ever Seen In My Life


This video has no words, but says a lot.


Unhappy customers complain about sign posted on door, KFC says “Too bad, it stays up!”

When customers arrived at a KFC in Gallipolis, Ohio, they were greeted with a sign on the door, which read the following: “All uniformed police officers eat free…


He Was Tired Of His Long, Boring Commute - So He Built His Own Airplane! OMG!

Here's someone who I won't be carpooling with any time soon.


I Stared at the Green Dot for 30-Seconds. Next Thing I Knew, I Was Going BLIND!

What else are my eyes not seeing out there!?!!?!


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    Police Detained The Elderly Man For Questioning. Then They Removed His Mask And Discovered THIS!

    His disguise as an elderly man was so good, he eluded police in his own town for months.


    These Dogs In Romania Suffered Cruelly And Needlessly Until A Hero Arrived.

    Here’s a horrific case of animal cruelty that’s hard to believe. It happened in Romania as someone tarred young puppies and left them to die on the streets.


    This Kid Received The Biggest Hand Ever!

    A Miraculous Breakthrough That Came In A Small Package. 


    Usain Bolt Was Frustrated With Lack Of Respect, Turns Abruptly To Honor US National Anthem.

    In a time when everyday patriotism seems to be on the decline, it's amazing what a...


    People Can't Stop Watching This Ecstatic 4th Grader's Absolutely Amazing News Interview

    I wish I was half as excited about ANYTHING as Kevin is for school.


    This is What You Call a Good Friend

    He was scared at first but WOW, he surely made up for it...


    He Bravely Filmed a Tornado. I Was Frightened to Watch What Happened Across the Street

    One second it is there and the next it's a pile of wreckage. 


    Doctors Are Urging Parents Everywhere To Keep Their Kids’ Baby Teeth

    "He ain't gonna do it. He ain't gonna do it. Oh...he did it!"


    Mother Is Confused When Attendant Asks Her To Get Off Flight, Until She Finds Out Why

    Peggy Uhle was settling into her seat when a Southwest Airlines attendant came up to her and informed her that she needed to get off the flight, right away.


    FINALLY, Sarcastic And Mean-Spirited Fortune Cookies Are Here

    Sick of the sweet fortune cookies that promise good tidings? These new fortune cookies let you express real hostility instead, and it's wonderful.


    Lipstick Lex Puts A Kiss Of Genius On Her Work, And The Results Will BLOW YOU AWAY!!

    You'd never guess how Lipstick Lex uses her artistic talents to create these amazing Hollywood portraits.


    This Twenty Something’s Life Crisis Is Hilarious!

    This Girl's Really Roughing It!


    This Mom Used Skittles And Water To Create A Magic Trick That AMAZED Her Kids. How Will You React?

    After you see this incredible and incredibly simple trick, you're no longer going to want to eat your Skittles -- you're going to make art with them.


    Sex Toy Company Hopes To Save Ryan Lochte From Drowning In A Sea Of Lost Sponsorships

    Maybe the days of the clean-cut Olympic swimmer are over for Ryan why not help someone peddle sex toys instead?


    This Magician Took An INSANE Hot Wing Challenge. What Happened Next Nearly Gave the Waitress a Heart Attack!

    Just like the old saying, where there's smoke...there's a magician. 


    Think You’re Prepared For The End Of The World? Not Until You Have A WWII Tank. And Now, You CAN!

    Thanks to one closing museum, you can complete your doomsday collection with one must-have item: an actual WWII tank.


    Out For A Leisurely Motorcycle Ride, A Group Of Friends Never Expected This To Happen

    A Mother’s Outgoing Message In Honor Of Her Son.


    Did You Ever Want To Climb Trees For A Living? This Guy Actually DID IT -- Now He Lives At Tree Climbing Planet!

    Meet the man who climbs trees for a living on his very own tree climbing planet...because he really does exist.


    An '80s Rocker And Freaky Magician Created This Video, And You Won't BELIEVE How Beautiful It Is

    You've heard this popular '80s anthem before, but you never knew it could be this beautiful. You needed a rocker and a freak to show you.


    Apparently, March And August Are Unofficially Ring-Toss Months!

    The Peak Times When People Call It Quits.


    This Angry Little Frog Has The Most Threatening Scream I've Ever Heard

    Just maybe don't let your dog near one...


    This Adorable 'Super Mario' Hamster Accomplishes Something I've Been Trying for Years!

