Watch: This Adorable 3-Year-Old Genius Can Recall The Periodic Table


When I was 3-years-old the only element on the periodic table that I knew was --- well, probably none. That was a long time ago and I forgot what was in my brain back then but I sure as hell wasn't recalling the entire periodic table from Helium like the little girl in the video above.


This Is How To Escape If Someone Zip Ties' Your Wrists. It Could Save Your Life One Day.

Life is strange and you can never know what situations you can end up in. In the instance of being kidnapped or held hostage there are certain things that are really important to know that could possibly save your life and allow you to escape. 


The Most Moving Christmas Ad EVER. You Must See THIS!

The touching animation shows a lonely security guard whose life is stuck in a routine but when he wins the lottery everything changes.


17 Incredibly Cute Photos of Wildlife Creatures Meeting a Camera for the 1st Time

Ever wonder how wildlife photographers get those amazing shots? A lot of it is sitting still for hours, building trust and waiting for the right moment. And every so often, curiosity gets the better of these creatures who are always looking for a new friend.


He Decided To Fly His Drone Over This Farm...And Discovered Something Awful.

With a spy drone you can go almost anywhere and remain undetected. So one guy, decided to fly his spy drone over a farm and what he discovered is awful and shocking.


15 Weird Thanksgiving Dishes You Should Try

Mix up your Thanksgiving menu this year with some really bizarre holiday dishes you have to eat to believe.


This Is Why You Should Avoid Road Rage. You Never Know Who You Might Run Into!

I think everyone has a little road rage in them. 


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    13 Hilarious Pranks You Need To Play On Your Pet

    Playing pranks on people is too easy. Torment your animals instead!


    When Thanksgiving Was a Costume Party...

    A century ago, everyone dressed up to celebrate Thanksgiving and participated in bizarre parades all over the U.S.


    12 Actors You Forgot Were Once Child Stars

    Did you forget that these members of Hollywood's elite started out as child stars?


    Watch: The All-Time Worst Ideas Combining Baking Soda and Vinegar

    Toilet bowl + gallon of vinegar + box of baking soda = HOLY CRAP!


    He Lined Up Bricks In A Machine. But When The Camera Zoomed Out, I Lost It!

    This is guaranteed to save hundreds of hours of hard labor.


    You Can't Unsee The Latest Idiotic Trend in Facial Hair

    This holiday grooming "treat" is beyond hipsters or anything else. It's just...


    17 Perfect Responses To Your Family's Annoying Thanksgiving Questions

    "I see that you're on your 3rd plate..." "And I see that you're on your third wife. What's your point?"


    The Blue People in the Kentucky Hills Are Real

    For generations, a family of blue-skinned people were living in the Kentucky mountains...and some of them may still be there today.


    16 Shady Restaurants You Wouldn't Eat at On a Dare

    Yeah...sometimes it's okay to judge a book by its cover. 


    17 People Who Are Just Too Fashion Forward For This World

    It's called fashion. Look it up!


    There's a Really Good Reason TV Meteorologists All Look Alike

    No, you're not seeing things. Something awesomely weird is happening on TV right now. 


    15 Miserable Things Guaranteed To Make You Irrationally Angry

    Human suffering is a universal experience.


    This Couple Hasn't Cut Their Hair For 30 Years. And When They Did, Their Transformation Shocked Everyone!

    They were just a regular couple but the thing that stood out about them was their hairstyles which they claim were not changed or cut for up to 30 years.


    After Skyping for 8 Years, Two Girls With a Special Bond Finally Meet. This Story Will Bring You To Tears.

    Make sure that you have a couple tissues on hand right now because this story could possibly bring you to tears. The story involves two girls from two different sides of the planet who were able to bond through Skype thanks to their mothers.


    Everything Is Free At This Vending Machine But There's A Catch.

    What would you do for your favorite snack? Would you sacrifice your dignity just to get your hands on a tasty treat for free? Would you bow down and worship the almighty snack?


    20 Things That Everyone In The Service Industry Can Relate To

    Please, tell me more about why you don't believe in tipping.


