Is The Age-Old Fable Really True? Real-Life Tortoise And Hare Race In LA To Prove Aesop's Point

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So does slow and steady REALLY win the race?

From Fable to Finish Line

The race was held in downtown LA, and live streamed so eager fable fans can see if the story really pans out. You might be surprised by what happened.

Both the tortoise and the hare were slow to start the race, with neither really moving toward the finish line until about 11 minutes went by. That's when the hare proved his speed, and sprinted toward the finish line.

Surprising Outcome?

But as Aesop predicted, the hare suddenly stopped before crossing the finish line. And in classic fashion, took a little rest while the tortoise -- slowly and steadily -- made his way to the end of the race.

In traditional fashion, the tortoise steadily moved to the finish line of the race...and of course, crossed it before the much speedier hare. The total race took about 40 minutes to complete.

Aesop was right after all, way back in 600 B.C. Share this amazing true story!



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