Twitter Launches Ability to Share 30-Second Videos


The social service looks to keep pace with rival Facebook as well as offer an alternative to YouTube for brief clips.


10 Things to Know: Tuesday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Tuesday.


10 Worst Northeast Snowstorms in Past 60 Years

The National Weather Service was predicting a "potentially historic" storm on par with some of the biggest to ever hit the densely populated northeastern U.S.. Here's a look at the Northeast's Top 10 storms in the last 60 years, according to the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale.


17 Off-The-Wall Facts About the Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Remember Super Bowl XXIII's Elvis Presto? He is actually only the SECOND weirdest halftime performance ever. 


23 Of The Most Terrifically Witty Comebacks Ever

You're definitely going to need some Neosporin for that burn.


Democrats Block Immediate Vote on Keystone Pipeline

Senate Democrats have blocked immediate consideration of a Republican-favored bill that would permit the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline between the United States and Canada.


Obama Calls for Drone Controls After White House Crash

Drones like the one which crashed on the White House grounds are used most often for collecting stunning aerial video, but imagine one armed with chemical weapons or a bomb.


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    Putin Lauds Soviet Army at Moscow's Auschwitz Ceremony

    Putin has repeatedly condemned the West for what he calls attempts to belittle the Soviet army's role in the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.


    Tale of Tiger's Tooth: 'Dude Caught Me Square on Mouth'

    Tiger Woods gave a play-by-play account of how his front tooth was knocked out in Italy on Jan. 19 while celebrating girlfriend Lindsey Vonn's record 63rd World Cup victory.

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    Scientologists Slam Sundance Movie

    The Church of Scientology has lashed out at a film about the controversial group at the Sundance Film Festival, calling it false and based on "obsessive, disgruntled former Church members."


    11 of the Most Bizarre Names in the NFL

    Their mothers must have known their names would be known by thousands.


    Bundle Up!

    Heavy snow and blizzard conditions were forecast to hit the U.S. northeast Monday, blanketing New York, Boston and beyond with up to a foot of snow.


    23 Explanations For Why Women Live Longer Than Men

    Women, on average, outlive men by about 3 years. We've finally figured out why.


    516 Arrested in Egyptian Unrest

    Egyptian police arrested 516 supporters of the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood during violence that erupted as the country marked the fourth anniversary of its January 25 uprising.


    Angelina Jolie in Iraq: World Failing to Avert Disaster

    In her capacity as special envoy for the UN's refugee agency (UNHCR), the Hollywood star visited Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqis near Dohuk, in the autonomous region of Kurdistan.


    US Secret Service Recovers Drone from White House Grounds

    A small drone crash-landed on the grounds of the White House early Monday, prompting officials to declare a security lockdown while they determined any potential risks.


    18 Things Guaranteed To Make You Super Uncomfortable

    Some things make us grossly troubled. Others make us ever so slightly uneasy. We prefer the latter. 


    'Who Buys This Stuff?' SkyMall's 29 Weirdest Products

    Say goodbye cat litter box spaceships and awkward in-flight pillows after this catalog of quirk files for bankruptcy. (Shocking, right?) 


    7 Do's and Don'ts of Phone Apps on a Date

    Phones are a part of life, even dating. Few would expect you to put it away the whole time. But there is a right way and a wrong way to use your smart device on a date. 


    Sweet Note Uncovers The World's Nicest Thieves

    This thief's change of heart is amazing. 


    20 Totally Foolproof Plans (That Backfired Almost Immediately)

    When nothing goes according to plan, it's best to just laugh it off. 


    5 Magical Places On Earth That Look Like Heaven

    These sites are so beautiful, you won't believe they're real!


    World Leaders Pay Respects on Saudi Day of Mourning

    More foreign leaders flocked to Riyadh to pay their respects to King Salman on a quiet on a day of mourning for his predecessor Abdullah. Obama will fly in in Tuesday.


    'American Sniper' Shoots Down Johnny Depp

    "It's unbelievable, unprecedented and unexpected," one analyst said. "All it takes is one movie like this to create a situation where we're looking at numbers in January that we're not accustomed to seeing."


