Multiple Attacks Hit Canada


A Canadian soldier standing guard at a war memorial in the country's capital was shot to death Wednesday, then gunfire erupted inside Parliament. The three shootings follow another recent car attack on a soldier earlier in the week.


Air Bags that Spit Shrapnel

There's an urgent recall warning of over 7.8 million cars with potentially deadly defective Takata air bags. Is yours one of them?


Oops: U.S. Arms Airdrop Falls into ISIS Hands in Syria

Officials say they had no reason to doubt the authenticity of a video showing a masked gunman displaying a parachute and wooden crates full of grenades and rockets.


'Healthy' Zellweger Broaches Storm Over New-Look Face

Renee Zellweger hit back at the online furor triggered by her new-look face, saying she was simply older and happier.


Survey: Online Harassment a Major Problem

Some 40 percent of U.S. Internet users say they have been harassed online, and nearly three-fourths have witnessed this type of problem.


Texas Nurse Is Ebola-Free

Amber Vinson was the second of two nurses diagnosed with Ebola after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, who succumbed to the disease at Texas Presbyterian Hospital.


9 UNC Employees Implicated in Academic Scandal

In all, athletes made up about 47 percent of the enrollments in the 188 lecture-classified paper classes. Of that group, 51 percent were football players.


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    American Released from N. Korea

    American detainee Jeffrey Fowle has been released from North Korea, nearly six months after he was taken into custody on charges of leaving a Bible in a nightclub.


    10 Things to Know: Wednesday

    Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today.


    US Girls Stopped in Germany, Trying to Join Islamic State War

    Their families had reported the three girls, who are aged 15, 16, and 17, missing on October 17.


    Malala Awarded US Liberty Medal

    Malala Yousafzai, the child rights activist and youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, received the Liberty Medal and pledged her award to education in her homeland Pakistan.


    17 Inexplicably Inappropriate Times To Post On Facebook

    "Oh, you're mugging me? Finally something to make a Facebook status about!"


    Icahn Sounds Alarm: 'Quite Concerned' with Market

    The legendary activist investor explains why he is 'quite concerned that something is going to happen' to the stock market.


    25 Years Later, Hoverboards Have (Finally!) Arrived

    Welcome to the future! The mythic gadget from Back to the Future II is finally becoming reality...


    11 Adorably Itty Bitty Automobiles You Can Own

    Nubmer five makes a Mini Cooper look like a stretch limo.


    Taylor Swift Tops the Charts with Nothing

    Seriously, 8 seconds of silence. 


    Giants Stomp Royals in World Series Opener

    A pitching masterpiece by San Francisco left-hander Madison Bumgarner sparked the Giants over the Kansas City Royals 7-1 in Tuesday's opening game of the 110th World Series.


    18 Embarrassingly Awkward Pregnancy Photo Ideas

    It takes a special kind of parent to embarrass their child before they're even born.


    Family, Friends Remember 7 Women Slain in Indiana

    Seven women have been found dead this week in northwestern Indiana, one in a motel and six in abandoned houses in Gary.


    NK says Kim Jong Un Freed US Detainee at Obama's Request

    Given Pyongyang's repeated rejection of US offers to send an envoy to negotiate the detainees' freedom, the sudden decision to let one go took many observers by surprise.


    Clinton: Women's Rights 'Under Assault' by Republicans

    Hillary Clinton urged Americans not to vote for Republicans who dwell on the past, warning at a Democratic campaign rally Tuesday that conservatives seek to keep women's rights "under assault" nationwide.


    Pistorius Sentenced - 7 Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

    Here are 7 frequently asked questions answered, now that Oscar Pistorius' jail sentence has been announced.


    The 19 Most Romantic Things That Have Ever Happened

    Hopefully we can all find true love like this one day.


    Oy Vey! Grandparents Hilariously Explaining Yiddish Words (Video)

    All the Yiddish you never knew you needed in your life, explained!


    8 Insanely Edible Frankenstein Food Mash-Ups To Try

    Yep, people are eating hotdog/eclair hybrids. 


    Italian Police Discover Huge $2.2 Billion Corporate Fraud

    Italy's financial police on Tuesday said they had broken up a ring of companies they believe used false accounting to defraud the state.


    19 Albino Animals Amaze Even Without Color

    What's more fun? Saying "Albino rhino" or looking at one?


