9 Insane Admissions From Steve-O The Jackass Artist

Posted: 2/13/2014 4:32:07 EST

Shocking stunt performer Steve-O swung into Reddit to open up about health problems, what it was like to know Ryan Dunn, bedroom performance and of course all the jackassery that is his life.

All About The Johnson

Can you still perform in the bedroom, even after all the injuries to your nether regions?

Yeah, but I've never been very impressive in that department.

Light His Fire

What’re you looking forward to most right now?

This is going to sound weird, especially considering that I'm planning on somehow blowing myself up with fireworks tonight, but I'm most looking forward to continued health.

Sometimes It’s About Sacrifice

Do you have any serious health problems resulting from stunts you’ve performed?

Yes, I have Barrett's Esophagus, a pre-cancerous condition in my throat/esophagus for which I blame all of my vomiting, drug abuse, and generally shitty living in years past.

All Inked Up

Which is your favorite tattoo?

This may really break hearts, but it's going to come out eventually anyway, so I may as well break the news here and now:

Over ten years ago, I got the words "shit" and "fuck" tattooed on my knuckles, thinking that would make me an absolute legend (honestly, I thought Ozzy Osbourne himself would bow in my honor for getting such legendary ink).

I have to say that I am fiercely proud of having carved out a place in my life that having those words tattooed on my knuckles never held me back in the slightest (for most people, that would present some real difficulties).

Without question, #shitfuck has been my favorite tattoo for exactly that reason.

However, for the following reasons I've begun the process of getting my favorite tattoo #shitfuck removed with laser treatments.:

I was able to become a successful stand-up comedian, and now I'm working diligently to become a successful actor, as well.

I'd like to meet and settle down with the love of my life (whoever that ultimately proves to be) and I don't care to burden her with that.

Whoever I was trying to impress with my #shitfuck tattoo-- after over ten years have passed, I can pretty safely say that nobody ever really gave a shit about it.

Sorry if that breaks anybody's heart.

The Gnarlier The Better

Are the BBs from that amazingly painful looking stunt still embedded in you?

I squeezed them out as if I was popping insane zits, but the footage was so horrifying to look at, I figured it would get that video taken down.

Maybe I'll make that type of "too gnarly for anything" footage available some other way in the future.

BB Incident (NSFW)

Under The Influence

Did drugs affect your career path?

My career path has everything to do with me being an attention whore and, drugs or no drugs, I was going to be an attention whore for a living one way or another.

Had TV and film not worked out, I'd probably still be a circus clown. That was good steady work, and I genuinely enjoyed it.

Sobering Thoughts

Are you 100% sober now?

Yes, I haven't taken anything stronger than an Advil (no weed, no drugs, no booze) for just about six years now. My sobriety date is March 10, 2008.

I credit [Johnny] Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine for saving my life. I also credit them for recklessly endangering it, and I highly doubt if they are done doing that.

Remember The Good Times

Do you have any favorite memories of Ryan Dunn?

When Dunn and I first met, he was so annoyed by me that he could hardly stand it.

He got better at tolerating me over the few years we traveled the world together on the Don't Try This At Home Tour, but it was once I got sober that our friendship was the best.

I remember him cracking jokes on the set of Jackass 3D about how I "went from eating heroin off of dead hookers to raw organic broccoli from Whole Foods."

That's what he was like, he was hilarious. I don't think he ever gave a fuck about being famous, either-- he was perfectly happy to go by the title "Random Hero" (that would have driven me insane).

I can only imagine that our friendship would have continued to get better, and it really fuckin’ sucks that he's gone.

A Surprising Scholar

There’s rumor that when you do online promotional things, your grammar and spelling are too good for it to really be you. True?

Over the years, lots of people have said that my grammar and spelling are too good for it to actually be me writing the words I post.

The fact is that I grew up attending super top-notch schools.

I was the son of a corporate executive, who wasn't initially thrilled about my career path.

My dad also gave me two choices the summer I turned 16: get a summer job or go to secretary school to learn how to type. I skated to secretary school so fuckin fast it was incredible.

In short, it's me, it's always me-- I think anybody who ever authorizes another person to communicate as them is a fucking moron. Love, Steve-O

It doesn’t look like Steve-O and crew are slowing down the pranks anytime soon.

Just this week, they angered the L.A. Fire Department after faking three simultaneous seizures at a West Hollywood coffee shop.

Check out TMZ’s exclusive video of what’s sure not to be their last bit of shenanigans.



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