13 Works of 3D Sidewalk Art That Will Blow Your Mind

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For those of you who have been living under a rock, there is now a new art form that turns normal city streets and sidewalks into amazing 3D works of art.

Street artists like Julian Beever, Joe Hill, Edgar Mueller, and Manfred Stader are just a few people taking this art form to the next level.

With life-sized crabs, holes where you fall to your death, and underground water tunnels, here are 13 works of 3D art that will blow your mind!

13. Coffee, Anyone?

Artist: Manfred Stader

12. Fun in the Sun!

Artist: Leon Keer

11. Bridge Over Troubled Water

Artist: Leon Keer

10. Cave Dwellers

Artist: Edgar Mueller

9. Surf's Up!

Artist: Joe Smith

8. A Quaint British Village

Artist: Joe Hill

7. The Ultimate Nosebleed Section

Artist: Joe Hill

6. Portal to... Hell?

Artist: Julian Beever

5. Playing Giant Leap Frog!

Artist: Julian Beever

4. Beowulf Comes to Life

Artist: Kurt Wenner

3. Out On A Limb

Artist: Joe Hill

2. Summer In The City

Artist: Julian Beever

1. Help! Timmy Fell Down the Well!

Artist: Julian Beever

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