15 Crazy Cat Confessions That Will Make You LOL


Anyone who owns a cat(s), know that they are strange creatures with a mind and personality like that of a human.

Cats do a lot of things they shouldn't, but sometimes they do something so ridiculous and funny that whole world needs to know. 

Here are true and hilarious confessions of some of our 4-legged furry feline friends!

15. Ouch, that one has to hurt...

14. It's a giant water bowl

13. We all have our quirks

12. The fish were having so much fun!

11. Plants are just too tempting

10. I was just trying to be helpful

9. Ooops!

8. But I look so cute while I do it!

7. Cats can definitely be jerks. Funny jerks

6. Ewwww

5. Me too, I feel your pain

4. And I laugh while I do it!

3. Who's gonna stop me?

2. You know what they say about cats & curiosity...

1. It was the HIGHlight of my day!

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