Something Interesting Happens When French People Try American 'French' Fries for the 1st Time


You might be surprised that it's not all haters... 


What This Guy Does With Dominoes Reminds Us That Pretty Much ANYTHING is Possible

Whoa...this got pretty nuts toward the end. 


48 Drool-Worthy Treats That Are Totally Free On Your Birthday

Cake, ice cream, even lobster! Who doesn't love free things for turning another year older?


These 16 Exotic Travel Destinations Should TOP Everyone's Travel List in 2016

Tens of millions of tourists around the world visit a country other than their own. Here are a few places where you can avoid most of them -- and still see the world!


13 Parents Share The Most Hilariously Weird Things That Their Children Have Ever Done

It's a fact that children are strange little creatures. Sometimes you just have to sit back, relax, and laugh at their weirdness.


She Was 4 When She Rejected Being a Disney Princess. Now This Little Girl is an Empowering Female Entrepreneur

She was 4 and she was at Disney World when she came up with the empowering slogan that would form the basis of her successful business: I don't want to be a princess.


This Guy Beating The World's Hardest Game Of Minesweeper Is The Adrenaline Rush You Need Today

6,844 squares, 1,412 mines, and a LOT of patience all make for one surprisingly thrilling video!


    Left Arrow
    Right Arrow

    7 Indisputable Historic Truths That Are... Actually... Wrong.

    From Betsy Ross, to cowboy hats, to the real date of Independence Day, we are wrong about a lot. 


    It's Way Easier To Break Into An iPhone Than You Could Have Ever Imagined

    Fingerprint scanners are supposed to make unlocking your phone an easy, quick, and secure process. Unless you know someone with a little Play-Doh, that is.


    Long Lost 'Amber Room' Worth $500 Million Found In An Old Nazi Bunker?

    One man claims to have found the "8th Wonder of the World," stolen decades ago by the Nazis...


    16 Surreal Pictures Show That Humans Haven't Changed At All In The Last 100 Years

    We've gone from silent films to 3D movies, from newspapers to TV, and from "going steady" to online dating. But have we REALLY changed at all?


    14 Weirdly Soothing Pictures Guaranteed To Calm You the Heck Down

    Finally! Peace. Take a step back and de-stress yourself with these oddly soothing photos.


    She Beat Cancer and Her Students Celebrated in Jaw-Dropping Fashion

    Every teacher should be this lucky. 


    Something Amazing Happens Using Childhood Toys and a GoPro Camera

    The results are surprisingly thrilling and a little nostalgic. 


    Legless Baby Is Abandoned At Birth. 16 Years Later, She Learns Her Real Identity… CHILLS

    This is unreal! When Jennifer learned the truth, it shocked her to the core...


    Prince Harry Broke A Little Boy's Heart, But This Video Is Still Adorable!

    Prince Harry had to break the heart of one of his biggest fans, but made it up to him in the end...


    20 Tragic Photos Showing That Your Day Could Always Be Worse

    You may have spilled your coffee this morning, but at least you didn't drive into a kitchen!


    Dad Stands In 12-Year-Old Daughter's Bedroom, Then Discovers THIS By The Window... Terrifying!

    This is crazy... An important warning for all of us, especially parents!


    These Adults Asked Kids for Dating Advice and the Results Are Adorable

    "Ask her to marry you on the first date."


    Local Firefighters Helped This Sick Little Girl. How She Pays Them Back is Incredible!

    Hannah is a very sick girl with a very big heart. Her local firefighters have helped her repeatedly, so now Hannah is doing whatever it takes to help one of them.


    These Big Brothers Convince Their Sister that Zombies are Attacking. Her Reaction is Priceless!

    We probably shouldn't laugh at this poor girl, but her reaction is priceless!


    The Mysterious Tale of 2 Women Behind Softcore Porn's Most Notorious Series

    These movies truly revolutionalized the cinema. Meet the two mysterious women behind the secret...


    This Shocking Video Shows The Harassment Many Women Face Every Single Day

    The disgustingly hateful comments people leave on the Internet are #MoreThanMean -- Watch these men reading real messages to the actual women they target...


    This 3-Minute Video Brilliantly Explains Why Bernie Sanders Is Still Winning

    I don't think I learned this type of math in school...


    Her Son Died In 2013. 3 Years Later, A Little Girl Tells Her To Press 'Play' On A Stuffed Bear

    This emotionally charged moment is simply unforgettable. 


