12-Year-Old Is Abducted And Beaten By Men, Then 3 Lions Save Her Life

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Child marriages in Ethiopia are very common (sadly) since 70% of marriages in the country are forced by abduction so hearing a story about a 12-year-old girl being forced into marriage may be a bit repetitive. However, this story that I found on NBC is very different because it involves a very unlikely pack of heroes who came together to do what the people of Ethiopia couldn't..

According to NBC, when the 12-year-old girl was abducted she was beaten by a group of men. They were trying to force her into a marriage, and she had been missing for a whole week. With her family worried sick and the cops searching frantically for the little girl, it seemed like all hope was lost. But that was until three wild lions came on the scene and chased the men away.

When the officers found the girl on the outskirts of Bita Genet, she was visibly beaten. More importantly, they found the little girl being guarded by three lions who seemed to have chased off her captors.

Sgt. Wodnimu Wedajo of the police force says, “They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.”

Stuart Williams, a wildlife expert, says that the little girl’s crying might have saved her life.

“A young girl whimpering could be mistaken for the mewing sound from a lion cub, which in turn could explain why they didn’t eat her.”

The whole town is hailing this story as a miracle.

“Everyone thinks this is some kind of miracle, because normally the lions would attack people.”

Regardless of whether this was divine intervention or simply coincidence, it’s heartwarming to hear of positive things happening in a country such as Ethiopia. The police have only found four of the seven men involved in this crime, and they are still on the search.



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