Emotional Social Media Posts Produce Colorful Paint Sculpture

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MONOLITT is an interactive installation created by artists Syver Lauritzen and Eirik Haugen Murvol at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

It is shaped as a miniature pedestal, and takes emotional social media posts, like Tweets, and turns them into physical paint data visualizations.

In a video detailing the project, you can see users tweet messages like "Annoyed" or "Feeling good," which trigger certain paint colors that then dribble out of the top of a white statue.

1. Emotionally charged Tweets get posted

2. Paint is triggered by the passionate Tweets

3. Paint continues to drip down the statue

4. MONOLITT after many social media posts

From the artist Syver Lauritzen's Tumblr,

"MONOLITT is an interactive installation that quite literally paints the mood of the city, using social media feeds as an input. The installation takes electronic signals and lets them manifest themselves in the physical world. Using sentiment analytics, the installation links tweets to corresponding colored paints in realtime, feeding them out through the top of the sculpture, letting them flow into a procedurally generated three-dimensional painting."

MONOLITT by Syver Lauritzen and Eirik Haugen Murvo



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