I Didn’t Know What To Expect When The Dog Charged At This Horse, But Then? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

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Dogs are wonderful creatures. I know I've said this before but almost every day a new video comes out that reinforces the statement and I just have to repeat it.

In the video above we see a lovely Portuguese Water Dog named Lucy getting along really well with a 4-year-old Quarter Horse stallion by the name of Whiskey Brown.

Horses don't usually roll over on their backs but when Lucy comes around Whiskey tries to do it and even though he is able to get on his back, his sizeable legs keep tipping him to the side.

Then, Whiskey Brown starts running! You’d think that Lucy, being noticeably smaller, couldn’t catch up but that doesn’t stop her from trying! Just look at her run!

They are quite a couple these two. You just have to check out this video, we guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before.



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