We All Know That The T-Rex Had Tiny Arms, But Do You Know Why?

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What's the deal with history's most fearsome creature having one major shortfall?

The T-Rex: A massive, carnivorous beast who likely ate anything and everything that it came into contact with. It's a good thing that they've all been dead for tens of millions of years! I mean, would you want to drive by one of these things on the way to work every morning? I think not.

As fearsome as Jurassic Park makes them seem, the T-Rex has been on the receiving end of many jokes at the expense of their disproportionately tiny arms. How did they hold their prey down? How did they pick things up from the ground? How did they scratch their backs!? It seems like a massive evolutionary oversight. Why would this ancient titan lack something so...basic?

Fortunately, science has answers! It's theorized that a pair of non-ridiculous arms likely cost more than they were worth. Alternatively, the T-Rex may have just received the shortest straw from the hands of fate. Regardless, let's just be glad that we don't have to deal with these titans! Learn more below. 


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