    The 80s version of myself is so jealous right now. 


    School To Parents: Brought Your Kid's Forgotten Homework To Campus? TURN AROUND NOW!

    One school in Little Rock is turning away parents who show up with forgotten lunch, homework and books for their kids.


    Usain Bolt Is One Of The Illuminati -- And The Olympics EXPOSED HIM!

    One YouTube user has managed to expose a weird conspiracy theory that's so out there, you just might believe it.


    To Many, She’s Their True Love; To Others, She Doesn’t Even Exist

    A Woman With More Lovers Than You Can Count!


    The Wedding Was All Set—Bride & Groom To Exchange Vows—But Something Was Missing

    Neither one had second thoughts, so what was the deal?


    They Said 'You Can't Cut Wood with a Sheet of Paper.' He Said: 'Watch Me!'

    Beware: Everything you know about physics (and woodworking) is about to be turned upside down! 


    Smoking In Cars With Children Is Illegal Starting October 1, 2016

    According to the Department of Health, when a child breathes in secondhand smoke, they...


    Woman Shoots Teenager Robbing Her Home… Robber’s Family Asks Surprising & SICK Question

    In a bizarre story a woman who was defending herself shot a man who attempted to rob her home. You will never believe what the robber’s family had to say about…


    Watch This Sexy Couple On The Beach Make A BBC Reporter Squirm LIVE On The Air At The Olympics

    One couple on the beach managed to derail a BBC Olympic broadcast in the most hilarious way...


    How 'Frozen' Totally RUINED Norway For The People Who Actually Live There

    "Frozen" turned Norway into a big tourist destination. The only trouble is, Norway wasn't ready for it at all.


    Some Tourists Were Baffled Upon Walking Along The Beach

    A Short Journey Along Britain's Coastline.


    They Quit Their Jobs And Ensured Nobody Would Forget...

    People Who Need To Be Remembered.


    Why Is Naked Donald Trump Appearing In Cities Around The U.S.? The Answer Will Make You Smile -- Or Get Angry!!

    In a political statement that's more about the visual than the words, statues of a naked Donald Trump randomly appeared across America overnight.


    Want To Protect Yourself From Wild Animals? Fill Condoms With Chili Powder! That's What U.S. Conservationists Do!

    So if you see an elephant in the wild sneezing uncontrollably, it's because conservationists are throwing condoms full of chili powder at them. Seriously.


    He Adds Dry Ice to a Vat of Green Slime. The Results Are Creepily MAGNIFICENT!

    ...and then he stuck his hand in this strange brew!


    Watch A Prepper Save His Home With An Aqua Dam

    "I was the crazy guy. Everybody was kinda, y'know, goin' by laughing at me. But today they're really impressed with this."


    The Secret Place Where Your Discarded Old-Tech Tools Might End Up

    Where Technology Goes To Retire, Be Recycle Or Reused


    What’s One Man Doing With 108 Pounds Of Brisket?

    One man, multiple hunks of meat and some secret materials.


    13 Absolutely Hilarious Parents Who Are VERY Ready For School To Be Back In Session

    It's every stay-at-home parent's favorite time of the year!


    This Kid Swallowed A Dog Toy - Now Every Breath He Takes Has The Doctor In Tears!

    I didn't even know that this could actually happen!


    Meet The Guy Who CAN Beat Usain Bolt In The 100-Meter Dash...As Long As Only One Of Them Is Running!

    Can you beat Usain Bolt in a race? This Rubik's cube expert thinks HE can.


    Who Started The Over-The-Top Tradition Of The Olympic Village? Who Else But Los Angeles?

    Who's to blame for the big, elaborate Olympic Villages that end up becoming a problem when the Games are over? Why, Los Angeles, of course.


    These Divers Are Historically BAD! But Their Reactions Were NOT What I Expected.

    Their attitudes are as awesome as their diving is bizarre. Bravo!


    They Try to Crush DYNAMITE with a Hydraulic Press. Then Something Unexpected Happens!

    It doesn't go they way they they "improvise". 


    You Might Think A Historical Museum Would Be Boring—Not This One

    Some of the creepiest, medical collections you've ever seen.


    Only Some Have Seen The Sky From This View

    A Journey Like No Other.


    He Strapped a GoPro Camera to a Hot Wheels Car. The Results are EPIC!

