9 Fantastically Hilarious Musings From The Funny Guys of Full House

Posted: 1/30/2014 1:48:06 EST

Predictability is still alive and well

Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier, the men of Full House, stopped by Reddit to slay their fans with the comedic camaraderie they've always had along with insider info on what it’s like to be them. Stories about underwear are included.

Keeping The Memory Alive

What are your favorite memories from Full House?

Dave Coulier
I used to throw my underpants up in the air, on the roof of my dressing room, for Bob.

John Stamos
He would get them stuck in the rafters.

Years later, when Full House wrapped up, FRIENDS moved into the same stage, and I did a guest spot on FRIENDS, and Dave's underpants were still up there in the rafters.

Bob Saget
For all comedy shows ever shot there, forever, Dave's skids live on.

Anything for The Fans

Have you had any odd fan requests?

Dave Coulier
I had a guy once ask me to sign his butt cheek with a sharpie.

John Stamos
I was the guy who asked him.

Bob Saget
I was the desk they were leaning on to sign it.

Rocking The Mullet

What were the thoughts about John’s mullet?

Dave Coulier
Up close, it looked like a dead crow.

Bob Saget
I sometimes liked it better than John. It was nice and soft, and I would keep baby birds in it to save them.

Get Dirty

Were there ever any problems on set with Bob’s rumored affliction for telling dirty jokes?

John Stamos
The truth is, I actually think Dave is a little dirtier than Bob if you can believe that. And one time we almost got called up to the Principal's office.

I was never inappropriate around the twins like Bob and Dave, but we had a whole meeting to stop being so dirty on the set, and from that day on... actually nothing changed. 

Bob Saget
I didn't know the kids were watching the monitors, I just thought it was older crew, but I was wrong.

Full House Blooper Shenanigans

Laugh Out Loud

Any memorable pranks on the Full House set?

John Stamos
Sometimes we'd be doing a scene, and Dave was supposed to make an entrance, but he would come in not wearing his pants. Or he would be sitting in the bleachers.

Dave Coulier
I would sit in the bleachers and do this character that would drive my fellow actors nuts, where I would laugh too loud on purpose at their scenes.

Bob Saget
Dave would pretend to be the most LOVING and obnoxious fan of Full House. So when Jesse would be upset over something, Dave would go "Oh No! Jesse is upset! HAHAHA!"

Rumor Has It

Are the rumors true that you all get into character while in public to get reactions out of people?

Bob Saget
John and I were once in a bathroom at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, and a college kid came in there.

He was peeing next to us and we started talking in character as Jesse and Danny.

I turned to John and said in character, "How's it going Jess" and he said "It's going bad, Nicky and Alex won't sleep.”

John then said to me, "How's it going for you Danny" and I said "Oh, I'm having trouble, the ratings on Wake Up San Francisco are slipping" and THAT's when the guy peed all over himself.

It was beautiful.

How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck...

Do you still have Mr. Woodchuck, Dave?

Dave Coulier
I do still have the Mr. Woodchuck! And my yellow lab named Ranger ate his face.

Making It Mean Something

What was the magic behind Full House that made it work?

Dave Coulier
The girls were really MY children. Joey fathered all the girls.

Bob Saget
None of them looked anything like me but I liked them anyway.

John Stamos
What made the show so special, and it's still maybe one of the most important family shows in TV history, was that all 3 kids respected the parents unlike some of these other shows now.

We had respect for the kids and the kids always had respect for us and that's why the show is still as successful as it is 25 years later.

Bob Saget
Just to interject a little coda on that: it was conceived as a show for 12 year old girls and kids to watch with their families, and it was meant to be a show for kids.

The dialogue was written as a fantasy of how kids could rule the roost, even though they had adults taking care of them.

Dave Coulier
And what kind of kids would not want to move in with 3 men?

John Stamos
I think there are so many kids that live in single parent households, or same sex parent households, that more kids can relate to it now than back when it first aired.

Bob Saget
And some families have tragedy, where they've lost a parent, which is the premise of Full House. And what's nice about the show is that it helps people get through those hard times.

Voices In My Head

Did you enjoy hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos, Bob?

Bob Saget
Yes! I did.

For the voices, I copied Mel Blanc—the guy who did all the Bugs Bunny voices. And I would do any female sound with variations of my mother.

Any little kid sounds would be the same sounds that the dog made.

The Voices of Bob Saget

A Surprise Stalker

What was it like to be stalked by Jennifer Lawrence at a party, John?

John Stamos
I was extremely flattered. And freaked out at the same time.

The Pies Have It

What is your favorite type of pie?

Dave Coulier
Mine is pecan pie, but a close second is pumpkin.

John Stamos
He likes pumpkin pie because his head is shaped like a pumpkin.

Dave Coulier
We actually carved my head one year and put a candle in my mouth.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Danny, Joey, Jesse and even Mr. Woodchuck recently reunited on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. They’ve still got just as much comedic magic as they did all those years ago.

In fact, the trio even took their act to commercials in this hilarious Super Bowl spot:

Reunited and it feels so good, indeed. Have any favorite feel good moments from Full House? Share them with us below or on our Facebook page and we’ll reminisce together!



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