This Man Took A Picture Of His Daughter And Discovered Something Horrifying


This photo has been making a lot of waves online and if you look really really closely you can see why. 


11 True Things About Super Bowl I that You Didn't Know

Flying men at halftime? Players smoking cigarettes during the game? And not even a sellout? Super Bowl I was a product of a different time.


This Woman Was 5 Months Pregnant When A Picture in a Magazine Changed Her Life

She was full of dreams for her own new baby when she saw a picture of someone else’s child and completely changed her life goals.


Did You Know: The 1st Cell Phone Call Was An Epic Troll?

Seriously, the first cell call placed in 1973 was made to gloat...and it's a fantastic story. 


16 Delightful Dog Birthdays That Will Inspire You To Treat Your Pet

You haven't truly lived until you've attended a birthday party for a dog.


Introducing Budweiser’s Newest Member of their Famous Clydesdale Stable

Mac, the littlest Budweiser Clydesdale, was just born at the end of last year. Wait for it -- you’ll probably see him during the Super Bowl soon.


8 Unforgettable Super Bowl Halftime Shows (+1 Great National Anthem)

Super Bowl halftime shows used to be marching bands, Up With People and Disney characters. Now they're gargantuan mini-concerts that sometime generate more passionate response than the games themselves. Here's our coutdown of the best.


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    This 90-Year-Old Couple's Love Is So Beautiful That Their Hospital Staff Never Wants to Forget Them

    John and Angela are proof that love can last a lifetime, and romantic movie endings can actually come true.


    Four Dancers Walk To The Gym Floor, Now Watch Who Joins Them! INCREDIBLE!

    I have no idea how your day is going, but I am 100% certain that the video above will bring a smile to your face, even if for just a minute.


    She Sees Something Strange Happening In The Water. When The Camera Zooms In, I Am SPEECHLESS!

    I was born and raised in the sunny Caribbean but even I have yet to come across something like what happened in the video above. It's just not the kind of thing you see everyday on your regular visits to the beach.


    18 Exam Answers That'll Make You Wish You Were Back In School

    Why couldn't I have been this witty when I was in high school?


    14 Fab Vintage Drinking Ads Prove It Has Always Been 'Cool' (Duh!)

    You truly haven't partied, 'til you've partied like your grandparents... 


    This Skier's Avalanche Video Will Keep You On The Bunny Slopes This Winter

    If you weren't afraid a giant snow crack was going to gobble you up before, you will be now. 


    9 Defunct Disney Attractions You'll Miss (and Some You Won't)

    Mr. Toad has gone the way of the dodo. Sadly, so has the Wizard of Bras. 


    14 Fantastic People Living The Life You Wish You Could

    What's life unless you're living it to the fullest?


    This Tattoo Says ‘I’m Fine,’ But Have A Look At It Upside Down. You’ll Be Shocked!

    The video above features a girl by the name of Bekah Miles who goes to George Fox University. She looks like a normal University student and on the surface one might even conclude that everything was fine. Even one of her tattoos says "I'm fine".


    Can't Decide Between Bernie And Hillary? This Viral Meme May Help You!

    You know where they stand on civil rights, foreign relations, and the economy, but what about space vampires?


    Taco Bell Lasagna Is The Most Horrifyingly Beautiful Thing You'll See Today

    This is exactly what the ​Founding Fathers died for. Bless this country.


    She’s Only 6, But When She Sings, The Judges Bow Down To Her. UNBELIEVABLE!

    A little girl by the name of Chelsea touched the staged on the Voice: Kids in Germany and blew everyone away with her amazing voice. 


    He Cuts Through A Carton Of Ice Cream, But Wait Till You See Why! I Am Trying This Tonight!

    There are a lot of snacks in the world today and sadly, most of them suck. To me, they are all just packaged sugar. However, there are two snacks that I will forever be in love with: COOKIES AND ICE CREAM. They never get old, even if I do.


    13 Strange Origin Stories of Your Favorite Cable Channels

    On the second anniversary of his dog’s death, one pet owner found a way to share his love with the world.


    18 Nutty Parents Who Need To Be Stopped Right Now

    We've talked about this, parents. Step up the texting game!


    17 Shady Job Offers You Will Never Be Desperate Enough to Accept

    The job market might be getting better, but its sign makers are just as bad as ever. 


    Baltimore Seniors Are Snow-Free Thanks to This New Program, And It's Brilliant!

    By finding a way to help seniors stuck in snow, the city of Baltimore has also solved another big need -- and the results are incredible!


    How Much is Too Much? The Richest People of All Time Will Shock You!

    Today’s richest people have massive fortunes for sure -- But the richest people in history leave them all in the dust (and by eye-popping amounts)!


    Who Moves These Mannequins Around, and Why?

    The mannequins at this creepy house have a story to tell, but no one knows exactly what it is.


    15 Flirting Tips Guaranteed To Land You A Date For Valentine's Day

    Want to land that special someone? We've got all the tips you could ever need.


