16 Tiny Animals in Teacups Will Make You Squeal with Joy

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Teeny tiny teacup pets have been all the rage for a number of years.

Although they may not be "official" miniature bred pets, any animal that is small enough to fit in a teacup is cute enough to make anyone squeal with joy!

Here are 16 adorable animals in teacups that will brighten your day!

16. Goofy Guinea Pig!

15. Bitsy Brown Bunny!

14. Cute Calico Chamomile!

13. Sonic the Smallest Hedgehog!

12. Prettiest Petite Puppy!

11. Chic Chicks in Ceramic!

10. Sweet Lil Squirrel!

9. Super Sleepy Sloth!

8. Triplet Tiger Tabbies!

7. Cute Cupped Chihuahua!

6. Twin Teacup Piglets!

5. Binary Baby Bunnies!

4. Awesome Koala Kid!

2. Yo Quiero McDonalds!?

3. Princess Puppy!

1. Calling the Cat in the Kettle Black!

Teacup / tea kettle, who cares?

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