These Dogs In Romania Suffered Cruelly And Needlessly Until A Hero Arrived.

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Here’s a horrific case of animal cruelty that’s hard to believe. It happened in Romania as someone tarred young puppies and left them to die on the streets.

This was the worst of the bunch. The tar covered ears, eyes, and basically his whole little face.

Thankfully, animal activists rushed to save these puppies.

It was Cătălin Pavaliu, who is the founder of the animal protection group Sky Foundation for Animal Rights, who ended up taking the pups to his home. There he began the brutal work of trying to loosen up the tar and ge

For hours he spent washing the pups. He was driven by the hope that indeed he could save these guys and give them the proper doggy life that they deserved.

Fur was even detached, due to the thick tar that was stuck so firmly in place.

Nevertheless, he didn’t give up. He actually got the little guys cleaned up and tar free!

Naturally these guys were completely shaken from this horrid experience. They didn’t even want to eat.

Finally the little guys did indeed heal up, and then they cuddled up together inside of Cătălin’s apartment. The next step is finding these pups a loving forever home to ensure they do indeed get that happy dog life

Indeed a happy ending emerged from this story. Sick to think who would do such a thing, but thankfully heroes step up to save these defenseless animals from the evil acts of others.



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