5 Facts That Make College Worth the Cost


Every individual is different. But in the end, education is the key to success. 


17 Suicides That Shocked the Movie World

We were sad to hear of the tragic suicide of Sawyer Sweeten (above right, with sister Madylin and twin brother Sullivan, all of whom starred in "Everybody Loves Raymond"). He was, alas, only the latest special talent to leave us too soon. 


17 Entertainingly Ridiculous Reasons Why Kids Won't Eat Their Food

"Mommy, this spaghetti is too noodle-y. I can't eat this."


10 Things to Know: Monday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Monday.


25 Things Guaranteed To Make You Say "Really?"

Some people just have no shame when it comes to posting things on social media. 


5 Reasons to be Happy Tim Tebow is Back in the NFL

Tim Tebow recently joined the Philadelphia Eagles. There are dozens of internet memes on the media frenzy over it, but here are reasons fans should just be happy!


11 Awful 90s Haircuts Bound to Make a Comeback

Once the current trediness of retro 80s style wears off, you can bet things like this will (gulp) become cool again. 


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    6 Inspiring Images of the Bravest Girls in Afghanistan

    When bicycle riding for girls was forbidden in their country, these young ladies found an incredible alternative. 


    23 Pictures Proving That Life In Dubai Is Actually Insane

    A gold-plated Lamborghini driving by with a lion hanging his face out of the window? Just another day in Dubai.


    17 Sunburns That You Definitely Need To Avoid This Summer

    The summer sun will be here before you know it! Remember to bust out the sunscreen so that you don't end up like these peeling people.


    Obama's Angry Man

    Yup, it's the annual White House Correspondents' dinner. With no more elections to win, this was a good one.


    Bruce Jenner Officially Lets Hair Down: 'I'm a Woman'

    Bruce Jenner was once hailed as the greatest athlete in the world and later became a reality television star with one of the world’s most famous families. Now, the former Olympian is revealing a secret that has caused him turmoil for decades.


    The 12 Most Awesome Coaching Rants Ever -- And 2 Hall of Shamers

    On Monday, Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price added to the great legion of epic rants, dropping the F-Bomb 77 times. So let's look back at the Dirtiest Dozen over the last 40 years. Warning: Bad language abounds!


    6 Real Micronations You Can Join Immediately (Or Start Your Own!)

    Fed up with your own country? It's rather easy to get citizenship to a micronation. In fact, you can start your own micronation and become the ruler of your domain.


    27 Seniors With Hilariously Perfect Yearbook Quotes

    Another round of future world leaders, doctors, and lawyers is about to take the plunge into the real world. We may be in trouble...


    11 Riveting Facts About Norman Rockwell's 'Rosie'

    After the recent passing of the iconic image's model, Mary Doyle Keefe, it's time to uncover some surprising facts about the painting. 


    21 Forgotten Fast Food Items That Should (or Should Not) Make a Comeback

    Who's hungry for McSpaghetti or Taco Bell's bizarre seafood taco salad?


    8 Blockbusters Hilariously Re-imagined as Cheesy VHS Tapes

    This artist wins our award for Most Hilarious Guy on the Internet Today. 


    Are Strippers at Funerals Really Now a Thing in China?

    Chinese authorities bared the details of their latest anti-vice sweep: a campaign to halt the hiring of strippers at funerals, which has apparently become increasingly common in rural areas.


    23 Things That Are Definitely, Positively, 100% Super Legit

    Even the most gullible of people aren't naive enough to believe these. I hope.


    16 Stunning 'Full House' Facts That Fans Never Knew

    Netflix plans on rebooting the 90s sitcom, so it's time to rediscover some things...like how the dog was its most accomplished actor. 


    21 Workers And The Facebook Posts That Got Them Fired

    Otherwise known as "21 Reasons To NEVER Accept Your Boss's Friend Request".


    9 Quick Impressions of Earth Day 2015

    Earth Day began in 1970. Wait 'til you see what that guy in Brooklyn did in 2015! 


    23 Hairstyles That Should Absolutely Not Exist, But Do

    The art of doing one's hair has taken a weird, weird turn. 


    26 Books That You Definitely Need On Your Coffee Table

    The days of dull magazines and boring newspapers are over. These books are the perfect conversation starters.


    The 14 Oddest Jobs of Willie Nelson's Career

    Now that Willie will be selling his weed in Washington and Colorado, it's a good time to look back at his oddball resume.


    16 Hilariously Generic Store Brand Sodas to Avoid

    You will not find a more creative section of the grocery store than the knock-off soda spot where Dr. Pop and Mountain Shoutin' reside. 


    7 Creative Spring Date Ideas to Warm Things Up

    Time to wake up from your winter movie-night-in hibernation and go on dates!


