8 Reasons Why Amy Poehler is the Greatest Celebrity Ever

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Actress and comedian Amy Poehler did the classic Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") this week, where she answers fan questions— and it was glorious.

Here are the best answers, which prove how Amy is the greatest and coolest celebrity ever!

8. She Values Her Beauty Sleep

Question: What pickup line is guaranteed to work on you every time?

Amy Poehler: "Are you tired? You should leave this party and go to sleep."

Oh, you're right! Thanks! Bye!

7. She Loves Her Fans

Question: Hey Amy! What has been your oddest fan encounter?

Amy Poehler: Oh, I usually have very nice, polite fans. I don't have anything too weird. And I don't want to tell you, because I don't want to give any weirdos any ideas.

6. She Also Loves 'Game of Thrones'

Question: If you were a Game of Thrones character who would you end up sleeping with and how would you end up dying?

Amy Poehler: HAHAHA! If I was a character, I would sleep with everyone, but let's be real, the Dothraki are where it's at. And I would never die! I would just do some kind of weird, you know, witch thing that couldn't be killed!

5. She Has a Favorite Dinosaur

Question: What's your favorite dinosaur?

Amy Poehler: Oh! Pterodactyl. Because the P is silent. And my kids - that's the punch line to one of my kids' favorite jokes.

4. She Was a Typical Kid

Question: What kind of kid were you going up? Were you the class clown? Were you ever shy?

Amy Poehler: I wasn't the class clown. I was a student who liked school and did a lot of activities, and I kind of floated around. I wasn't very shy, but I didn't really think I would be a performer, and didn't know anyone who was an actor or writer. I was a very kind of typical kid who liked to work hard and have a good time. But I don't think you would've necessarily pointed to me and said "Darn right."

3. She REALLY Loves Indiana

Question: But how do you REALLY feel about the state of Indiana?

Amy Poehler: I LOVE it! I used to live in Chicago, and did touring through Indiana when I was in Second City, and it's a beautiful state filled with fine people who work hard and love their children!

2. She Gives Great Life Advice

Question: What is the most rewarding piece of advice you have been given during your life?

Amy Poehler: Um hmm. Well, that’s a good one. Maybe “Pay attention to what people do, not what they say."

1. She is Simply Amazing in All Ways

Question: Hi Amy, my girlfriend teaches and Reddit is blocked at her school, but she wanted me to ask you:

What was your inspiration for “Ask Amy”?

Does your love for Harry Potter mirror Leslie’s?

“Does Adam Scott smell as good as I think he smells?”

Amy Poehler: 1) Oh!! Just the idea of connecting with some people, and just answering letters and questions that come in to us. Simple as that.

2) Ha! Well, in very exciting news, there was a moment of time where Daniel Radcliffe and I were in the same building. And I am a HUGE fan of his work, and I think he’s an awesome actor. That being said, unlike Leslie, I have never read the books! I have 2 young sons and I am looking forward to doing that with them soon.

3) Adam Scott smells like…lemons and possibility. Future and peppermint. Loyalty and vanilla ice cream.

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