Hackers Win, Sony Caves: 'The Interview' Canceled


A U.S. official said Wednesday that federal investigators have now connected the Sony hacking to North Korea.


Obama Mistaken for Waiter

Barack and Michelle Obama have revealed their experiences of racism in a wide-ranging interview with People Magazine.


'All Our Lives Will Change,' Cubans Hope

In Havana's old town, where overjoyed groups gathered in the street as the news spread, the phrase "historic day" was on many people's lips.


Bush's Surprise Visit to Sept. 11 Museum

Bush toured the museum and exhibit and "took the time to shake a lot of hands" from people who thanked him for his service.


21 Weirdest Drug Smugglers the Border Patrol Ever Caught

Meth-filled fire extinguishers might make Walter White proud, but are just the tip of the iceberg. 


SpaceX to Try to 'Precision Land' Rocket in Ocean

SpaceX said it will for the first time try to land its Falcon 9 rocket on a floating platform in the ocean after launching cargo to the International Space Station.


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    Churchill Paintings Sold Off in Rare Auction

    The 15 paintings included views from his holidays in France as well as the interiors of his home in Chartwell near London and Blenheim Palace, where the cigar-chomping aristocrat was born.


    17 Ways To Spice Up Your Family's Next Holiday Cards

    Make a holiday card that people actually WANT to receive in the mail!


    'Patient' Fed Sends Stocks Higher

    The Dow jumped nearly 300 points Wednesday after the US Federal Reserve made no changes to its monetary policy, saying it can remain "patient" before moving to raise interest rates.


    Obama, Castro Announce 'New Chapter' in US-Cuba Ties

    US President Barack Obama said Wednesday a "new chapter" had been opened in Washington's ties with Cuba, declaring it was time to end an "outdated approach" that had failed to move relations forward.


    'Tis the Season for Identity Theft

    On top of lost time, money and emotional energy, victims face the frustration of rarely seeing anyone pay for the crimes. Identity theft cases are rarely prosecuted.


    Chilling New Sony Hacker Threat

    Hackers invoked the 9/11 attacks Tuesday in their most chilling threat yet against Sony Pictures, warning cinema-goers not to see a film which has angered North Korea.


    Pharmacy Owners Arrested in 2012 Meningitis Outbreak

    Two co-founders and 12 other former employees of a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy blamed for a fungal meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people were arrested early Wednesday.


    Russians Go on Shopping Splurge as Ruble Plunges

    Russians are feeling the pinch from the slumping ruble, but one somewhat paradoxical result has been a spending spree as consumers snap up electronics, furniture and cars before prices soar.


    19 People Who Failed To Accomplish Even One Simple Task

    You'd think that some things are so simple that they're impossible to screw up. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong.


    The 18 Most Dangerous Christmas Toys of all Time

    Yes, in 1951 kids were given uranium to play with in this toy. And that's not even the scariest one. 


    US War Vet Who Killed 6 Found

    A US former Marine and Iraq war veteran accused of murdering his ex-wife and five members of her family was found dead in woods near his home on Tuesday.


    Taliban Slaughters 126 Kids

    Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, killing 126 people in the worst attack to hit the country in years.


    Majority of Americans Say Torture Justified in New Poll

    A majority of Americans believe that torture of suspected terrorists is justified, according to a new poll reported Tuesday, just days after a scathing report into the CIA's brutal treatment of detainees was released.


    Israel Arrests Members of Jewish Extremist Group

    Israeli police on Tuesday arrested 10 Jewish activists from an extremist group opposed to Arab-Jewish coexistence, including its leader, in the first major clampdown against a fringe organization that has become a symbol of rising anti-Arab sentiment.


    21 Animal Parents Regretting This Whole 'Children' Thing

    You think your kids are annoying? They've got nothing on the children of the animal kingdom.

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    5 Reasons 'A Christmas Story' is The Best Holiday Movie Ever

    It is literally the most quoted Christmas movie ever.


    Forced to Pay for Content, Google News Closes in Spain

    US giant Google on Tuesday went ahead with a vow to shut down its popular online news service Google News in Spain in protest at a new law which would make it pay for content.


