For His 90th Birthday, This WWII Vet Wished For (And Got!) An Unbelievable Gift


You won't believe the lengths some went to for him to relive his WWII days. 


This Cop Hears A Little Boy Call Him *Dad* -- Now His Reaction Is Going VIRAL!

Hats off to this Officer for setting such an important example for kids and going above and beyond the call of duty!


18 Awful Do-It-Yourselfers Making MacGuyver Cringe

There are these amazing things called "instruction manuals." You really should track one down sometime and take a peek. 


The 21 Absolute Dumbest Things That Teenagers Said This Summer

Thank goodness that it's time to go back to school. I know a few teens who really need to learn a thing or two.


22 Reasons Why Humanity Can't Have Nice Things

Oh humans. When will we ever learn?


21 Traumatizing Texts That Nobody Ever Wants To Receive

It's 2015! Why has nobody invented an "unsend" button yet?


12 Surprising Awesome Memories You Totally Forgot About Windows 95

Microsoft's Windows 95 revolutionized computers and the Internet like no other operating system before or since; the Internet revolution arguably began 20 years ago when it was introduced, but most people forget how exciting it really was...


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    Shut Up and Dance! People Can't Stop Watching this Compilation of Their Favorite Movie Moments

    The internet has spoken and they can't stop sharing this video compilation of some of the most memorable dance scenes from all of our favorite movies...


    16 Totally True, 100% Accurate Facts About Music History

    FACT: Bluegrass music was invented by a circus act stranded in Kentucky in 1903. 


    12 Likely Ways One (or More) of These Candidates Will Probably Embarrass Themselves

    History tells us one of these hopefuls will totally blow their chances by letting out their inner-Howard Dean...or worse (like #5!). 


    A Customer Returns 'Stale Cupcakes' – But Just Wait Until You See What’s Really In The Box!

    You won't believe what's really in the box when she finally opens to check...


    Her Husband Is Running Late To Their Child's Show, But Then Mom Glances Up From The Empty Seat...

    In the video, the Dad seemed to be late for his daughter Lauren's dance recital and the mom was clearly not pleased. However, Dad had a little secret plan to give Mom a surprise of her life!


    15 Failtastic GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up The Second Half Of The Work Week

    There's nothing worse than attempting to climb over the mid-week hump.


    22 Titillating Pictures That Are Literally Better Than Sex

    Sometimes the most satisfying things in life are simple pictures on the Internet.


    19 Ways The World Would Be Different If Everyone Were Honest

    The world would be a better place if everyone were honest...right?


    20 Inspiring Asian T-Shirts You Need In Your Life Right Now

    Sometimes things get a little lost in translation. Other times a language is completely butchered. These t-shirts are the latter.


    'Prehistoric' Shark Found In Japan. This Creature Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

    One fisherman was able to capture this rare event, and it's just as terrifying as you'd expect it to be!


    23 People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Giving A Damn

    Too many of us get caught up with the little burdens of everyday life. Take a breather and learn a lesson from these care-free folks.


    21 Boss-Tastic Springsteen Facts to Celebrate the 40th anniversary of 'Born to Run'

    Four decades ago Bruce needed a hit to rescue his career. But why were people soon calling him an iposter?  

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    24 Must-See Movies Directed By Talented Women

    Women rock -- and so do their films. (When they get the chance to direct. Less than 10 percent of films are directed by women.) Even so, we could list hundreds of great female directed flicks, but these 24 should be at the top of any must-see cinema list.


    18 Victims Anonymously Weigh In On The Ashley Madison Scandal

    Victims of the Ashley Madison scandal vent about how their lives have changed since the massive data breach.


    22 Celebrities Who Shockingly Put Our Children in Danger

    Subway pitchman Jared Fogle's shocking fall into disgrace is just the latest celebrity who has preyed upon unsuspecting children. We've got a rap sheet going back a century.


    Say Goodbye To Skype and FaceTime -- THIS Is The Future Of Communication!

    Students at M.I.T. came up with this, and it's like nothing I've ever seen before... Could it really be "the next BIG thing," as they say?


    16 Celebrities Probably 'Thrilled' to Have Creepy-Crawly Creatures Named For Them

    Yep, there's a horsefly named in honor of Beyonce's butt (and that's not even the most unfortunate one). 


    21 Whiteboard Wizards Making Today's Meeting Bearable

    Oh no, this is not the last you will see of Shane and his awesomeness. 


    21 Torturous Problems The Next President Needs To Solve

    Move over global warming, income inequality, and foreign policy, there are real issues at hand.


    This Woman Undressed And Stood Blindfolded In Public To Send A Powerful Message To Everyone

    It may sound strange at first, but this woman took off her dress, blindfolded her own eyes, and asked passersby to draw on her body for one really important reason...


    A Mom Was At The Hospital With Her Sick Son When She Got A Parking Ticket... And THIS Note!

    When this mom finally left the hospital, she had to face the frustrating reality of a parking ticket on her car windshield... But it was the extra note that made her cry!


    They Left 100 Paper Bags With Gifts On Trains In Korea. What Happened Next Blew My Mind!

    See how it all went down... What would you do? Do you think your city would do better or worse?


    This Abandoned French Town Tells a Heartbreaking,Tragic Tale of WWII

    It remains untouched since 1944 for one horrifying reason. 


    17 Smartass Students Really Acing This Whole 'Test' Thing

    Someone has to make school interesting. If the teachers won't do it, then the students will!


    Female Fighter Disguised As Weak, Nerdy Girl Shows Men Who's The Real Boss!

    She is really a renowned Muay Thai champion fighter, but these unfortunate guys think she is just a wimpy nerd wanting to learn...


    23 Ridiculous Drivers Who Shouldn't Be Allowed to Buy Bumper Stickers

    If you ever get behind one of these...keep your distance. 


