22 People Who Need To Log Out Of Facebook Forever

RealClear Staff


We all have a few of them clogging up our feeds.

At this point, it might just be better to have their accounts deactivated. At least it'll save them from more humiliation.

1. This observant individual.

2. This zoologist.

3. Yeah...that's not how that works.

4. Keep trying, Serena! You'll get it eventually. Maybe...

5. You are both like, 20. Really?

6. Embarrassed isn't even a strong enough word.

7. I'm getting some mixed signals here, Ginny.

8. You could always try cold pork.

9. Rough day.

10. I'd be more nervous about your math skills.

11. I know math is difficult, but come on.

12. *Sigh*

13. #RIPGrandma #FuneralSelfie #WorstDayEver

14. Could imagine finding this out on Facebook?

15. "Wow" just about sums it up.

16. So, so crazy.

17. Don't believe everything you hear, Rachel.

18. I guess she didn't have a round card either.

19. Spitting image!

20. Just give up, Tom. It's not worth the effort.

21. She could get hypothermia though!

22. Update us soon! The anticipation is literally killing me!



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