Survived: No. 1 Kentucky Holds Off Notre Dame 68-66


It was almost an upset for the ages by Notre Dame. Instead, the Wildcats (38-0) advanced to the Final Four in Indianapolis next week, where they will meet Wisconsin.


18 Of The Worst High-Five Fails In Human History

Is there anything truly worse than a high-five gone wrong? No. The answer is a definitive no.


A Rare Misstep by Pope?

Pope Francis's decision to appoint a Chilean bishop suspected of protecting a paedophile priest has alarmed the Vatican's own child protection watchdog.


16 Embarrassing Signs Mom 'Helped' with Your March Madness Party

Chicken wings, beer cards. Telltale sign tonight's basketball bash isn't buddies-only. 


Decorated Boston Cop in Coma

Officer John Moynihan, 34, is a former Army Ranger who served in Iraq, was honored at the White House and was one of the first responders following the April 2013 gunbattle with the Boston Marathon bombers.


al-Qaida Seizes Major City in Syria

Thay have nearly full control of the northwestern city of Idlib, a powerful blow to President Bashar Assad.


Who Will Succeed Harry Reid?

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's decision to retire next year leaves no clear successor in Nevada, where a popular Republican governor appears reluctant to change jobs and the pending loss of Reid's clout in Washington is causing anxiety over who might replace him.


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    Vandals Destroy Memorial to Murdered Russian Opposition Leader

    10 men in black stuffed flowers, photographs and candles into rubbish sacks leaving the bridge bare. Despite the proximity to the Kremlin, police did not intervene.


    13 Thrilling Illusions Will Absolutely Destroy Your Brain

    How am I supposed to trust other people when I can't even trust my own two eyes?


    Italy Clears Knox of Murder That Gripped the World

    taly's top court on Friday threw out Amanda Knox's conviction for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher, bringing a sensational end to an eight-year legal drama,


    GOP: Clinton Wiped E-mail Server 'Clean'

    "We learned today, from her attorney, Secretary Clinton unilaterally decided to wipe her server clean and permanently delete all emails from her personal server," House Benghazi Committee chairman Trey Gowdy said.


    20 Simple People Who Just Plain Don't Get It you're telling me that the FBI is a real thing? What are you going to say next, that the Titanic isn't just a movie?


    Swedish MPs meet Snowden

    Three Swedish members of parliament met with the fugitive U.S. intelligence agent at a secret location in Moscow to discuss mass surveillance.


    Indiana 'Religious Freedom' Law Triggers Gay Rights Fury

    Supporters of gay rights united in outrage Friday after the Hoosier state adopted a law critics say would allow businesses to deny service to homosexuals on religious grounds.


    Epic Project Finally Proves Who Killed More Villains - Stallone or Schwarzenegger?

    Ever wonder how many bad guys Hollywood's biggest heroes have offed? It's a lot and these videos show each and every one of them. 


    Why Hasn't a Japan PM Addressed Congress Before This?

    British, South Korean and German leaders have been invited multiple times. So have two Liberian presidents and a Latvian one -- more than 100 invitations overall since the war. So why not Japan?


    21 Strange Streets That Need To Be Renamed Immediately

    "Yeah I'm at the corner of Inyo Ave. and Butte St. No, mom, I'm being serious. Stop yelling."


    Oil Market Jumps on Yemen Unrest

    World oil prices rose sharply this week as Saudi Arabian jets struck rebel targets in Yemen, sparking fresh supply fears in the crude-rich Middle East.


    Victims' Hometown 'Angry', 'Shocked' by Apparent Mass Murder by Plane

    Investigators believe the 28-year-old co-pilot of the Germanwings jet, Andreas Lubitz, had deliberately slammed a jet into the French Alps, killing himself and the other 149 people on board.


    In Yemen, U.S. Gambles on Saudis as Sectarian War Looms

    Despite the risks, and with negotiations on Tehran's nuclear program at a crucial moment, President Obama endorsed air strikes by a coalition of Gulf countries against Iranian-backed Huthi rebels in Yemen.


    Oh No! 'Downton Abbey' to End After 6 Seasons

    The period drama, which follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants in the early 20th century, averaged a weekly audience of 11 million viewers in Britain alone.


    7 Unexpectedly Funny, Not-So-Shining Moments from March Madness (So Far...)

    Including tearful piccolo players, phone calls to Jesus and one EXTREMELY confident Kentucky fan.


    How Many Elephants Does it Take to Rescue a Truck?

    The answer: Two. The resulting photos are amazing. 


    Scott Walker Walking Immigration Tightrope

    The two-term Wisconsin governor has consistently opposed what he calls "amnesty" for immigrants in the country illegally, but his definition of amnesty has "evolved." Some in the GOP are furious.


    Busted: Chicago Cousins Planned Terrorist Attack

    An Illinois Army National Guard soldier vowed to bring “the flames of war to the heart” of America; his cousin bragged he could kill up to 150 people.


    US Jobless Claims Fall

    New claims for US unemployment insurance benefits fell last week, continuing to trend lower as the labor market improves.


    Subway Sex Attacker Arrested After Victim's Online Campaign

    In her emotional online appeal, Elissa Lopez said it was important to tell her story. "I'm tired of being afraid," she said, doling out words of advice to other survivors of similar assaults.


    Meet the Contenders to Dan Coats' Senate Seat

    With his retirement a seat will be up for grabs in 2016. See here the most likely candidates to run for his seat.


    Yankees, Cowboys Are Most Valued U.S. Sports Teams

    Forbes says the Yankees and Cowboys are worth $3.2 billion. But they arent as valuable as Real Madrid.


