When Vegan Sees 23-Pound Lobster is Going to be Sold, She Quickly Buys And Sets it Free

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     If a fisherman caught a 23-pound lobster and offered it up for grabs, how many of you would throw a large chunk of change at the chance to take that bad boy home and steam it up for your family? Through networking with fellow, vegan activists, Catherine MacDonald got her hands on it but opted to own the crustacean temporarily—“King Louis,” who could be up to 100-years old.

[Source: CTV News]

The taller-than-a-toddler lobster was found and caught in the Bay of Fundy. “Louis” was later purchased by vegan-activist MacDonald in her effort to save another animal so it could be returned to the sea. MacDonald’s a co-owner of the Alma Lobster Shop in southern New Brunswick. She’s actually the one who attested to the lobster’s estimated age.

“It’s beautiful,” MacDonald said in a phone interview. “For a lobster to be 23 pounds and to be that large, there was nothing else that was going to be a predator—except man.”

MacDonald assessed Louis to be extremely healthy and almost four feet in length—he was caught by a fisherman in St. Martins, N.B.

“This is a big, big lobster,” MacDonald said. “My daughter put it next to a three-pound lobster, which is large, and most people have never seen a three-pound lobster—it was as big as his claw.”

MacDonald obtained the lobster from a Nova Scotia vegan activist who paid $230 for it. They wanted it back in the water—so Louis went home.

For that it’s worth, MacDonald’s celebrated as a hero to the left and enemy of Republican appetites all around. No matter, there are bigger foes on the scene...



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