    15 Works By Graffiti Artist Banksy You HAVE to See

    Banksy has been shocking the world with his graffiti for years. Sometimes creepy, sometimes jarring, but always beautiful in a way, here are 15 of his creations you HAVE to see.


    18 Heartwarming Before And After Adoption Photos

    I guess those horribly depressing Sarah McLachlan commercials really work!


    20 Friendly Reminders That Your Cat Absolutely Hates You

    Cats are physically incapable of showing actual affection. Luckily, they seem to tolerate us humans.


    18 Board Games That Prove How Weird the 80s Really Were

    It's all here: Vanilla Ice, Mr. T and a vampire game that actually bit your finger. Totally radical. 


    9 Best Beards in Baseball this Spring

    Here are 9 reasons to take in America's favorite past-time, baseball fan or not.


    8 Actors Who Died Shocking Deaths During Filming of Their Last Movie ...

    Paul Walker wasn't the first, but he's the latest. Earlier, we had 7 actors who died before their last completed films were released. This time, we look at 8 who died during filming -- including a father and son -- and how directors tried to complete a film with their stars' incomplete performances.


    16 People Who Are In For A Weird, Weird Weekend

    Lazy weekend drinking wine and watching Netflix? Not for these folks!


    Eat Like a Jetson! Robo-Chefs About to Hit Market

    Just like in the classic cartoons, home robots may soon by flipping our flapjacks with shockingly lifelike results. 


    14 Baby Names That Will Make You Lose Faith in Humanity

    Discover how the name "I'munique" isn't so special after all and 13 other forehead-slappers. 


    The 9 Inevitable Stages Of Finding A New Place To Live

    Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, right? Oh wait, that's for something easier...


    11 Delicious Bacon Recipes You Need In Your Life Right Now

    Southern Living recently released a "Bacon Makes Everything Better" list of 50 amazing recipes


    16 Puppies Who Picked A Fight With A Bee (And Lost)

    Bite first and ask questions later may not be the best motto to live by.


    7 Sleepy Things to Know Before NASA Pays You to be Lazy

    NASA is paying big bucks for people to do nothing but lie in bed for a couple months. Strings attached? Oh, you could say that. 


    11 Hilarious, 90s-tastic Moments from That Viral 'Sizzler' Video

    There are some good reasons this 24-year old commercial has earned sudden internet notoriety. All of them delightfully kooky.


    23 Pictures That Won't Make Any Sense To Today's Teens

    There are high schoolers who have no concept of the entire 20th century. Let that sink in for a second.


    11 Unusual Must-Do Activities In Washington D.C.

    Tired of seeing the National Mall and the Capitol Building for the umpteenth time? Here are some off the beaten path, but must-see, sites our capitol city has to offer. 


    20 Spring Babies Who Are Almost Too Cute to Handle

    Celebrating warmer weather with heartwarming pictures of these little guys.


    18 Celebrities Caught In Distressingly Awkward Fan Photos

    Regular people can't be photogenic 100% of the time, so why should celebrities?


    7 Amazing Bites That Made The Picasso of Squirrels

    All it takes is a pumpkin and a hungry tree-dwelling critter. 


    13 Hilariously Bizarre (But Real!) Times Costco Went Too Far

    Featuring The Nutella Workout and other oddities. 


    The Killing of Abraham Lincoln: 4 'Other' Facts Revealed

    150 years ago, America's 16th president was shot dead. Lincoln's legacy lives on, but few know most of these other details from that final night...


    11 Refreshing Cocktails to Sip Through Springtime

    Spring is here! Time to put the fresh fruit and cold beverages to good use. 


    17 People Who Clearly Have Life All Figured Out

    Life goals - to be as effortlessly joyful as any single one of these people.


    19 Officers Proving Police Know How To Have Fun

    Cops aren't as crooked as you may believe. These officers just want to have a good time!

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    14 Important Moments That Shaped George R. R. Martin's Life

    Did you know his fascination with bloody plot twists goes back to the mysterious death of his pet turtle? 


    The 13 Absolute Worst 1st Pitches In Baseball History

    In honor baseball season finally being here, let's relive the most hilariously bad celebrity first pitches ever.


    9 Juicy White House Secrets From Tell-All Staffers

    You can probably guess which president got stitches after his wife hit him with a book, but do you know who was found swimming naked in the White House pool? 


    19 Effortlessly Awesome Kids Taking 'Cool' To New Levels

    Young, carefree, and more amazing than pretty much every adult in the world. 


    Cha-Ching! 6 Surprising Facts About TSA's 'Loose Change' Policy

    If you've ever forgotten your change at airport security, you are not alone. But you might be shocked by just how much cash is left behind each year and where it all goes. 

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