    27 Parents Trying (And Failing) To Console Their Devastated 'Directioner' Daughters

    Zayn Malik, of ultra-popular boy band "One Direction", has announced that he's left the group. Teenage girls, who we all know are the most stable members of society, aren't taking it well.


    21 Animals With Truly Terrible Decision Making Skills

    Survival is the name of the game in the animal world. Unfortunately, it looks like some of our domesticated friends have forgotten their instincts.


    21 Surprisingly True Facts From 'The X-Files'

    The X-Files is returning to TV, so it's time to learn more about David Duchovny's cross-dresser beginnings and how one spinoff show eerily predicted 9/11. 


    25 Photos Proving That Timing Is Literally Everything

    The well-timed snap of a lens can turn the mundane into the hilariously extraordinary. These perfect pictures are proof!


    17 Ridiculous and Totally Real Specialty Plates in Texas

    From burgers, to sodas, to classy barbed wire motifs, Texas' license plates have to be seen to be believed. 


    14 Far Fetched Fights That Inanimate Objects Actually Won

    It turns out that you can still win a fight even though you can't move, fight back, or even be alive!


    11 Strange Picks for the 'Cool Nerds' College Rankings

    Sadly, the Nerds' Adams College didn't make the cut, but that doesn't mean there weren't some surprises. 

    movies & tv

    20 Knock-Off Films That Could Be Better Than The Originals

    You can keep your dumb Harry Potter movies. I'll be watching The Adventures of Chris Fable instead.


    15 Fearless Fathers At The Mercy Of Their Child's Fashion Sense

    Because every day is Halloween when you have an expressive toddler.


    Discover the Most Deliciously Popular Beers Around the Globe

    If you've ever wondered what North Korea's top mug of ale is, today's your lucky day. 


    10 GIFs That Suggest the House Judiciary Committee is Either Nuts or Brilliant

    See the wacky press release that went viral that features GIFs from Brittney Spears, Emma Stone and the Little Mermaid.  


    5 Real Life Things Even the Best College Can't Prepare You For

    You think those 4 years prepared you for life? Think again.


    25 Sorrowful Students In Desperate Need Of A Break

    Overworked, overstressed, and just plain over it. These students are in desperate need of summer.


    24 People Who Truly Take Laziness To The Next Level

    We're not supposed to reward slothful behavior, but these resourceful acts of apathy are just flat-out impressive.


    Finally, Science Proves Who Was a Funnier Fed Chief

    This brilliant website combed the fed for laughs and pitted Greenspan against Bernanke in terms of joke telling. 


    16 Bizarre Facts About Brooklyn's New Preschool for Grownups

    No, that's not a Portlandia skit. 


    19 Kids Who Really Regret Getting On That Roller Coaster

    Whoever decided to put photo stations on children's roller coasters deserves some kind of award.


    13 Wildest Underdog Stories in NCAA Tournament History

    Will this be the year a #16 seed upsets a #1? While we wait and see we can take a look at the tourney's craziest underdogs. 


    6 Stunning Photos from 'The Last Great Race On Earth'

    The Iditarod is known as The Last Great Race on Earth. It lasts 9-15 days and stretches over 1,000 miles. Check out the most beautiful images captured. 


    8 Great Alternatives To Bumming It On The Beach This Summer

    These are, hands down, the best options for your next vacation if lounging around near an ocean is starting to sound a little too routine?


    4 Ridiculously Easy Steps to Start Shedding A Few Extra Pounds

    Losing a few pounds has never been simpler.


    20 Of The Most Unbelievable Feats Of (Un)Athleticism Ever

    Do yourself a favor and leave anything even a little physically demanding to the professionals. 


    17 Readers Caught With Truly Awkward Book Choices

    A person reading in public is generally viewed as intelligent and sophisticated. That is, unless they're thumbing through Playboy.


    13 Strange Steps That Brought Robert Durst Into Custody

    The bizarre life that has led to one of the most sensational murder cases in recent history. 


    18 Moms And Dads Who Probably Need To Get It Together

    Some parents have some..."questionable" techniques when it comes to raising kids.


    25 Pictures Prove That Humanity Is Pretty Much Doomed

    You'd think that billions of years of evolution would have resulted in some widespread intelligence and common sense. You'd be wrong.


    Revisit MTV's Most Hilarious Crib, 14 Years Later...

    Take a side-by-side look at Redman's hilarious bachelor pad then and now, including what happened to his "dollar box".


    Watch Stunning, Record-Setting Video of Eagle in Dubai

    This gut-wrenching, adrenaline-pumping video let's you pretend to be an eagle, and all for a good cause. 


    7 Serious Women to Keep an Eye on for 2016

    Is there really more than just Hillary...?


    21 Of The Best/Worst Drunken St. Patrick's Day Disasters

    Time to bust out your fake accents, dye your hair red, and drink green beer until you can't see straight.


    18 Regrettable 'Irish Pride' Ink Pics for St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day decisions have never looked so awkward. 


    19 Unbelievable Animal Friendships Better Than Any Disney Duo

    Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. This is especially apparent in the world of weird animal friendships.


    13 Stunning Facts About the Flying Car You'll be Driving Soon

    Learn a few things about the flying machines that could be as prevalent as drones in a few years. 


    7 Reasons We Love Saint Patrick's Day

    What is it about this American-adopted holiday that we love so much?  Is it the booze? The parade? Let me tell you 7 lucky reasons..


    These 21 Wonderfully Satisfying Food Gifs Are Literal Eye Candy

    What's the only thing better than eating food? Why, watching how it gets made of course!

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