This Fearless 15-Year-Old Dancer Gets Called Out And Handles It Like A Boss


When this guy calls you out, you'd better be completely ready to step up...

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11 Times When 'The Simpsons' Eerily Predicted The Future

Is it all a coincidence, or can 'The Simpsons' writers see into the future? We'll leave it up to you.


The 24 Coolest Things That Happened on the Fourth of July (That Didn't Involve Fireworks)

From the Declaration of Independence to the laying of the cornerstone of the Freedom Tower, there have been some momentous happenings on the Fourth of July. Heard of the battle of the dying Presidents? The time we had two July Fourths in one year? Read on...


A Surprise At The Movie Theater Had This Aussie Woman Doubled Over With Tears Of Joy

A Surprise At The Movie Theater Had This Woman Doubled Over With Tears Of Joy


His Girlfriend Requested He Get Rid Of His Dog. He Posted This Ad On Craigslist – And It’s Brilliant!

This post has been going viral lately on the internet, and after reading it you'll understand why!


24 Freedom-tastic Reasons Why America Is The Best Darn Country Ever

It's that time of the year when freedom rings, fireworks ignite, and stars and stripes appear on literally everything​.


14 Patriotically Puzzling Facts About The History of Uncle Sam

Such as the fact that he was based on a real person and had a horrific run-in with Isaac Hayes once. 


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    17 Mixed Messages That Got Totally Lost In Translation

    These are more confusing than instructions from IKEA. Who even knew that that was possible?


    13 Classic Disney Movies Surprisingly Based on Books

    We're not just talking about the obvious ones like...The Jungle Book, either. 


    They Fell In Love As Children, And Now Sam Has An Amazing Surprise For Her

    They fell in love at the age of 10. Now, all these years later, Sam has an amazing surprise for her...


    7 Patriotic Geniuses Totally Not Getting Taken to the Emergency Room

    Discover the one obvious fact that all fireworks-related injuries have in common.


    17 Supreme Court Decisions That Changed the Way We Live

    The Judicial branch of the federal government has defined our country's character  -- arguably even more than the other two branches of government. For unlike laws passed by Congress or executive orders by the President, decision by the Supreme Court carry a moral weight. Here's a look at some of their biggest decisions.


    This Couple’s Wedding Cake Had Absolutely No Decorations, But It Blew Everyone Away

    This couple clearly went all out! All the proof is in the pudding -- I mean, the CAKE! Hats off to them for getting married with "Happily Ever After" in mind!


    22 People Who Need To Log Out Of Facebook Forever

    At this point, it might just be better to have their accounts deactivated. At least it'll save them from more humiliation.


    20 Hungry People Who May Love Food Just A Little Bit Too Much

    Just kidding. We all know that it's impossible to love food too much.


    12 Transgender Celebrities Who Were Famous Years Before Caitlyn Jenner

    They were born men, but became famous women. Transgender people have been World War II veterans, Bond girls, international models and TV and movie stars. Would you believe one is from 60+ years ago?


    17 Befuddled Folks Who Are A Little Bit Slow On The Uptake

    Have you ever met someone that just flat out doesn't get it? It doesn't even matter what "it" is, they're going to be confused regardless.


    13 Gut-Wrenching Times Twinkies Jumped the Shark and Went Too Far

    Sometimes we think life was better when Twinkies died a few years ago. 


    Police Officer Distracting A Little Girl After Fatal Accident Captured In Tragic Photo

    One passerby called 911 and while she waited she captured the photo above... a glimmer of hope.


    The Unbelievable Reason 'Oregon Trail' Became THE Game of 80s/90s Childhood

    Much like the actual journey, the invention of every 80s/90s kid's favorite educational game was fraught with setbacks, difficulty and snakebites. 


    7 Surprising Reasons Gay Marriage Will Trigger an Economic Boom

    Experts are predicting billions of dollars from the new law. 


    Kid With Cerebral Palsy Runs A Race. What The Other Students Do Will Melt Your Heart.

    I found a video that may restore your faith in humanity so much that nothing else the internet can throw at you today will be able to destroy it.


