This Guy's Art Will Take You Back In Time

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     Society is inundated with so much advertising and technology that the majority no longer takes pleasure in simple things. (Almost everyone is engaged in some digital drama, sing-song show, music comprised of sampled material, etc.) Once upon a time, there was a show called “Happy Days.” While it did air on television, the series depicted folks enjoying real-life leisure—e.g., family fun, driving cool cars or whizzing around on soap-box scooters, human socializing and friendly high jinks. These and other activities are (were) what's called Americana. (We caught a glimpse of this in Back To The Future.)

To illustrate and ultimately preserve this aesthetic, artist and professional-skateboarder Jason Adams has been immerging himself in it for quite some time. He creates his “decaying Americana” through the use of homemade stencils and chromatic spray paint. What’s amazing is Adams agitates the stencils to give his pieces a  sort-of-brush-stroke effect.

[Photo by Bobby Hundreds]

Through his art, Jason captures iconic 1950s-to-1990s characters—e.g., Captain America, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Joe Strummer, Bill Clinton and many others.

[All pieces by Jason Adams]

This kind of work stands out among the rest—an almost distorted-Warhol technique. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or wanting to have a decaying-history lesson, Jason Adams’s art will take you back in time.



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