Cats In The Westminster Dog Show? Social Media Freaks Out When Idea Is Announced

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In 140 years, the Westminster Dog Show has been for dogs. And now, that's all coming to an end. When the news broke on social media, it sent all of Twitter in a cats vs. dogs uproar.

Welcome to the Club

Pedigreed cats have been invited to a Westminster "Meet and Compete," to be held on Feb. 11. They will meet dog lovers at Madison Square Garden for an introductory event.

Social Media Shock

Twitter has gone through a number of reactions since the news. While many responses have been positive or funny, some people are genuinely upset about this shocking break from tradition. 

Cats and Dogs

Many cat fans, however, are overjoyed with the this will put felines one step closer to their scheme for total world domination. Which, as every dog lover knows, is what all cats really want.

Are you excited to watch cats at the Westminster Dog Show, or do you think this is an animal abomination? Sound off when you share this story!



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