    27 Insights Into What Your Choice of Fireworks Say About You

    Just because you have a rocket  doesn't mean you are a rocket scientist.


    16 Shockingly Bad, Worst Job Interview Horror Stories

    Has a job interview ever been so bad that you had to just up and leave? Don't worry, you're not alone!


    15 Surprisingly Unusual Wedding Traditions from Around the World

    Something old, something new, something evil, Check out the most unusual wedding traditions from around the world!


    Meet Luhu, The Perpetually Depressed Cat You Didn't Know You Wanted

    Move over, Grumpy Cat. The latest feline superstar sports an adorably sad expression and we're kind of obsessed.


    25 Failing Architects Who Obviously Need To Get New Jobs

    We can't all be superstars at work. That being said, most of us don't have jobs that could result in someone's death.


    11 Totally True, 100% Not Made Up Facts About Old-School Beaches

    FACT: Nearly 500,000 beachgoers were eaten by lobsters in 1932 alone. 


    She Sat Quietly Waiting For A Flight When The Stranger Next To Her Did Something Astonishing

    While Lindsey was waiting at the airport, she gets the surprise of her life!


    13 Eye-Popping Impressions of the Artist Who Influenced Space Travel

    You haven’t heard of Chesley Bonestell. He wasn’t a scientist, inventor or adventurer. And yet this man was one of the biggest inspirations of the American space program.


    21 Insanely Lucky People Who Should Really Start Playing The Lottery

    Get yourself some scratch-off tickets, because the universe clearly looks favorably on you.


    13 Absurd Items That Etsy Has Deemed 'Illegal'

    Bad news, wizards and witches, Etsy has banned magic spells. Turns out, that's not even the weirdest thing the craft site has outlawed. 


    They Put A Pre-School In A Nursing Home, And It Changed Everyone's Life

    I'm shocked. I personally think that this is a revolutionary idea... What do you think after seeing this?


    22 Terrible Off-Brands That Need To Be Put Out Of Their Misery

    Are these marketing teams honestly even trying anymore?


    Wacky Visual Aid Proves Portland Police are Okay with Marijuana

    This chart might even be too kooky for even a 'Portlandia' skit.


    These Guys Walk On Stage Wearing Only Pans. When They Lift Their Arms, I Lost It!

    I've seen a lot of crazy stuff on reality TV talent competitions lately, but none had me more on the edge than this one performed by a French comedian duo!


    9 Exotic Places to Put on Your Bucket List Now

    Yeah, it's easy to go to Paris, Rome, Tokyo or Bangkok. Even more exotic places as Mt. Everest or Machu Picchu have become common tourist destinations. So here are 9 you might not necessarily have thought of.


    13 Kooky People Who Love That Paper Cup from the 90s Waaaay Too Much

    90s nostalgia has never seemed more bizarre than # 9.


    11 Slackers Way Too Determined to Relax This Summer

    Apparently, it's a crime to nap on couches now?


    13 Embarassing Baseball Names That Will Make You Cringe

    Saying these two ballplayers' names might get your mouth washed out with soap. 


    18 People Who Are Actually Having The Worst Summer Ever

    For some people, summer means cookouts, pool parties, and relaxing. For others, it just means pain. Lots and lots of pain.


    You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat -- 17 Surprising Facts About 'Jaws,' Which Just Turned 40

    "Jaws," the film that made Steven Spielberg an in demand director and changed summer movies forever, was released 40 years ago... Here's how it became an American classic!


    19 Reminders That 'The Old Days' Were Actually Really Freaking Terrifying

    Take off the rose-tinted glasses, everyone. You're in for a bumpy ride.


    20 Puzzling Pictures Will Make You Question Everything You See

    This takes the meaning of "Life is all about perspective" to entirely new levels.


    23 Times That Craigslist Was Too Weird, Even For The Internet

    The Internet is a magical one-stop-shop for anything and everything. Craigslist...not so much.


    11 Most Unforgivable Flops in Video Game History

    Is Shaq guilty for the game world's worst game? Or Gilligan? Or even Earth's biggest burger joint? Not even close. 


