This 4-Year-Old Girl Is Getting Married To The Adult Man On The Right. Why? I'm In TEARS!


Seeing a 4-year-old girl marry an adult man would usually disturb me. In this case... I'm in tears!


38 Athletes Who Proved They Could Really Act -- For the Most Part

LeBron James is getting critical kudos for his supporting role in Judd Apatow's "Trainwreck." Looks like the kid could have a post-NBA career in movies. Where does he rank on our list of athletes-turned-actors? 


17 Totally True, 100% Not-Made-Up Moments in the History of Bowling

True Story: During the Great Bowling Depression of 1966, teams had to share a ball. 


19 Alternatives to Spice Up Your European Vacation

Why go where everyone else goes? If London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona strike you as cliche, then try Liverpool (above), Rotterdam, Porto, Split and 15 other places on our list. 


She Was Judged For Breastfeeding In Public And Decided To Do THIS! I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Breastfeeding in public remains controversial, which pushed one mom to come up with a hilarious response to her critics...


22 Terrible People Who Really Need To Be Stopped Right Now

Smearing toothpaste everywhere, only eating the cream part of the Oreo, taking up two parking spaces. Will the madness ever end?


15 Flawless Relationships That Are Definitely Going To Last Forever

No, it's totally normal to get engaged after knowing someone for two weeks. Great plan!


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    21 Wonderful Times That The News Didn't Go According To Plan

    Eat your hearts out, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News. Local news stations are where it's at.


    Cheating Girlfriend Gets the Surprise of Her Life On Her Birthday! I Didn't Expect This...

    Dealing with being cheated on is tough. What this boyfriend did in response is PERFECT!


    21 People Who Just Learned Some Very Important Lessons

    Life is full of lessons! Hopefully you can better yourself by learning from them. These people sure will.


    The 17 Most Shockingly Sarcastic Things That Have Ever Happened

    Screw love. Sarcasm is what truly makes the world go 'round.


    Cop Dresses Up As A Homeless Man. What Cameras Caught Strangers Doing To Him? I'm Shocked!

    You won't believe what this cop caught on camera when he went undercover to catch criminals on the street.


    Dad Leaves His Sloppy Teens A Threatening Note They Won't Soon Forget...

    There is one thing in this day and age that will make any kid beg for mercy. This dad gets it.


    These 18 Epically Majestiic Animals Will Bring You To Tears

    There is absolutely nothing more serene, wonderful, or elegant as animals in their natural habitats. Right?


    The Greatest Escapes: 16 Notorious and Shocking Prison Breaks

    With multiple recent jail breaks dominating the news, it's looking like a new golden age of prison breakouts. Here are 16 of the most notorious and surprising escapes throughout history.


    23 Elderly Couples Proving Age Is Nothing But A Number

    Love is patient, love is kind. Love is still wanting to be wanting to be around someone after 50 years of marriage!


    24 People Who Are Just Living Their Best Lives

    Do whatever makes you happy! Get married! Advance in your career! Drunkenly stuff 4 slices of pizza into your mouth at 3 am on a Tuesday! You can do it!


    This Girl Was Given Two Different Dolls, Her Reaction To Them Totally Surprised Me

    Could this be the start of a major change for our daughters?


    22 Questionable Foods Probably Designed By Satan Himself

    Keep your bananas off of my pizza, your hot dogs out of my eclairs,  and your Mountain Dew out of my Cheetos!


    20 Talented People Who Truly Channeled Their Inner MacGyver

    What happens when you try to out-MacGyver MacGyver? These people are bound to find out!


    16 Sultry Pickup Lines You Should Use (If You Want To Be Single Forever)

    So on a scale of (000)-000-0000 to (999)-999-9999 how attractive do you find me?


    If You Are Ever Lost in an Indonesian Jungle, Don't Miss This Bizarre Building

    You might just have stubled upon the most bizarre place of worship on the globe. 


    10 Nauseatingly Real Items on McDonald's 'Secret' Menu

    Yes, there is a hush-hush sandwich called the "McGangbang". Welcome to rock bottom, folks. 


    21 Reckless Risk-Takers Who CLEARLY Have a Death Wish

    Because life would be boring if nobody was willing to endanger their lives for our amusement.


    Internet Bullies Called Her Boyfriend Fat, But She Had the BEST Response!

    When these photos were posted on the internet, the happy couple was met with 1,000s of cyber bullies who mocked Christopher's weight. His girlfriend had the best response...


    She Paints Her Face Like A Clown. But Once She Blends It All Together? INCREDIBLE!!

    She paints her face like a clown. But once she blends it all together? INCREDIBLE!!


    This Homeless Dad Is On The Street With His Daughter. How New Yorkers Treat Them? UNBELIEVABLE!

    The results of this video were definitely a shocker but also an eye-opener.


    A Black Man And A White Woman Switch Mics, And The Result Is Amazing!

    This piece of spoken word poetry is without a doubt the most creative and compelling that I have ever seen...


    12 Surprising Answers to the Question, 'Who the Heck Was Chuck Taylor?'

    Would you believe: "A vagabond salesman who never once played pro ball"?


    Scientists Reveal A Shocking Discovery Beneath The Easter Island Heads... Unbelievable!

    Those big head-shaped monuments on the Easter Island have always been a mystery -- But this mystery appears to be much deeper than anyone previously imagined!


    17 Struggles That Every Single Shy Person Knows All Too Well

    What were the worst parts about growing up on the reserved side? Twitter weighs in.


    Nobody Stops To Help The Kid Freezing On The Street. Who Finally Helps Him Will Warm Your Heart!