    Can You Spot The 17 Hidden People Accidentally Blending With The Background?

    Can you really trust your eyes? Is anything even real?


    7 Celebrity Endorsements That Went Off The Rails (NSFW)

    You will never view Barry White or Waco, TX the same way after hear this bizarrely hilarious clip. 


    Watch The Video That’s Taking The World By Storm Today. This Will Leave You Questioning Everything!

    I try to stay away from certain topics on this blog in an attempt to keep it lighthearted, funny and inspirational. So you're probably not going to see me writing anything about race or religion.


    9 Truly Bizarre Ways to Correctly Predict Presidential Elections

    There are plenty of ways to correctly predict who will win the Presidential elections this year -- you just need to know what to look for...


    13 Kids Who Are Smarter Than Most Adults You Know

    Sometimes you just need to hear the brutal brilliiance that comes with being a 5-year-old.


    15 Photos Anyone With A Taste For Wine Understands Completely

    You love wine? I love wine! Let's be best friends!


    7 Surprising 'Groundhog Day' Facts You'll Want to Relive Over and Over Again

    Did you know a rough estimate says Bill Murray re-lived years and years and years...and years...and years during the movie!


    Medical Mystery: 12-Year-Old Boy May be First in History With This Illness That Has Left Doctors Baffled

    In this day and age, when people are diagnosed with a disease they are usually not alone. There are usually thousands, maybe even millions of people suffering from the same disease but 12-year-old Landon Jones from Iowa suffers from a disease so rare that doctors believe that he may be the only one on the planet who has it.


    6 Strange Foods Oddly Inspired by The Watergate Scandal

    From the infamous Watergate Salad to a soup named after G. Gordon Liddy, the political scandal of the century has leaked all the way into the kitchen. 


    I Can't Believe What She Did With This Tiny, Dirty Apartment. I'm Jealous.

    It's pretty amazing to know what could be done with just 200 square feet


    What the Heck is this Thing in the Sky? (And Has it Really Been There 13,000 Years?)

    It is an alien satellite, secret spy equipment or just a hoax? Just what is the Black Knight...and does it exist?


    17 Breathtaking Views of Waterfalls Around the World

    Beautiful yet dangerous; peaceful, yet powerful. Water is the lifeblood of Mother Earth, and these images of waterfalls will take your breath away.


    Back in the 'Danger Zone': 9 Facts About the Original 'Top Gun' Ahead of 'Top Gun 2'

    Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer are making a sequel to their 1986 classic, "Top Gun." Here are the things you need to know for "Top Gun 2."


    The Unbelievable True History of Sealand, Britain’s Accidental Offspring

    England never intended to create the country of Sealand, but now this wayward British offspring is a thriving micronation in the middle of the ocean...and it’s totally one of a kind. 


    These Guys Are Crazy! 12 Vertigo-Inducing Examples of Lazing About

    What were they thinking? Decades ago, strolling around on high places without any kind of safety harness was no big deal. These images will make any modern-day daredevil break out with a case of sweaty palms.


    This Cafeteria Worker Got the Surprise of Her Life When Students At ASU Made Her Dream Vacation a Reality

    This cafeteria worker had a smile for students at ASU every day, so they found a way to pay her back with her dream vacation.


    If Scientists Really Have Discovered Planet 9, We Already Know What It’s Like...

    Scientists think they’ve discovered a real Planet 9, but science fiction fans know it by many other names.

    movies & tv

    12 Children Of TLC Who Need To Be Rescued Right Now

    Maybe forcing children to dance and do pageants wasn't the best idea after all.


    19 Nonsensical Names That Nobody Should Have To Live With

    Here's a tip for future parents - don't name your child "Unicorn Pizza Rainbow".


    This Russian Janitor is the Picasso of Snow

    All he needs is a broom and a parking lot to amaze students. 


    Big Dreams, Cocaine and Time Travel: The Amazing Story of the DeLorean

    The true story behind the famed car is more thrilling and offbeat than anything in Back to the Future. 


    You'll Never Believe These Jaw-Dropping Examples of 'Micro-Art'

    How do you even make a sculpture 0.0002 of an inch tall? Check out these amazing results!


    14 Incredible Images That Will Turn Your Brain Upside-Down

    These illusions will take your head for a trip - guaranteed.


    He’s Waiting For His Bride — But When The Door Opens, He Gets The ULTIMATE Shock…

    There are a lot of crappy stories out there that highlight the crappiness of the human species but for every crappy story there is always a hopeful one; hopeful ones like the one in the video above.


    15 Feelings Anyone Trying To Be Healthy Will Instantly Recognize

    It's almost February. Why am I not skinny yet?


    He Tried To Impress The Girls, But Just Watch What She Did To Him!

    According to society there are specific things that you must have to be considered a man and one of those things is muscles. A man without muscles will have to compensate either by having a big personality, big house, a big car or a big ---- TOOLBOX. 


