23 Faces That Every Dog Owner Knows All Too Well

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We've all received "That look" from our dogs. You know the one.

Our canine companions are capable of so much more than just "Feed me".

1. You know exactly what I want.

2. We see the food. When are you planning on sharing?

3. I know that it's 4 AM but I really need for you to play with me at this very moment.

4. Are you sure that you have to go to work?

5. Did you just say no to me? Try again.

6. Wow, can you not? I'm trying to sleep.

7. There's something on my head and now I'm going to die!

8. There's something on my head and now YOU'RE going to die!

9. This is not the dog park. This is the vet. How dare you?

10. One word: Wind.

11. Guess who has to be let outside in the middle of the night? Me.

12. It's beautiful outside. Why are we not on a walk?

13. So are you going to pet me or....?

14. Just so you know, you look great today.

15. Who is that small human that keeps torturing me? I don't trust them.

16. Are you enjoying your dinner? Because I'm really loving my empty food bowl.

17. Too wet. Too cold. Pick me up. Please?

18. Heard you had a rough day at work. How can I help?

19. We don't know what's happening, but FOOD!

20. Why do you keep making me do poses for this camera?

21. Oh great. Another picture. Let me show you how thrilled I am.

22. Seriously. Put the camera down and rub my stomach.

23. And, of course, the most important face of all. The "I love you unconditionally" look.

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