    These Two Go Flying. What Joins Them In The Air Made My Jaw Drop.

    From the moment I saw this stowaway, I knew something EPIC was about to go down... STEP ASIDE TOM CRUISE!!


    13 Bizarre Signs That Kinda, Sorta Make You Want to Investigate

    This isn't even the least legit of the bunch. 


    Dads Hook Their Kids Up To Lie Detectors And Ask Questions No Father Should Ever Know. (For Their Own Good, Really.)

    Father's Day has come and gone, but being a father isn't a one day event. These dads might regret hooking their kids up to a Lie Detector... Be careful what you wish for!


    8 Surprising Photos that Prove Tampa's Airport Staff has Huge Hearts

    The staff took one little boy's lost toy on an unforgettable adventure before returning it. 


    Promising An Act Never Seen Before – They Left Everyone Completely Awestruck

    This was definitely something that I have never seen before.


    18 People Who Are Having The Roughest Morning Ever

    The morning after a long night out can be excruciating. But hey, at least you've (probably) never had it quite as bad as any of these people.


    8 Most Star-Studded 'Conquests' By Peter O'Toole

    The acting legend (pictured with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton) was a renowned drinker, but a new book has evidence that he was one of the biggest womanizers in Hollywood, too.


    11 Unpredictable Pixar Facts Moviegoers Never Knew

    Why is Cliff from Cheers in every movie? The answer might surprise you. 


    An Emotional Jon Stewart Drops the Comedy to Talk Charleston

    Jon Stewart took a night off from his usual joking to send a serious message to his viewers and America. The video is going viral on social media.


    200 Years Ago, Napoleon Met His Waterloo! These 12 Facts Changed the World

    The Battle of Waterloo was one of the shortest and bloodiest battles in history. Here are a few other facts that reshaped the world as we know it...


    8 Surprising Insights About James Bond's Drinking Habits

    One super Bond fan tallied every drink in every movie and found some boozy surprises -- like which Bond preferred a hip flask of bourbon and which movie was the booziest.


    'Mama Mia! Mama Mia!' 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Like You've Never Heard it Before

    Queen + 110-year-old pipe organ = pure magic. 


    He Saluted This Marine, But It Was What He Did After That Made Me Cry.

    This is one salute that they will never forget...


    8 Famed Broadcasters Forced Out by Scandal

    NBC's verdict is in on Brian Williams: Although he will not be fired for lying about his role in reporting certain stories, he will be demoted to MSNBC. Here are 8 notable broadcasters who were forced out or suspended because of controversy.


    He Walks Up To A Homeless Veteran And Rips Up His Sign. His Next Move Is Even More Shocking.

    I'm not going to spoil this by telling you everything about it, but what I will say is that it's MAGICAL!


    Bus Driver Notices Strange Passenger And Child, Then He Sees The Terrifying Truth.

    You never know what you might discover if you just pay attention in life...


    She Soaked A Bright Ball Of Yarn In Glue - When It Dries, The Result Shocked Even Me.

    You can give the kids back their big bouncy ball because there is no way that they're going to break THIS!


    8 Amazing Slow Cooker Recipes That Are Sure to Impress!

    Who knew you could make these things in a crock pot? Time to get your Midwest on!


    18 Bizarre Businesses You Didn't Know Donald Trump Owned

    The only thing the presidential candidate and billionaire seemingly hasn't endorsed are hair care products (Wonder why?). 


    9 Facts About the Magna Carta, Which Turns 800 This Month

    You might not know it, but this document signed on June 15, 1215 in England has dramatically affected your life. Here's why you need a framed replica in your house. 


    11 Iconic Performances by Christopher Lee - R.I.P.

    The British legend, who would be on any Mt. Rushmore of fantasy, horror and science fiction actors, has died at 93. He played Dracula, a Bond villain, and was in the "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings" franchises. What a career!


    15 All-Out Themed Baby Nurseries Designed by Crazy Parents

    Do nursery themes influence a child's interests? These parents weren't taking any chances. 


