People Are Furious At United Airlines After This Disgusting Photo Goes Viral

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Dogs are integral parts of family and when it comes to traveling most families go above and beyond to ensure that their dogs come with them and get there safely.

However, some airlines don't treat dogs with much importance and the picture below is an example of that.

Traveler Barbara Gallently recently saw United Airlines leave a pet carrier out in cold, wet weather for over half an hour. Outraged, she tweeted a picture and the response she got was tremendous…

Barbara Gallently was recently traveling and noticed that United Airlines left a pet carrier with a dog inside sitting out in cold, rainy weather for over half an hour. Upset by the airline’s cruel behavior, she tweeted out a picture of the heartbreaking scene to express her dissatisfaction.

The response to her tweet was both big and immediate. Plenty of people replied and echoed her outrage that the airline could be so cruel to an animal like that. Eventually, pop star Sia saw and retweeted the picture, bringing a whole new level of attention to the incident…

Eventually, United was forced to respond, and they thanked Barbara for bringing the incident to their attention. However, many people felt like they didn’t actually own up to their mistake and apologize, but instead tried to shift the blame. The whole thing has left a bad taste in some people’s mouths, and they’ve vowed not to give United their business in the future.

That poor dog! Not only is it terrible that the airline treated the animal that way in the first place, but by refusing to accept their mistake and apologize they seem to have made things even worse.

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