23 Mind-Bending 3D Tattoos You Have To See To Believe

RealClear Staff


Tattoos just got real. Well, they’ve always been real. But the 3D trend is taking the art form to another amazing level of lifelike.

Top of Mind

A Missing Piece

Trapped Inside

All Aboard

Just Keep Swimming

Unzip Me, Please

In The Eye of The Beholder

Is There Something On Me?

Starry Night

Your Cross to Bear

Coming Out


Hard Wired

Just Jump

Buttoned Up

Putting The Pieces Together

Everyone Has A Story

The Monster Within

One Leg At A Time

Well-Oiled Machine

Two Faced

Somebody's Watching You

Music Is In My Bones

Tattoos can be an amazing example of artistic and personal expression, but sometimes getting one just isn't the best idea.

Check out these instances when it really was time to rethink the ink.



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