Beaver Is Seemingly Unhappy Upon Its Visit To A Retail Store

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     Christmas is getting closer, and the stress is showing in the shoppers. One customer in particular, a buck-toothed beaver, really characterized their complaints when terrorizing the artificial-tree section of a Dollar Store.

[Photo: St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office]

[Photo: St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office]

The Maryland mart worried this wood chipper was going to trash the whole place, so they called the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. The marshals made a call to animal control, which eventually (after our furry friend “attempted to flee the area”) apprehended the artificial-tree assailant.

[Photo: St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office]

“All joking aside, the beaver was safely rescued by animal control and released to wildlife rehabilitation,” authorities tweeted.

This is further proof that folks (two and four-legged) prefer real trees over those two-bit polyvinyl-chloride concoctions. Happy shopping, and Merry Christmas, everybody!



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