    Every 5-year-old's dream (And some parents' dream) has officially come true. 


    Not Elite Enough For The Olympics? You May Be A CHAMPION In The World Alternative Games!

    Ladies, get ready to drag your husbands and tell the kids to practice their rock, paper, scissors skills. The World Alternative Games just started, and they're more fun than the Olympics.


    These Photos PROVE That NO ONE Is Having A Better Time At The Olympics Than SNL’s Leslie Jones

    Comedienne Leslie Jones has been entertaining social media followers with photos, videos and messages that prove she’s having an amazing time in Rio.


    Truck Driver Destroys Historic Bridge Because She Couldn't Do The Math

    Did you ever sit in math class and wonder, "When am I ever going to use this stuff?" I'm sure 23-year-old May Lambright is wishing she paid attention in math...


    Finally, The Secrets To Success And Happiness Revealed!

    Crucial Tips You Need To Know...!


    Is Your Favorite Cute Animal Actually An A-Hole In The Animal World?

    If you like penguins, otters and other adorable furry creatures, you probably don’t want to know that they’re really huge jerks in the animal kingdom.


    6 Weird Things You Never Knew About Those Olympic Gold Medals They’re Handing Out

    Is it weird that you never knew these weird things about Olympic gold medals?


    Trucker’s Dash Cam Footage Proves Exactly Why You Should Never Cut Off An 18-Wheeler

    This video is causing a lot of debate. No one can decide on who is actually in the wrong here!


    When Disaster Strikes, People Really Pull Together

    Community Outreach In Action


    Do You Think the Olympic Games Wonderful or Wasteful? These 12 Pictures Totally Changed My Mind

    The differences between Atlanta's 1996 venues and Athens' 2004 venues are stunning! 


    Here's What It Means If You Find A Coin In Your Door Handle

    If you see a coin stuck in your door handle, call 911 ASAP.


    This is the Lowest Flying Jet Site In The World

    It would e insane to be this close.


    This 'South Park' Video Game Comes With Brand-New Virtual Reality Tech For Players -- And, It STINKS!!!

    Leave it to 'South Park' to introduce a brand-new type of virtual reality into video gaming. Just get a whiff of THIS...


    The Jefferson Memorial Is Slowly Being Covered In Black Gunk -- And Experts Don’t Know How To Stop It!

    Take a good look at the Jefferson Memorial, because it may be your last. The historic monument is being covered in grime, and nothing can seem to stop it.


    The Craziest Sculpture... What Is This??

    Godzilla As You've Never Seen Him Before!


    A "Suicide Squad" Fan Is Demanding A Refund, And Then Some!!!

    One Man's Mission To Right A Theatrical Wrong.


    This Interview Of A 15-Year-Old Michael Phelps Is Actually Hilarious In Retrospect

    "I'd like to win a gold medal one day. I need to get my learner's permit first though."


    This Squirrel Steals a GoPro Camera. It Gives Us an AMAZING Look Into Its Life

    Not sure how or why a squirrel steals a camera, but I am sure glad he did! 


    She Reached Out To The Man Who Got Her Father’s Heart, And Their Amazing Meeting Left Me In TEARS!

    This incredible meeting between an organ donor's daughter and the recipient of his heart will make you cry.


    Before It Got To Rio, The Olympic Torch Traveled For 100 Days And 6,902 Miles

    When the Olympic torch is used to light up the big cauldron, you’re witnessing the end of a journey that takes thousands of runners and several months.


    This Dad Was Enraged At His Son’s Lack of Being Productive

    When Parents Blow Things Out Of Proportion


    The Kid Who Climbed Trump Tower Uploaded An Explanation Video And It's Disturbing

    "I am an independent researcher seeking a private audience with you to discuss an important matter."


    He Failed to Complete His Dead Lift. But His Reaction is Beyond Belief!

    David Kotoatau: World's Biggest Optimist. (And a heck of a dancer!)


    She Was America's First Female Olympic Champion, And She Never Even KNEW IT!

    America's first female Olympic champion never realized it, and for decades no one ever knew it, either.


    This Navajo Code Talkers Exhibit Is In Such A WEIRD Place, You'd Never Find It

    Unless you already know where this exhibit is located, you'll never be able to find it.


    They Tried Illegally Parking in a Handicapped Zone at a NASCAR Race. Their Punishment Totally Fits the Crime!

    They defend the parking spaces of those with special needs BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! 

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