    #OddToo: This Viral Poem Written By A 10-Year-Old Autistic Boy Needs To Be Shared

    There’s a reason this poem is going viral and there’s a reason you should read it -- Because we're all #oddtoo !


    She Was Afraid Of Being A Mom in Public, Until This Photo Shoot Changed Everything

    Love it! This is the story of how a mom got the power she needed to be the mom she wanted to be...


    This Graphic Designer Won’t Photoshop Your Pics Because You Ask. He’ll Do It To Teach You A Lesson

    This graphic artist won't change your appearance in photos, and his reason why is absolutely unbelievable.


    How Your Delicious Summer Margarita May End Up Giving You Second-Degree Burns

    The condition is called "Margarita Dermatitis", and it may leave a permanent mark if you're careless.


    9 Inexpensive Gifts That Your Mother Will Absolutely Love To Get

    Mother's Day is upon us! This year, try ditching the chocolates and flowers for an item that's a little more personal.


    Generic VS. Name Brand? The Surprising Answer to an Age-Old Debate

    Want the truth? Here's the surprising answer, but it might not be what you expected...


    11 Real Shadows That Will Make You Think You're Hallucinating

    The sun is seriously playing tricks on you. 


    Someone Edited Cell Phones Out Of Normal Pictures To Prove How Ridiculous We All Look Nowadays

    Maybe it's time to put down the phone and, I don't know, try having a conversation with an actual human being?


    This Little Guy Has the Blues -- But That's a Good Thing!

    This two-year-old boy will blow your mind!


    This Train Only has One Passenger and The Reason is Heartwarming

    Japan's loneliest train station is also it's most magical. 


    7 Super Simple Ways To Add Avocados To Your Desserts!

    They're green, they're good for you, and they make a surprisingly delicious addition to any sweet dish.


    12 B&W Images of 20th Century NYC That'll Make You Wish for Time Travel

    Incredible! This will take you back to another time and place...


    Prince had Some Shocking Outfits Over the Years. Here are His Most Incredible!

    Prince will live on through his music, but don't forget -- he was also a pop fashion icon, too! And these looks prove it...


    Can You Match The Flag With The Country? It's Harder Than You'd Think!

    18 Countries. 18 Flags. Do you have the brains to pair them up correctly?

    movies & tv

    The Glorious Moment When Prince Told Kim Kardashian To F*** Off

    If you didn't like Prince before, then you sure will now!


    This Heartbreaking Story Of A Girl And Her Best Friend Will Make You Hug Your Dog Extra-Tight Tonight

    How do you explain to a 5-year-old that her partner-in-crime, body guard, and best friend won't be following her to bed anymore?


    Vote: What Was Your Favorite Prince Era?

    He will certainly be missed, but which era of his genius will you miss the most?


    This Little Girl's Epic Pep Talk Will Change Your Life

    There's nothing I can say to prepare you for what you're about to watch...


    11 Songs You Didn't Know Were Written By Prince

    While the world is mourning the pop star and firing up "1999," "Let's Go Crazy" and "Little Red Corvette" on their iPods, there's a whole slew of songs recorded by other artists such as Alicia Keys, Sinead O'Connor and many more you could add to your Prince playlist.


    He's Walking 110 Miles With His Brother On His Back. His Goal Is For You To Know Why

    He has an incredible message that's so important to share...


    Photo Of Lawn-Mowing EMT Goes Viral After The Amazing True Story Is Revealed

    After responding to a 911 call, this EMT stepped up to go way above and beyond his job description. 


    One Illiterate Granny Single-Handedly Stopped a $5 BILLION Mining Project

    She can't read, she can't write, but she CAN stand her ground! A huge mining project could have destroy her family farm -- but now she is getting more help...


    This Hack Will Change The Way You Shop for Jeans. Brilliant!

    Instead of cramming into a tight fitting room to try and squeeze into that new pair of jeans, stay dressed and use this foolproof hack! (You can thank me later.)


    Traveling This Summer? Be On The Lookout For These Common Tourist Scams - Or Else!

    Don't lend someone your phone, never accept free gifts, and for the love of God don't go on an "overnight bus trip".


    8 Hilariously Awkward 'Jeopardy' Answers that Don't Sound Very Smart

    Wow! I'm sure these answers made sense in their heads...


    We Can Guess Your Favorite Holiday In Just 9 Simple Questions

    Do you prefer the spookiness of Halloween to the cheer of the Christmas season? We know the answer.


