Our Tax Dollars Are Going Toward Testing On Dogs!

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     It’s cruel enough to learn of pet owners neglecting and/or abusing their animals, so when the government uses tax-payer dollars to fund unethical, unusual and unnecessary testing on dogs, the people certainly have something to say about it.

[Source: Change.org]

Millions of tax dollars are used to run tests on dogs. These experiments include “Death By Sandflies,” which entails infected bugs being fashioned to beagles’ bare skin—this causes them atrocious ulcers. Another test forces dogs to vomit by way of them being cut open, nerves severed and electrodes attached to their intestines. Yet other operations have “snares” affixed to dogs’ coronary arteries to induce heart attacks—right before they’re terminated and dissected! Additional experiments consist of exposing dogs to anthrax and drilling holes into their skulls!

The government outfits are actually well-known agencies such as the VA, DOD, FDA and CDC—entities that are supposedly all about safety and protection (but apparently at animals’ expenses). These four groups published NO information in terms of how much was spent, why or how the dogs were used. However, according to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), the heart-attack-inducing test alone cost $5.95 million (since 2011) in tax-payer dollars.

“Taxpayers being forced to pay untold millions for abusing dogs in government experiments have a right to know what’s being done and what it costs,” WCW Founder & President Anthony Bellotti said in an interview. “Agencies are secretively spending to death on dog experiments that a majority of Americans want defunded and phased out.”

While the White Coat Waste Project investigated these outfits and went to Congress late last year, the mission isn’t over. Organizations, such as Change.org, are running petitions to end these tests. They still need help, so please sign it and spread the word about these awful taxpayer-funded experiments!



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