    18 Easygoing Grown Ups Who Totally Have This "Adult" Thing Down

    Don't grow up. It's a trap. A very stressful, expensive trap.


    11 Depressing 'G.I. Joe' Facts That Might Ruin Your Childhood

    Probably the only multi-million dollar cartoon property ever conceived at a urinal, among other atrocities. 


    23 Tweets That Every Single Person Will Find Relatable

    Some feelings in life are universal. Joy, sadness, excitement, and the sense of impending doom when you hear a noise in the shower.


    Hold On To Your Lunch - This Camera Fell to Earth in Dazzling Fashion

    If you can avoid feeling seasick, this video is one of the most beautiful things you'll see all day.


    9 Insanely Awesome Summer Camps That Didn't Exist When You Were a kid

    There are secret agent camps, robotics camps and, yes, even Hollywood stunt camps. 


    9 Reasons You Should Love Ornette Coleman (Even If You Hate Jazz)

    The musical legend who died Thursday played a plastic saxophone, employed a 10-year-old drummer, and lived a life we should all remember fondly: the life of a true rebel. 


    8 Radical Reasons This Restaurant Axed Tipping and Turned a Profit

    One Pittsburgh restaurant turned its business upside down by getting rid of tips, instituting salaries for servers and kitchen staff, as well as stock options. Then things got really crazy. 


    Is Pepsi Bringing Back History's Weirdest Soda?

    Hint: It was clear and tasted sorta like Pepsi and we all thought it was gone for good. 


    11 Things You Need to Pack Before Rowing Across the Pacific Ocean

    Sonya Baumstein has left Japan in her rowboat headed for San Francisco. She hopes to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. Here's what she packed.


    A Restaurant Refuses To Serve This Homeless Man, He Returns Minutes Later And Shows Them Up

    All he wanted was a bite to eat, but as you can see from the video -- he had the last laugh…


    Her Dad Died Months Before Her Wedding. What Her Brother Did Shocked Her And Made Everyone Cry.

    The internet is known for a lot of things, but every so often you come across a video that just takes your breath away...


    6-Year-Old Girl Wins The Internet With Sassy Aretha Franklin Dance

    The internet simply loves this little girl's sassy Aretha Franklin dance.


    22 Animals Trying (And Adorably Failing) To Confront Their Fears

    Animals are afraid of things too! Will our furry friends be able to conquer their fears?


    Mom Withdraws From A Bank ATM. What The Hidden Camera Catches Will Warm Your Heart

    Giving back to the people who helped you grow goes a long way.


    18 Beautiful Bouquet Tosses That Turned Brutal Real Quick

    The heels are off, the earrings are put away, and the game faces are on. The bouquet toss is no joke.


    9 Amazing Images Prove Kids Did One Thing Much Better 100 Years Ago

    You'll be pleasantly shocked by one Oklahoma school's time capsule discovery. 


    11 of Playmobil's Worst Crimes Against (Toy) Humanity

    Subtitle: "Welcome to the world's most boring toys." 


    Epic Water Fight Images to Get You Pumped for Summer

    Is there any better way to cool down from the summer heat than throwing water in the face of your friends?


    10 of the BEST Mac and Cheese Recipes Pinterest Has to Offer

    How to take everyone's favorite comfort food to the next level. 


    24 People Who Need To Get Their Names Changed Immediately

    Why name your child something boring when you could name them after a shampoo, an alcohol, or a bodily fluid?


    18 Roller Coaster 'Photobombs' that Nobody Was Expecting

    If you are going to wait over an hour in line to ride a roller coaster, I guess you'd better make it worth it... like these lunatics!


    20 Truly Terrifying Things That Will Make You Scream "NOPE!"

    I can handle lions and tigers and bears. Snakes, spiders, and gross sodas? Not so much.


    18 Types Of People Who Are Not To Be Trusted

    I just can't put my faith in a person that dips their cookies in orange juice. Who hurt you?


    21 Geniuses Totally Failing at Summer

    So many ways to 'not be that guy' this season. 

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