    Just when I was on the brink of losing all my faith in humanity, something happened that could warm even the coldest heart.


    19 Totally True, 100% Not Made Up Facts About Old School County Fair Rides

    Fact: 13% of all fair-goers died of static cling. 


    17 Stunning Revelations from the Pluto Mission

    Launched in 2006, the New Horizons mission to Pluto reached its fruition during a flyby on July 14, 2015. More than 1,200 photos were snapped. What have we learned about our ninth and most mysterious planet?


    19 Worn Out Kids Who Just Lost The Fight Against Sleep

    Never underestimate a child's ability to fall asleep literally anywhere. Anywhere!


    The 21 Hands-Down Classiest Things That Have Ever Happened

    Who needs Jerry Springer when you have social media?


    12 Painfully Powerful Examples of Sunburn Art

    This bold trend lets your pain become the art world's gain.


    13 Homemade Bike Ramps That Give Insurance Adjusters Nightmares

    Seriously, don't watch #11 if you are afraid of bicycle ramps attached to moving vehicles and questionable decision making (duh).


    She Takes The Makeup Off This Doll With Nail Polish Remover. When You See The End... AMAZING!

    She takes the makeup off of this doll with nail polish remover. When you see the end... AMAZING!


    17 Sad Dogs Who Just Realized They're On Their Way To The Vet

    It looks like man is in need of a new best friend. These dogs definitely want nothing to do with their owners after this!


    17 People Who Were Simply In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

    Sometimes it just feels like fate has it in for you. At least you're not as unlucky as these people. We hope...


    13 Surprising Ways Selfies Make You a Worse Person

    Some recent studies suggest ANYONE posting a selfie has some serious narcissism to deal with. Even these two fun-loving guys. 


    6 Smashingly Surprising Reasons Our Crash Test Dummies Have an Obesity Problem

    The average size of a crash test dummy has blimped in recent years...the reasons might surprise you. 


    21 Gifs To Remind You That Kids Are Wonderfully Uncoordinated

    Aren't grossly underdeveloped motor skills just the absolute best?


    9-Year-Old Filipino Boy Gets a Scholarship After This Photo Went Viral

    Good things come to those who work hard, and if little Daniel keeps this up I see a bright future for him!


    He Needed A Hug, But What He Got In The End Was So Much Better

    Everybody loves a hug, even people who say that they don't. But you've probably never seen a hug like this before...


    They Put Cameras Inside A Hospital, Then Find Him Doing THIS To Elderly Patients...

    Everybody knows that being a nurse can be difficult work, but you won't believe what this guy is doing during his shifts at the hospital.


    16 Tattoo Lovers Who Clearly Got Inked on an Empty Stomach

    Never go to the tattoo parlor without a meal first or #12 might happen to you. 


    18 Entertaining Parents Who Made Sure They Got The Last Laugh

    "What do you mean I can't make jokes? I made you, didn't I?"


    13 Oooey, Gooey, Bizarro Facts That Made PB&J America's Favorite Sandwich

    It took war and sex and meat grinders to help create this iconic lunchtime classic. 


    Deaf Mom Sits Down For An Interview, Now Watch Her Son Behind Her. I'm Crying!

    Everything is bigger in Texas, they say. Based on this deaf mom's reaction to her son, it must be true!


    25 Signs That You've Found Your Best Friend Forever

    We all want to find that special someone in our lives. No, not a spouse. I'm talking about your BFF!


    21 Horrible Home Owners Way Worse Than Your Neighbor

    You think the cat lady next door to your house is bad? Guess again. 


    8 Facts You Didn't Know About Foul Balls, And Why The Danger Is Rising

    Fans and foul balls have been a part of baseball since 1862. But a rising tide of fan injuries has sparked a class-action lawsuit. Just how dangerous are they?


    USA! USA! The 24 Greatest National Teams and Why They're Still in Our Hearts

    The U.S. women's national soccer team has just won Best Team at the 2015 ESPYs, and  previously was feted with a ticker-tape parade in New York City -- the first female-centered achievement given the ticker-tape treatment since 1960. But where do they rank on our list of greatest U.S. national teams?


    23 Thrill-Seekers Who Now Really Regret Getting On That Ride

    It's all fun and games until someone gets vomit in their ear.


    22 Twisted Situations That Escalated Way Too Quickly

    Everyone in the world just needs to relax.


    6 Surprising Facts from the Mysterious Life of Harper Lee

    For example, did you know the author of perhaps America's greatest novel never finished college? 


    17 Totally True, 100% Not-Made-Up Facts About Food from Back in the Day

    FACT: Cakes took no less than four people to make and cost around $500 each. 


    6 Strangers Sit In The Dark. When The Lights Come On, They Are Flabbergasted

    They put 6 strangers in a dark room. When the lights came on everyone was shocked!


    20 Photos That Will Make You Seriously Question The Future Of Humanity

    At least we had a pretty good run, right?


    21 Diving Board Disasters That Will Keep You Laughing in the Shallow End

    Something tells us MENSA will not be calling #14. 


    Woman's Selfie in Old Navy Tank Top Goes Viral for Unexpected Reason

    A woman took a selfie in her new tank top and it is going viral for a very unexpected reason...


    21 Terribly Difficult Decisions That People Made At The Grocery Store

    Vegetables or candy? Beer or toothpaste? Who knew that a trip to the store could be so stressful?


    This Brave Photographer Broke Into an Abandoned Hangar and Stumbled Onto This Shocker

    You won't believe what's hiding inside this decayed hangar. 

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