    Greece's 'Che Guevara' on Cusp of Power

    Alexis Tsipras, the 40-year-old leader of radical left-wing party Syriza, has come a long way from his days as a Communist youth activist.


    Obama, Modi Break Nuke Impasse, Hail 'Friendship'

    After greeting Obama with a bear hug as he stepped off Air Force One, India's PM trumpeted the "chemistry" with his fellow leader.


    22 People Who Never Learned To Think Before They Speak

    Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if it was just one long blonde moment? Wonder no more.


    9 Months of Bloodshed in Ukraine: a Timeline

    Tension is again mounting in Ukraine after a weekend rocket assault on the strategic government-held port city of Mariupol that left 30 dead. Here are key dates in the conflict that has killed more than 5,000.


    Russians Urged to Go Without

    Hard times: "I lived both under Gorbachev and Yeltsin but Putin is the first president for whom I am being asked to eat less," one Russian said.


    70 Years Later, Auschwitz Survivor Recalls Nazi Evil

    Greta Wienfeld Ferusic had to yell A9233, in Polish, for 10 months during the morning lineups at the Nazi-run death camp of Auschwitz.


    Belichick on Deflated Balls: 'We Try to Do Everything Right'

    Saying his team "followed every rule to the letter," the Patriots coach described in detail how his team prepares its footballs on game day and said New England di not cheat.


    Japan Condemns Beheading

    A video allegedly shows a gaunt Kenji Goto in an orange T-shirt saying his colleague Haruna Yukawa had been executed.


    Why King Abdullah Was Buried in an Unmarked Grave

    You may have imagined a somewhat lavish burial for the Saudi king who died at 90. He was, after all, one of the richest men in the history of the world.


    Pope Francis, Dostoyevsky and the Tears of a Child

    Analysis: Francis' improvisational style empowers him to speak beautifully about humanity's moral problems. It can also backfire.


    Warriors' Klay Thompson Scores 37 -- in a Quarter

    That's an NBA record; the Golden State sharpshooter finished with 52 in a win over Sacramento.


    5 Things: Why Crisis in Yemen Matters to Us

     Yemen's U.S.-backed president stepped down this week after rebels seized the capital of Sanaa. Here's why we should care about a country slightly smaller than Texas situated on the southern border of Saudi Arabia.


    Havana is Charming ... and Complicated

    A first-time traveler's impressions of a once forbidden country.


    Baseball's Ernie Banks, 'Mr Cub', Dies at 83

    Banks, the Cubs' first-ever black player, played shortstop and first base, and was a 14-time all-star who played for Chicago from 1953-1971. His famous phrase: "Let's play two!"


    Record 2,212 Guns Intercepted at US Airports

    In 2014, TSA inspectors at US airports found a record 2,212 guns, most of them loaded, in travelers' carry-on baggage.


    Anti-Muslim Acts Jump in January

    According to reports, at least as many anti-Muslim acts have taken place in France since the terror attacks this month as all of last year.


    16 of the Dumbest (and Shockingly Most Popular) Online Passwords

    No, superhero Batman can't protect you from hackers...neither can the super-common password "BATMAN".


    5 Dumbest States, According to Twitter (and the 5 Smartest)

    Do you Tweet worse than Mississippi? There's only one way to find out...


    The 7 Best #DeflateGate Tweets (So Far...)

    As the investigation and debate over deflated balls continues for the Super Bowl bound New England Patriots, some people are having a lot of fun with it...


    31 Secrets About 'Back to the Future' Most Fans Don't Know

    Easter eggs, Huey Lewis' cameo and a whole lot of casting decisions that could have sunk one of the 1980s' most iconic pictures. 


    18 People Who Totally Didn't Photoshop That Picture - They Swear!

    What are you talking about? My skin is just naturally purple! #NoFilter


    21 Sticky Situations Taking Awkward To The Next Level

    Your prolonged eye contact with that stranger on the subway this morning has nothing on these painful encounters.


    18 Cranky Critters Who Haven't Had Their Morning Coffee

    Most of us can't physically function without at least one cup of coffee in the morning. It turns out that animals have the same struggle.