    Social Media is Going Crazy Looking at this Image. Can You Figure it Out?

    Can you see what this picture is hiding? If you can’t, don’t worry -- It stumped social media, too!


    You've Been Wearing Your Earbuds The Wrong Way. Did You Know?

    Prepare to have your mind blown when you discover how you SHOULD have been wearing your earbuds all along.


    No One Showed Up To His Birthday Party, But These State Troopers Saved the Day!

    When not one friend showed up to this little boy's birthday party, a few state trooper came to his rescue in a surprising way.


    This Guy Thought He Nabbed A Catfish - What He Got Was SO Much More

    Let's just say that it's probably a good thing that he's wearing brown pants.


    Most Humans Can Hear The Difference Between Hot And Cold Drinks Being Poured. Can You?

    Is your ear really sensitive enough to pick out which sound is which? There's only one way to find out!


    Which Woman Should Be On the Next $20 Bill?

    The US Treasury says it will replace Andrew Jackson with a female on the $20 bill. Who would you vote for?


    Watch This... You'll Want (And Need) to Spend 2 Minutes With Sean Every Morning!

    Take 2 minutes for this -- You'll thank me later!


    I Didn't Actually Know How Dandelions Worked Until Watching This Beautiful Video

    Are they yellow first or are they fluffy first?


    When 4 Classical Musicians Get Into a Fight On Stage, The Results Are Epic!

    Roll over, Beethoven...before these four step on your toes!


    20 Life-Changing Quotes From Children's Books That Every Adult Needs To Hear Right Now

    Who knew that books meant for a kid could have such a profound impact on an adult?


    This Man Took Photos Of Soldiers Before, During, And After War. You Won't Believe How Combat Changes Someone

    War has a way of altering a person beyond belief. See how 8 months transformed these boys into men.


    What Happened When Students Interrupted This Motivational Speaker? They're Speechless!

    Oddly, this revelation came after a group of high schoolers were joking during his presentation. His powerful message struck a cord and is being shared around the world.


    Nessie Found In Loch Ness At Last! (But The Real Monster Still Elude Scientists)

    The monster in Loch Ness has been found, but the hunt for the real Nessie hasn't ended.


    40 Years Laters, These 7 Life Lessons from 'The Bad News Bears' Still Apply!

    In 1976, no movie spoke the truth quite like "The Bad News Bears" -- 40 years later, its philosophy still rules...


    A Man Proposed To His Girlfriend Every Day For A Year Without Her Knowing

    I highly recommend that you grab some tissues because it's going to give you ALL THE FEELS!!


    17 Hilarious Photos Of Kids That Will Make You Laugh Every Single Time

    How could you not crack up at a child's charm?


    The Most Terrible Drink In The World Is The Most Popular Beverage Of The Kentucky Derby

    Friends don't let friends drink this popular Derby drink. Ever.


    This Adorable 5-Year-Old Math Genius Schools Steve Harvey. Mind = Blown!

    This hilarious video is going viral and proves that you probably can't beat this 5-year-old at math, but that's okay -- neither can Steve Harvey!


    She Walked Away From Her Life In NY To Go To Bali. What She’s Building Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

    People thought she was crazy when she left her life in New York to go to Bali, but now she's changing the world with her creations.


    These Mexican Convicts Are Doing Something Shocking With Their Tattoo Needles In Prison

    These convicts have found a shocking new way to use their tattoo needles... You'd never expect this, but it's true!


    It Was A Normal Case Of Chickenpox, Until Mom Realized Doctors Made THIS Scary Mistake

    Hayley's cautionary tale is going viral. Share it with your friends and family because it may just save a life!


    The Surprising Origins of These 11 Everyday Words Will Leave You Speechless

    I bet your friends can't guess half of these...


    Before the Warriors: 11 G.O.A.T. Teams You Should Not Be Forgetting

    Miracle on Ice? Dream Team? '85 Bears (And the Super Bowl Shuffle)? Where do the Golden State Warriors rank among the "Greatest Of All Time" teams?


    Can You Spot The Secret Sniper In These 10 Photos?

    Our country's finest do this on a daily basis. How well can YOU hold up?


    He Films His Backyard During A Hailstorm, But Keep Your Eyes On His Pool ... Wow

    What would you do if you saw this in person?


    You Won't Believe The Awful Things People Say To This Mother's 2 Adopted Children - It's Heartbreaking

    The "funny little quips" that you've been saying to adopted children aren't funny. At all.

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