11 Incredibly Cute Animals Trying to Escape the Rain

RealClear Staff


Wild animals are used to all elements of weather -- but like the rest of us, even a steady rain can ruin a day's worth of plans for these creatures.

1. I'll Wait This One Out ...

2. Has It Stopped? Has It Stopped?

3. Not Quite Sure What the Strategy Is Here, But At Least We're Together!

4. Human See, Human Do?

5. Love Is ... Getting a Little Wet to Shield Your Mate from the Rain

6. I Knew I Should Have Gone on That Diet

7. I Just Hope the Floor Holds Out ...

8. Best Thing About Using a Mushroom? You Can Eat It After the Rain Stops!

9. At Least My Head Is Covered ...

10. Damn Weatherman ...

11. I've Got You All Beat!



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