Man Filming Seagulls Captures A Truly Startling, Once-In-A-Lifetime Event

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The sea is full of wonders and many imaginative folks have crafted creative worlds and movies about it. From the Krakken, to the lockness monster the sea and what lurks within have been the subject of tales for as long as we can remember.

I assume that most of these crazy creatures don't exist but there is one creature that really does exist that is amazing enough to be in the stories. I'm talking about the whale. I mean, there was Moby Dick and Heart of the sea, just to name a few.

Whales are just incredible creatures and Brad Rich, in the video above witnessed that fact firsthand. He was on a boat off the coast of Seward, Alaska, with his friends when he started filming some seagulls.

Brad then noticed some whales below them. They were pretty far away from each other, but Brad was hoping to get some decent footage of the whales feeding. Sadly, he never did get that shot - instead, he got to witness a whole pod of whales popping up right next to their boat! Check it out in the video.

Please note: the man filming does use some foul language in his excitement, so it may be best for you to enjoy this video with the sound muted.

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