    12 Odd Origin Stories of America's Favorite Fast Food Joints

    Taco Bell was a thief, Jimmy John was a kind of a dummy in school and don't even get us started on Little Caesar's wife. 


    16 People Who Are Handling The Single Life Super Well

    Who needs a relationship when you have wine and Nutella?


    13 Naughty Hounds Who Were Publicly Shamed for Ruining Thanksgiving

    Hey, they just wanted to be part of the family. 


    He Wore A Costume To Make A Point.....Wait Until He Takes Off His Mask.

    While surfing the interweb, I stumbled upon this incredibly deep and emotional video made by "Pro Infirmis".


    How Guys Take A Dump Vs. How Girls Take A Dump.

    I don't know the dumping process of anyone else but myself. I don't usually stick around too much when someone is getting their grove on and most people prefer to dump with the doors closed.


    The NYC Taxi Driver Calendar Is The Most Wonderfully Weird Christmas Gift Ever

    Watch your taxi driver strip down (for a great cause)!


    12 Unforgivable McRib-Related Crimes Against Humanity

    McRib's inevitable release back into the wild has created a series of horrible decisions out there. It's like a full moon x 10 out there. Be forewarned. 


    Paul Scheer is the Best Talk Show Host You've Never Heard of

    His recreations of classic bad talk shows like Arsenio Hall and TRL are some of the funniest things you will see all day. 


    12 Pumpkin Pie Alternatives (That Probably Taste Better, Anyway)

    Canned pumpkin shortage? With these pumpkin pie alternatives on the table you’ll never even notice.


    20th Century Ads That Extol the Health Benefits of Tobacco and Alcohol

    Turns out at one time smoking and drinking were a part of a balanced diet! Some of these ads you just won't believe were real.


    A Man Isolated Himself In The Desert For 25 Years With His Dog. What He Reveals Inside His Cave Is Stunning!

    Isolating one's self from the world can be seen by many as anti-social behavior but is it a bad thing if that time spent alone is used to create amazing works of art?

    movies & tv

    How Does ‘The Walking Dead’ End? (Spoiler Prediction) Everyone Dies

    If the past history of zombie movies proves anything, it's this: everyone on 'The Walking Dead' will eventually die. Everyone.


    8 Weird Ways to Decorate with Turkeys for Thanksgiving

    Get a little weird with your DIY Thanksgiving decorations this year.


    The OTHER ‘Game of Thrones’ Series You’ve Never Seen...

    Want to know how "Game of Thrones" ends? Watch this other finished series based on the same story.


    20 Things That Will Inevitably Happen When You Go To Walmart

    Welcome to the classiest place on the planet.


    This Little Boy Drew Something On The Floor. And When I Realized What It Was, It Left Me Speechless.

    The video above is heartwrenching and beautiful. It follows a little boy gathering chalk to draw something on the floor. It seems like a regular story about a regular kid just --- BEING A KID but as the video progresses it becomes something much deeper than it first appears to be.


    18 Painful Reminders That Spelling Is Very, Very Important.

    Grab a dictionary and hang on for dear life.


    14 Slime-tastic Moments that Lead to Nickelodeon Becoming a Children's Powerhouse

    In 1984, NICK was the lowest-rated channel in all of cable TV. Then something incredible happened... 


    Shocking Video Proves Rocky Ended The Cold War!

    This genius "30 for 30" parody explains what would have happened if Rocky IV was real. 


    Most Muppets Are Left-Handed, And 11 Other Things You Didn't Know About Them

    They're huge movie and TV stars, but there's still a lot you don't know about the Muppets.


    Most People Don't Know the 17 Highest-Paid Supermodels in the World

    Gisele Bundchen, the unquestioned modeling queen of the world, is about to hang it up, but there are plenty of other supermodels drawing super paychecks.


    13 Famous Plays Shakespeare Surprisingly Copied from Other Writers

    Shakespeare was a great writer, but he was also pretty great at copying the work of other writers.


    16 Feelings That Literally Everyone On Earth Understands

    Who knew that humanity could be summed up so easily?