    Hilarious Video: What if 'The Wire' Were Set in Hipster Brooklyn?

    Omar wouldn't have lasted a minute in Saturday Night Live's world. 


    16 People Having Way Too Much Fun with 'Shirtless Putin'

    Putin riding a bear, Putin riding a bobsled...Putin riding a cracker. All the shirtless Putin you didn't know you wanted.


    16 Reasons To Be Facebook Friends With Your Grandparents

    Adapting to social media can be quite the task for folks who didn't grow up with it. Yet your grandparents rose to the occasion just to connect with you. Embrace it. 


    17 Hungry People (Rightly) Putting Food Above All Else

    There truly is no greater accomplishment than having a full stomach.


    13 Weirdest Things Stuffed Into Pizza Crusts Around the Globe

    Now with 100% more Marmite-filled crusts. 


    7 Sure Ways to Fight Off Those Winter Blues

    We've made it halfway through but these tips will keep you at your best through the rest!


    When Women are Few, Men Settle Down

    It turns out the dynamics of sex are partly driven by the law of supply and demand: a man's fidelity depends to a large degree on the number of available women.


    The 18 Best (And Worst) Brand Names Of All Time

    "We need a brand name that sets us apart from our competition. Thoughts?" "Barf. Let's go with Barf."


    21 Moments Perfectly Capturing The Definition Of Irony

    If only Alanis Morissette had read this in the 90's. She could have penned a song about things that were actually ironic


    5 Eye-Opening Revelations from the 'Secret' McDonald's in Australia

    Why have the Golden Arches gone undercover? The answer might surprise you. 


    11 Stunning 'Cost of Living' Revelations from Around the World

    America, surprisingly, isn't even a blip on the costliest country radar. But you might be surprised to find who is #1. 


    20 Precious Puppy Smiles Guaranteed To Change Your Life

    Feeling down and out about something? There's a puppy for that.


    Drone Captures Heart-Stopping Video of 1,500-foot Light Bulb Change

    And you think your job leaves you high and dry.


    21 Painfully Pretentious People Posting To Social Media

    Where do you go to flaunt your intelligence? Why, Facebook of course!


    22 Staggeringly Weird Facts About Prohibition

    When prohibition officially went into effect 95 years ago, which US president secretly hid a stockpile of liquor in the White House basement?  (See #17)


    20 Modern Marvels That Prove It's The Best Time To Be Alive

    I didn't even know what living was until I started printing my selfies on toast.


    Why is This Man America's Wackiest Ambassador?

    Ambassador Bruce Oreck has a secret he is not shy about sharing.  


    21 People Making Drunken Decisions Worse Than Yours

    We've all had one of "those nights", but these individuals might just put your entire college drinking career to shame.


    12 Hilarious Facts About Sending Your Enemies Glitter

    This new sparkly way of getting vengeance has gone viral, here's all you need to know. 


    25 Fantastic Things Made Even Greater With Googly Eyes

    Plenty of things in the world are already amazing, but this one trick can make anything 100% better.


    14 Photo Booth Opportunities Gone Perfectly Right

    Be it a wedding, bar mitzvah, or a night at the bar, you're bound to run into a photo booth soon. Here are some clever ideas to keep on hand.


    23 Bizarre Town Names that are Surprisingly Real

    Don't everyone rush down to Monkeys Eyebrow, KY or Satan's Kingdom, VT at once... 

    movies & tv

    I Sing of Arms and the Man

    Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper tells the incredible story of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in American military history, while avoiding the usual controversies one might expect from such a film.


    16 Of The Most Awkward Moments In Live TV History

    The problem with live TV is that if something can ​go wrong, then it 100% will.


    18 Strange, Hilarious, and Downright Brutal Business Reviews

    The Internet is a weird place, and nowhere is this more apparent than your local business review websites.


    7 Reasons People Go Nuts Drinking This Icelandic Beer

    Reason #1: The secret ingredient comes from a whale's... well, you'll see.


    18 Of The Most Unbelievably Awful Times To Snap A Selfie

    What do you get when you mix vanity, social media, smart phones, and a stunning lack of self-awareness? These people.

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