Lipstick Lex Puts A Kiss Of Genius On Her Work, And The Results Will BLOW YOU AWAY!!

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All of her amazing Hollywood-inspired portraits are painted in shades of red and pink lipstick, and you won't believe how she gets it on the canvas...

Lipstick Lex

Alexis Fraser is better known in the art world as Lipstick Lex, and she uses a signature style to make all her amazing art: she kisses the paint onto the canvas.

Kiss Print Pointillism

Working with lipstick and her own mouth, Lipstick Lex creates gorgeous portraits in a style she calls "kiss print pointillism." Her canvasses are almost entirely created with kisses; lipstick is only directly applied to the canvas for the very fine details.

The Art of Kissing

For the bigger pieces, Lipstick Lex may uses several tubes of lipstick and kiss canvasses for up to a week. Smaller portraits, however, she can kiss out in just a few hours. A large Marilyn Monroe portrait, made in 2014, took her four days and two tubes of lipstick.

Sharing Kisses

Would you buy a kissed-on portrait from Lipstick Lex? Share this story, and see which of your friends fall in love with her incredible art!



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