5 Amazingly Creative Bus Stops That’ll Make You Hope Your Ride Is Late

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Public transportation just got interesting.

Skeptical? We were too, until checking out these amazingly creative bus stops.

In fact, these transpo abodes are so sweet we bet people will be hoping their ride is running late for a chance to hang out just a little bit longer.

Make Yourself At Home

Wait times are a little longer than the norm on Shetland Island, which is why all the bus stops are decorated with a ‘make yourself comfortable’ vibe. Television, blanket and greenery included. Looks like the only thing missing is a nice home-cooked meal.

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It’s A Bus. It’s A House. It’s Frickin’ Awesome.

This stop in Ventura, Cali. was designed to depict the metamorphosis of a bus into a house. Luxuries include three restrooms, bike racks, lockers, an information kiosk, lighting and drinking fountains. Fancy.

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The Wheels On This Bus Don’t Go Round And Round

It might not be fancy, but this stop in Athens, Ga. is definitely nostalgic. We’ve gotta stay young somehow, right?

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As Warm As A Bun In The Oven

Sometimes ad agencies get it right—like this Minneapolis one that transformed a transpo stop into a working oven to promote new breakfast sandwiches.

Complete with a clock and working heaters, we’re guessing that even if it made travelers hungry, they were still grateful for a little respite from the weather.

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Do The Watermelon Crawl

Okay, there’s no alcohol here-but these novelty stations are still pretty cool.

Originally created for the 1990 Travel Expo in Japan, a series of fruit-themed bus shelters has become a tourist attraction and, we’d bet, a favorite of the locals, too.

It’s hard to keep a frown on your face when being sheltered by a big ol’ piece of fruit.

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Bus stops aren't the only public transporation ports you'll find surprises at, though. Check out the hilarious happenings of the NYC underground—these city dwellers tend to get right to the point.



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