    Little Girl Waves To A Stranger From A Car. What He Does Saves Her Life!

    Thanks to the swift thinking of Steve Adams of Murrow County, Ohio, this little girl is safe and sound after her mother was murdered and she was taken...


    9 Terrifyingly Real Curses and How to Avoid Becoming Their Latest Victim

    Have you ever sang Frank Sinatra at karaoke? If so, you might already be cursed according to some. And that's not even the craziest one. 


    17 Foodie-Maniacs Who Love Burritos More Than You

    The amount of time, money, effort and physical pain people spend to prove their carnitas love is a little...disturbing to say the least. 


    10 Things Fans Want to See in the New ‘Star Trek’ Series

    "Star Trek" fans ave lots of high hopes for the upcoming TV series.


    Why One Guy is Related to Every Single European Royal

    His name is John William Friso. He was the Prince of Orange, and the ancestor to every single current monarch in Europe. It's actually even weirder than it sounds.


    This Video Is Proof That You Can Be An Incredibly Talented Dancer At Any Size.

    When it comes to dancing body size usually plays a pivotal role? Or does it? I thought it did till I saw blogger and radio producer Whitney Thore dancing. She's pretty good actually.


    He Pours Expandable Foam Into An Abandoned Car. The Result Will Stun You!

    A man in Lithuania has managed to take foam and create a masterpeice. 


    13 Friday-the-13th Facts That Will Make You Think Twice

    Good news! If you are reading this, you haven't died yet. Let's celebrate by learning about the day that is always trying to kill you. 


    16 Wild But True Facts About the World's Most Famous Stripper (NSFW)

    Carol Doda has died at age 78. In the 1960s, she helped take stripping out of the shadowy margins of American society and gained worldwide fame as a topless dancer. Here are some incredible outtakes from a truly original life.


    17 Animals With Attitude Who Really Need You To Just NOT

    These sassy critters have just about it had it with you.


    The National Turkey: What Ben Franklin's America Would Look Like

    Here’s what would have happened if the turkey was America's national bird, like Ben Franklin wanted.


    14 Failing Business Logos That Shouldn't Be Allowed To Exist

    How can these awfully named busineses still be on their feet?


    This Rock Legend Wants to Weld You a Gate

    You will never guess the titan of rock 'n' roll behing that mask. 


    12 Idiotic Coworkers You Would Fire If you Had the Power

    After my heart starts, I will kill you. 


    They're Pest-Free Anyway: 13 Fruits and Vegetables That Don't Need to Be Organic

    We want to eat more fruits and vegetables. We want to eat organic. But organic is way more expensive. Surprisingly, there are several vegetables where it's OK to buy nonorganic, saving you money, and still get clean food. So while apples, strawberries, lettuce and many other foods are better organic, here's a few pesticide-proof foods.


    10 True Facts That Prove Dolphins Are Evil

    Dolphins may look adorable and flip around in cute ways, but they're really mean animals.


    Why Al Bundy Is The Best TV Dad Ever

    Count the reasons why Al Bundy was TV's best dad


    10 Deadly Dangerous Roads You Would Never Want To Drive On

    I live in Trinidad and I have seen some really dangerous roads that meander through steep and scary mountainsides but the roads in the video above are a different level altogether.


    19 Notes Too Damn Passive Aggressive For Their Own Good

    Because nothing says "I'm a mature adult" like leaving an overly passive aggressive note.


    The Biggest Remote Controlled Airbus Flies At Airshow In Switzerland. AMAZING.

    What are some of the things that you can do in eight months and 5000 hours? You can write a book, learn a new skill or even get fit. The possibilities are endless. Peter Michel however used that exact same time to create an incredible model of an Airbus A-380 to fly at an airshow in Switzerland.


    13 Pepperoni-Powered Insights That Will Change the Way You Eat Pizza Forever

    Everything you know about pizza is wrong. Where it came from, which country eats the most of it, even the idea that you CAN'T put banana on it. 


    17 Horribly Designed Products That Should Be Thrown In A Fire

    And just fire the marketing team well you're at it!

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