    5 Surprisingly Childless Children's Authors We All Loved

    Not to mention the bizarre inheritance story behind the author of Goodnight Moon that led to a shockingly bad outcome...


    Step Aside Octoberfest, Count Chocula Beer is Here - Cerealiously

    One Colorado brewery is taking beer and cereal to the next level. 


    Schools Shut Down Following Police Ambush

    A northeastern Pennsylvania school district closed its schools Tuesday after at least two reported sightings of the suspect in a deadly state police ambush.


    Amazing Robot Helps Paralyzed Groom Walk The Aisle

    This amazing exoskeleton can help improve the quality of life of millions.


    2nd Test Shows Spain Woman Free of Ebola

    Jose Ramon Arribas of the Carlos III hospital said Tuesday the blood test showed Teresa Romero's immune system had eliminated the virus.


    US Stocks Push Higher on Strong Apple Earnings

    Apple's strong earnings helped push US stocks higher in opening trade Tuesday, offsetting the impact of third quarter profit drops from others.


    Oscar de la Renta Dies at 82

    Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, famous for the classic lines of his formal wear, has died at 82.


    15 Greatest 'Goosebumps' Stories to Revisit the 90s

    Relive the thrilling terror of your childhood with the Goosebumps book series!


    Hong Kong Leader: Democracy Would See Poor People Dominate Vote

    Leung's latest comments are likely to further fuel the anger of protesters.


    Can Starvation Fix Your Broken Immune System?

    72 hours without food does some impressive things to your body. 


    5 Ways Google Glass Proved More Addictive Than Alcohol

    Doctors have diagnosed the first case of Google Glass addiction and here's what they found. 


    WHO: Nigeria's Ebola Outbreak is Officially Over

    The World Health Organization declared on Monday that Nigeria is free of Ebola, a rare victory in the months-long battle against the fatal disease.


    3 Individuals Who Have Donated More Toward Ebola Than Entire Countries

    They dwarf contributions from nations like Germany and China. 


    Fire Cider - The Only Cold Remedy You'll Need This Winter

    Fire Cider is an easy to make, natural folk remedy that will cure all your winter ailments - but you'd better start now!


    8 Terrifying True Stories Not For The Faint Of Heart

    Tis the Halloween season, and everyone deserves a good scare!


    11+ Killed in Shiite Mosque Attack

    The attack comes less than a day after a suicide bomber attacked another Shiite mosque in central Baghdad, killing at least 22 people and wounding at least 36.


    Adventurous Breweries Embracing an Annoying Pest: Fruit Flies

    Can these pesky little insects help make delicious ale? 


    17 Surreal 'I Can't Believe You Put That On Facebook' Moments

    There's a time and a place for everything. That place is almost never Facebook.


    Submarine Hunt Sends Cold War Chill Across Baltic

    Sweden's biggest submarine hunt since the dying days of the Soviet Union has put countries around the Baltic Sea on edge.


    19 Vintage Halloween Photos are the Stuff of Nightmares

    Halloweens from the past were a heck of a lot scarier...


    17 Economy-Stricken Animals Joining The Workforce

    Some pets have noticed that the economy is a little ruff, so they've joined the working world to help keep food in the bowl.


    Manning Is All-Time TD Champ

    Finally, some good news in a troubled NFL year. Peyton Manning is making a case for being the greatest quarterback of all-time, and once again, he did it with class, passing Brett Favre during a 42-17 shellacking of the 49ers.


    Letterman Cue Card Guy Fired After Backstage Assault

    "You're the one who has the sour disposition, m-----f-----," he shouted at Letterman.


    Iconic 'Easy Rider' Chopper Sells for $1.35 Million

    Some rich person can get their motor runnin' -- and head out on the highway. Peter Fonda   is  with ya, man.


    Read a Book, Win Half a Million Bucks

    This puzzle makes the Da Vinci Code look like child's play. 


    16 People With the Worst Decision-Making Skills Ever

    What were these people thinking?


    Will This Winter Be A 'Polar Vortex' Redux?

    If you thought last winter was a horror show, with cold blasts from the polar vortex and a lack of California rain, federal forecasters have some news you may want to hear now.


    Clever Californians End the Drought One Toilet at a Time

    The hilarious, yet important, Drop a Brick campaign is making a big splash. 


    5 Reasons This Town Was Crowned 'Beer City' USA

    This small Midwestern town is getting huge attention for its suds, and rightfully so. 