    20th Anniversary of 'The Chanukah Song' to Celebrate Hanukkah

    Put on your yarmulke, it's time for Chanukah!

    movies & tv

    5 Second Sneak Peek of New 'Game of Thrones' Revealed

    A super short teaser for 'Game of Thrones' is here just in time for the holidays!


    Kenya Shuts 510 NGOs, Some for 'Terrorism Financing'

    The government's non-governmental organization (NGO) coordination board said in a statement it had "de-registered 510 organizations for non-compliance with the law", with some using their charitable status as a front for raising cash for terrorism.


    18 Home Projects That Will Make You Ask D-I-Why?

    The first step to a happy life is learning to always hire someone else to do repairs for you.


    21 Off-the-Wall Dating Sites to Find True Love

    It just got a whole lot easier for farmers, punk rockers and even sea captains to locate a mate.


    10 Times Reese Witherspoon Was Absolutely Flawless

    There is a reason why Reese is America's Sweetheart!


    Families of Sandy Hook Massacre Victims Sue Gunmaker

    Families of victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre filed a US lawsuit Monday seeking damages from the manufacturers of the high-powered assault rifle used in the slaughter.


    Slovak Train Station's Homeless Now Work There

    Once their crash pad, now their office: seven homeless men who used to camp out at the Slovak capital's main train station are now its baggage porters.


    China Snaps Up UK Wind Farms

    China's biggest nuclear power producer will buy an 80 percent stake in three British wind farms run by a unit of EDF.


    17 People Who Will Make Your Problems Seem Insignificant

    Your life may be in a downward spiral, but these people are here to remind you that it could be worse.


    Justices Reject Arizona Bid Over Abortion Drugs

    The Supreme Court is refusing to allow Arizona to enforce stringent restrictions on medical abortions while a challenge to those rules plays out.


    16 Accidentally Inappropriate Spelling Errors By Innocent Kids

    If your child's favorite subject is actually "Meth" then you may have a problem.


    Mystery Woman Pays off Everyone's Layaway at One Toys 'R' Us

    You'll never guess how much money a stranger gave to ensure kids have gifts under the tree this year. 


    Three Dead as Sydney's Hostage Nightmare Ends

    Two hostages and the lone Iranian-born gunman were killed as heavily armed Australian police dramatically stormed a central Sydney cafe to end a day-long siege sparked when the "self-styled sheikh" took 17 people hostage.


    8 Obvious Signs the Ugly Christmas Sweater Trend is Dead

    Ugly holiday sweaters have jumped the shark. Here's why...


    How to Pair Beer With Fish

    Whether you’re a diehard coastal fisherman or an aquatic impoverished Midwesterner you need to know how to find the right beer to pair with your fish. Cooking fish can be a scary task to some, for others it might be something you do everyday.

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    The '24' Effect: How 'Liberal Hollywood' Carried Water For Torture

    In "24," "Zero Dark Thirty," "Sons of Anarchy," "Scandal," "Chicago PD," Homeland" and countless movies, torture is used by heroes to get the job done.


    Pope: Enough Gloom, Try Christmas Joy

    Francis said: "Man's heart desires joy. Every family, every people, aspires to happiness."


    Korean Air CEO's Daughter Admits She Went 'Nuts'

    Cho didn't like the macadamia nuts she was served, so she forced two employees to kneel in front of her as she went on a tirade.


    Constant E-mail Checks Can Leave You Stressed

    Looking for a way to help reduce your stress? Try checking your emails less often.


    Terrified Toddlers - 21 Pictures With Santa Gone Adorably Wrong

    It's so cute when it's not your own kid.


    15 Types of Facebook Offenders To Unfriend In 2015

    Looking for a better social media experience? Deleting these classic Facebook archetypes may just be the answer.


    16 Shocking Makeup Artists That Went Horribly Wrong

    Sometimes makeup makes you look more clown than classy.


    Victoria's Secret Angels 'Shake It Off' Like Pros

    Watch the Victoria's Secret models "sing" like angels!


