Meet Tom Brady, The New Resident Of The Atlanta Zoo

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This is what losing a Super Bowl bet looks like, people. So sorry, Atlanta fans.

Meet Tom Brady

The Atlanta Zoo's newest edition was unveiled to the public Monday. He's a tiny baby, his name is Tom Brady and he's a Madagascar hissing cockroach. 

The Zoo had to name their new member after the winning Patriots quarterback due to a bet made with the Rhode Island Rodger Williams Park Zoo. You can probably guess that the bet revolved around the outcome of the Super Bowl. Had the game gone to the Falcons instead, the Rhode Island Zoo would have named one of their animals after Matt Ryan.

See You at the Zoo

Since the cockroach's new last name is Brady, his family members have been given matching names. They are Mike, Carol, Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marsha, Jan and Cindy. Little Tom is, of course, the quarterback of the cockroach football team.

And since Tom Brady is a hissing cockroach, it's perfectly acceptable for all Atlanta Falcons fans to see him at the zoo and hiss at him. Will you? Share this story with your friends! 



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