She Came Out To The Stage, Lit A Candle. What Happens Next Is Art On A New Level, Amazing!

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Kseniya Simonova is an artist that does sand animation. She was on Україна має талант (Ukraine's Got Talent) and won the show in 2009 with this performance.

She presented a two-minute sand story and, well the rest was history!

Kseniya’s parents discouraged her from a career as an artist. Kseniya explained: "It is a constant struggle. I knew that, and was ready for it. If you chose this profession, you're struggling all your life. You do not enjoy everyday life - like comfort, and buying furniture... You're always looking for something more, and actually, I was never interested in a life of comfort and buying furniture."

If you think Kseniya's work is amazing like I do, then please share this so that her powerful expression through art can be seen by all!



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