    10 Weird & Wacky Hangover Cures from Around the Wolrd

    Imbibe too much over the holidays? Try these obscure cures!


    24 Texts From Moms That Everyone Can Relate To

    The world hasn't quite been the same since mothers everywhere discovered iPhones.


    16 People Taking Christmas To Extreme, Innovative Levels

    Is there such a thing as too much Christmas spirit? Yes. The answer is yes.


    14 Worst Celeb Christmas Cards Uglier Than Any on Your Fridge

    Joe Jonas' photoshopped cat has a good sense of humor. 


    The Perfect Response to a Wrong Number Requesting Nude Pics

    "Just took off my pants and socks...now draw me a bear in cool sunglasses." 


    17 People Guaranteed To Be Worse At Exercise Than You

    Need some motivation to get back in the gym next year? Look no further. If these people can work out, so can you!


    Time's 'Person' 2014 Revealed - Ebola Fighters

    Time magazine on Wednesday named as its "Person of the Year 2014" the medics treating the Ebola epidemic that has killed more than 6,300 people, paying tribute to their courage and mercy.


    6 Things You Should Never Do While Wearing a Zebra Costume

    According to police, one drunk Canadian accomplished them all in one night!


    23 Faces That Every Dog Owner Knows All Too Well

    Our canine companions are capable of so much more than just "Feed me".


    21 Horrible Happy Meal Toys That'll Make You Glad to be an Adult

    Yep, lucky White Castle diners once got MC Hammer toothpaste in their kids meals. 


    Winnie-the-Pooh Illustration Sells for Record Price

    The original drawing of an iconic literary illustration depicting Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends playing "poohsticks" sold at auction in London on Tuesday for a record-breaking amount.


    17 Strange Letters To Santa From Some Amazingly Unique Kids

    Sometimes you have to threaten Santa to make sure you get what you want.


    24 More Of The Most Truly Terrible Names Of All Time

    "I know that you like the name Susie, but what if we named her Marijuana Pepsi instead?"


    18 Bizarre Holiday Specials That Should Never Be Forgotten

    Yes, Virginia, there really was once an ALF Christmas Special. 


    Study Proves High Heels Do Have Power Over Men

    Now a scientific study in France has measured the surprising power of women in high-heeled shoes and the results reveal more than expected.


    17 Coworker Horror Stories To Make Your Job Seem Like Heaven

    We all have that one coworker that we just hate. But hey, it could be worse. These people are proof.


    Nicki Minaj Plays a Better Kim Kardashian than Kim Kardahian

    Nicki Minaj is a less annoying Kim Kardashian, check it out!


    9 Previously Unseen Images of Johnny Cash in Prison

    An intimate look at one of country music's most famous concerts. 


    18 People Who Are In Desperate Need Of A New Wardrobe

    Some people just never quite catch on to that whole 'dressing yourself' thing.


    19 Times When Humanity Actually Wasn't The Worst

    Every now and then someone proves that, yes, we actually do still care about each other.


    21 Sneaky, Secret Ways to Stay in Shape at the office

    Don't recycle that water bottle, it makes a great free weight. 


    15 Things You Never Knew About Harry Potter

    You may think you know Harry Potter, but you have no idea! SPOILER ALERT!


    10 Truly Weird Christmas Gifts from Blake Lively's 'Preserve' Website

    All I want for Christmas is dream oil and a teepee!


    Beer – A Performance Enhancing Drug For The Rest Of Us

    Here's a new twist on sports. Instead of drinking beer while watching sports, drinking beer while playing sports!  What could possibly go wrong?  Who cares! Sign me up!  


    Girl Power! Women Lead the 2015 Grammy Nominations

    The 57th Grammy nominees are here, & the women are leading the pack!


    17 Reminders That Proper Punctuation Saves Lives

    Remember folks; there's no autocorrect for the real world.


    11 Reasons to Ditch That Smart Phone for an Antique Flip Phone

    Seriously, it's a trend catching on for some surprisingly good reasons. 

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