    12 Misguided Manicures That Say Everything You Need to Know About Their Owners

    The fingernails are a window into the soul...and sometimes that window should stay closed. 


    Getting to Know Your Friendly, Neighborhood Doomsday Clock

    The famed scientific predictor of total Earthly annihilation was bumped closer to the end, but should we be worried? 


    Brooklyn Blizzard Pranksters Offer Brilliant Airbnb Ad

    At $200 a night, this igloo might be the cheapest lodging in NYC. 


    A Rude Son Refused To Eat His Dinner. So Dad Taught Him A Great Lesson! I Can’t Stop Laughing!

    Their dad executes a master plan that taught them all a big lesson


    12 Presidents With Oddly Un-Political Careers Before the White House

    Harry Truman sold men's wear. Jefferson invented the swivel chair. But which president was actually so poor he lived in a housing project as an adult? 


    He Catches His Wife Crying In The Laundry Room. What He Does For Her Is Wondrous

    I'm all for spreading positivity but sometimes, in order to find positivity you have to search in the darkest places; the hopeless places. Because light often times shines the brightest in the dark.


    After Waiting 40 Years to Right a Wrong, This Former Student Learned It’s Never Too Late to Apologize

    After 40 years, a former student learned that it’s never too late to say you’re sorry and make things right.


    16 Weird Insurance Policies Issued by Lloyd's of London

    Lloyd's of London has become world famous with a reputation for insuring anything. You won't believe No. 13!


    This Officer Saying Goodbye to His Fallen Police Horse Caused an Unexpected Controversy

    This police officer demonstrated the special bond between officers and their mounts in a heartbreaking way.


    Forget Pacquiao v. Mayweather - Burger King And Wendy's Just Had The Fight Of The Century

    Burger King is going to need a lot of ice for this flame-broiled burn.


    Raise a Glass: 14 'Cheers' Facts Even Die-Hard Fans Didn't Know

    For example: Did you know you can watch a secret mini-episode that never aired on TV right HERE?


    She Hasn’t Cut Her 3 Ft. Long Hair For 5 Years. When She Did, Her Transformation Shocked Everyone!

    Today, I want you to meet another girl who's been letting her locks grow for a very long time but unlike the Russel family, this girl has been doing it solo.


    8 Heart-Tugging Granted Wishes That Brought Communities Together

    These granted wishes were only possible because communities came together to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation make dreams come true.


    He Puts A Candle Between Two Glasses. What Happens When He Lights It? The Coolest Fire Trick Ever!

    One of the greatest discoveries ever made by man was over 2 million years ago by a knuckle-headed cave dweller. A discovery that went on to pave the way for other great discoveries like bacon, bacon and more bacon. What was that initial discovery, you ask? Well if you didn't already get the hint from the article title I'll tell you. FIRE!!!


    Minneapolis 'Ghost Pants' Trend is Catching On and Going Viral

    You will never build another snowman again.


    After Seeing 6 of the Biggest Blizzards in History, Most People Won't Complain So Much

    Quit your whining. You could have just had 100 inches dumped on you in one day like this Italian village. 


    Cher Makes it Rain on the Thirsty People of Flint, Michigan

    The pop icon is giving Flint, Michigan clean water to drink, and she hopes other celebrities will do the same.


    She Amassed A Fortune in Almost 100 Years of Life, And Then Gave It All Way

    After living for almost 100 years, the woman known as the Fair Lady on the Hill found an inspiring way to put her riches to use.


    Couple In Long Distance Relationship Connects By Creating Combo Pictures

    Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? It's not the most common type of relationship out there but it does exist and those who are in one can surely agree with the fact that it's frustrating.


    Someone Finally Figured Out Why It's So Quiet After a Snowfall

    Turns out snow is a better sound buffer than a recording studio. But that's not all: 


    The F#*king History of the F-Word in Hollywood

    A lot of people think "Scarface" is the swearingest movie of all time, but it's not even close. 


    Buy a Former Government Missile Silo, and Live the Doomsday Dream

    Re-live the terror of the Cold War all over again -- buy a government missile silo, and go live underground.


    8 Ways Silicon Valley's Domination Stops at the U.S. Border

    Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have revolutionized the world -- and the world has been "inspired" (read: "basically copying from"). You'll find that a lot of these international tech giants seem awfully familiar...


    13 Things That Literally Sum Up The Entire Human Experience

    Human suffering is universal (or something), but so are these 13 things!


    A Pit Bull Got A Dachshund Pregnant. Wait Until You See Their Puppy…OMG!

    The amazing moment when a pit bull and a dachshund had a pup together has gone viral on the interwebs and for very good reason because the features on the puppy are just too adorable.


    15 Fantastically Funny Photoshoot Fails Gone Wrong

    Though has any photoshoot ever actually gone 'right'?


    Is There a Cloud Man Above Ireland? (or Something Weirder?)

    One man's pictures from 30,000 feet will send chills down your back.

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