    18 Hilariously Harmless Pranks To Play On Your Coworkers

    Dull office? Work seems to drag on for eternity? I've got the solution!


    He Is About To Attack A Girl He Met On Facebook. Watch What Happens When Her Parents Arrive!

    Even good things can be used for evil -- and social media is no exception.


    21 Single People Who Have Fully Embraced Being Alone Forever

    All you really need in life are friends, family, and big ol' bottle of wine.


    See How Millions Are Discovering How THIS Picture Can Zap Their Stress

    This childhood joy has become a fascinating form of meditation for grownups. 


    24 Totally Depressing Reminders of How Fantastic Air Travel Used To Be

    In the old days we used to look forward to a nice, relaxing flight. Now, it sounds easier to hitchhike instead. 


    16 Super Important To-Do Lists Straight From The Minds Of Children

    The world is much simpler place when 2/3 of your "to-do list" consists of playing and sleeping.


    Guy Filming A Family Moment In Front of An Iceberg Saw Something Breathtaking... Yet Terrifying!

    In the video we see an isolated event that's not only amazing and breathtaking, but also potentially scary...


    Inside the Hilariously Weird Trend of Swapping 'Far Side' Quotes with Other Comics

    Suddenly, Dennis the Menace is having a serious mid-life crisis. 


    21 Ridiculously Weird Fantasy Football Trophies Your League Needs RIGHT NOW

    Fantasy football season is here. It's about time you brought a little class and dignity to the league with one of these. 


    20 Teachers Who Are Actually Making School Bearable

    These educators make waking up at 6:30 in the morning worth it. Well...almost worth it.


    Caught On Camera: Woman Gives Birth To A 10lb Baby In The Car... Incredible!

    This 10 lb. "little one" just couldn't wait! And the entire thing was caught on camera...


    18 Individuals Who May Have Made Some Teeny-Tiny Mistakes

    So listen...I think I messed up.


    11 Freaky Facts That Prove Octopuses are Probably Going to Take Over the Planet

    Scientists recently concluded their genome structure is almost alien...and that's not even the most frightening thing about these eight-armed death machines. 


    Why Are People Saying 'There's No Place Like Home' After Visiting this Mysterious Door in the NC Mountains?

    There's a bizarre little theme park tucked away here...and it's only open one day a year. 


    21 Surprising Facts About the Atomic Bomb Attacks on Japan

    Seventy years later, the U.S. atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki remain, thankfully, the only time nuclear weapons have been used in active warfare. Some of what happened will amaze you, including the man who survived both attacks.


    19 Most Bizarrely Hilarious Tom Brady Sketch Parodies

    The internet is buzzing about New York sketch artist Jane Rosenberg's depiction of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in federal court trying to get his "Deflategate"suspension overturned. Here's some of our favorite takes.


    This Desperate Dog Jumped Into A Stranger's Car, And It Changed Her Life Forever...

    There is always that one decision -- that one moment in time -- when everything changes either for the better or the worse...


    After You See This Soul Touching Video, You’ll Never Look At Death The Same Way Again!

    This incredibly powerful video makes the entire prospect of death seem a little less depressing -- and even creates some hopefulness too.


    This Little Girl Welcomed A Stranger Into Her Home. What He Did Next Has Everyone In Disbelief! Just Watch...

    This is why it's important for parents to educate their children on dangers like inviting strangers into the house...


    19 Einsteins Who Totally, 100% Nailed What They Were Doing

    And the award for self-awareness and coordination goes to...nobody on this list!


    13 Unusually Unique Moments That Helped Turn the 'Fresh Prince' into a Superstar

    Turns out, most of his sitcom money went straight to the IRS for back taxes. And that's not even the biggest shock. 


    21 Truly Hilarious Snapchats Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    Snapchat isn't just a social media app, it's an art.


    People Can't Stop Laughing at This 2-Year-Old Irish Girl Punishing Her Parents

    This little girl's rant went viral with over 9 million hits on YouTube, and if you watch it you'll understand why...


    14 Innovations from World War II: The 1st Tech Era

    They say necessity is the mother of invention. In that case World War II, which ended 70 years ago, is the mother of all mothers of invention. You might say World War II ushered in the first tech era.


    Surprisingly Awful Presidential Campaign Slogans (Some Actually Worked!)

    Tricky Dick's 1968 slogan eerily predicted the findings of the Watergate Commission. 


    18 Unexpected Photos You Need To REALLY Look At To Understand

    This is proof that you should always, ALWAYS look for the hidden details in life!


    20 Cute Critters Convinced That They're Actually People

    "Life isn't just about leftover food and tennis balls, Jennifer. I have some major studying to do!"


    A Drone was Supposed to be Recording Surfers, Instead it Captured Something a Bit Worrisome

    I've always thought surfing looks cool, so maybe I'll try someday. After seeing this video, I'm now not so sure anymore...


    25 Foodies Who Need To Stay The Hell Out Of The Kitchen

    My cooking skills fall somewhere between "Gordan Ramsay" and "unrestrained toddler with no sense of taste".


    Hilarious Teacher Handles Drunk Student's Text With One Brilliant Response

    Drunkenly asking for an extension: GOOD. Drunkenly pointing out the teacher's baldness: TAKE A GUESS


    16 Times We Were Embarrassingly Wrong About Technology

    "It's so small you barely even notice you're wearing it."


    20 People With A Sense Of Humor About The First Day Of School

    Everyone spends 13+ years of their lives in school. If you don't learn to laugh, you're going to be in for a bad time.


    24 Fearful Folks Who Are Going To Need A Change Of Underwear

    Taking the phrase "scared sh**less" to almost literal levels, one fright at a time...

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