    20 Social Media Posts That Will Make You Weep For Humanity

    If ignorance is bliss, then these are the happiest people on Earth.


    Steal Styles From the Stars with TAGit App

    Like what the stars are wearing on your favorite TV show? There's an app for that!


    8 Products Prove the Pumpkin Spice Craze Needs to Stop

    Pumpkin spice flavoring is taking over all of our lives!


    19 Animals Are Absolutely Astonished By What's Happening

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These expressions say it all.


    21 People Who Still Have No Idea What Ebola Actually Is

    Is it a computer virus? The president of Africa? The zombie apocalypse? No. The answer is no.


    Looking for Love? Steve Harvey to the Rescue

    Why this comedian is surprisingly qualified to help. 


    Romantics Ditch Speed Dating for Weed Dating

    It's probably not what you think. 


    The 16 Most Awkward Moments In Human History

    Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen. It's going to be a cringey ride.


    WikiChic? Julian Assange Starting a Clothing Line

    The Wikileaks founder is branching out into clothing for an interesting purpose. 


    This Place Really is a Dump

    Take a tour of the world's nicest (and only) dumpster home. 


    Thiel: We're In Government Bubble of Massive Size

    Outspoken Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel told CNBC that we are in a "government bubble of massive size," and that the bond market is the most distorted of all the markets.


    16 Embarrassing 80s Halloween Costumes We All Wore

    I don't remember them looking this bad.

    movies & tv

    20 Sneak Peeks of Famous Actors Behind-the-Scenes

    It turns out that celebrities are just like us! Who knew?


    18 Of The Stupidest Social Media Spelling Mistakes Ever

    The unfortunate thing about social media is that anybody can use it.


    18 Animal Family Photos Will Brighten Anyone's Day

    Humans aren't the only species with familial instincts.


    Bad Grades? Blame Your Gene Pool

    You can also thank them for good grades. 


    10 Life-Shattering Revelations You’ll Have On Your Next Vacation

    According to surveys, time away makes us prioritize life in some unexpected ways...


    $3 Million Beachfront Mansion Inspired by Beer Kegs

    Amazingly, it's all to help fight off hurricanes. 


    15 Giant LEGO Sculptures that are Absurdly Awesome

    Turns out these little toys can become some big and impressive things when put in the right hands...

    movies & tv

    6 Tackiest Reality TV Shows from New Jersey

    New Jersey is one of the smallest states, but has produced a huge number of reality shows! Which one is your favorite?


    18 Embarrassing Professions Of Love Shot Down Instantly

    We've all been rejected before, but hopefully not like these tragic souls.


    7 Superheroes Given the Pink Treatment

    What if Iron Man was REALLY into Hello Kitty? 


    13 Cute Cats That Can't Resist Fall Activities

    This is proof that black cats are definitely NOT bad luck!


    25 Truly Terrible Hide And Seek Attempts (Made By Children)

    Kids are laughably awful at hide and seek and it's the greatest thing ever.


    10 Bankrupt Lifestyles of the (Rich) & Famous

    Fame and fortune are fleeting, but filing bankruptcy is forever.


    18 Worst Engagement Photos Guaranteed To Make You Cringe

    What better time to get weird than your engagement photo shoot?


    17 Hilarious Dog-Shaming Photos Posted By Upset Owners

    How do you discipline your dog? Publicly shame them to strangers on the Internet!


    Would You Accept Free Money from This Man?

    London comuters answer the question. 


    Scientists to Zoo: Ummm...Those are Male Hyenas You're Trying to Mate

    Come on, we've all made the same mistake. 


    3 Things That Prove Hollywood Sex is Not Really Sexy

    Real or fake, still NSFW. 


    18 Amazing Photos of Natural Beauty Across America

    Put down the phone and go explore one of these places before it's too late.


    Man Sells His 'Butt' On eBay

    YOUR NAME HERE, but for a price. 


    35 Remarkable Colorized Photos from History Will Astonish You

    Take a trip back in time to see history in living color!


    They Paid WHAT for Willie Nelson's Hair?

    The country troubodour's red braids were recently auctioned off, but that's not even the most fascinating part of the entire deal. 

    movies & tv

    5 Famous Films with Shocking Fan Theories Behind Them

    Stanley Kubrick personally shot the footage for the clearly fake Moon landing. It's so obvious now!


    16 People Who Have Clearly Never Seen A Map In Their Lives

    "Ebola's in the United States now? I'm moving to Texas."

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