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G. Allen Johnson has worked for RealClear since April 2013. He is also a film writer for the San Francisco Chronicle and lives in San Francisco.


Citizen Kane at 75: 8 Reasons It Remains the Most Influential Film of All Time

"Citizen Kane" changed movies forever, shaking the very foundations of Hollywood and introducing many of the techniques still used in movies today.


These 16 Exotic Travel Destinations Should TOP Everyone's Travel List in 2016

Tens of millions of tourists around the world visit a country other than their own. Here are a few places where you can avoid most of them -- and still see the world!


11 Stunning Images from the Planet's Best Travel Photographers

National Geographic holds an annual "Travel Photographer of the Year" contest, and the 2016 submissions should make for some lively discussions among contest judges. Here are some of our favorites.


12 B&W Images of 20th Century NYC That'll Make You Wish for Time Travel

Incredible! This will take you back to another time and place...


11 Songs You Didn't Know Were Written By Prince

While the world is mourning the pop star and firing up "1999," "Let's Go Crazy" and "Little Red Corvette" on their iPods, there's a whole slew of songs recorded by other artists such as Alicia Keys, Sinead O'Connor and many more you could add to your Prince playlist.


6 Moments that Prove Life is Surprisingly Dangerous

We won't call these Darwin Award candidates, but there have been some recent reminders that unexpected dangers lurk in our innocent, everyday lives...


Before the Warriors: 11 G.O.A.T. Teams You Should Not Be Forgetting

Miracle on Ice? Dream Team? '85 Bears (And the Super Bowl Shuffle)? Where do the Golden State Warriors rank among the "Greatest Of All Time" teams?


The Mysterious Tale of 2 Women Behind Softcore Porn's Most Notorious Series

These movies truly revolutionalized the cinema. Meet the two mysterious women behind the secret...


40 Years Laters, These 7 Life Lessons from 'The Bad News Bears' Still Apply!

In 1976, no movie spoke the truth quite like "The Bad News Bears" -- 40 years later, its philosophy still rules...


A Beginning and An End: 12 Celebrities Who Died on Their Birthday

Country music legend Merle Haggard just joined a rare club by passing away on his actual birthday. Surprisingly we found a few other famous folks already on this list...


The Real Walking Dead: 7 Shocking Images from Toraja Death Rituals

**WARNING: Images May Be Disturbing to Some Audiences**   On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, living with dead bodies for weeks -- even years -- is normal. Take a look at the unusual practices of the Torajan people...


14 Stunning Photos Taken By Astronaut Scott Kelly That Will Make You Proud to Be an Earthling

Astronaut Scott Kelly has retired after spending a year in space, but his incredible photos will live on. During his 340 days in space, he snapped pictures with his Nikon D4 digital camera and posted them to his more than a million followers on Twitter and Instagram.


Play Ball! 9 Times Baseball's Opening Day Was Truly Awesome

"You always get a special kick on Opening Day," Joe DiMaggio once said. "You look forward to it like a birthday party when you're a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen." And often, it does ...


They Were Crazy in the 20th Century; Here Are 12 Images to Prove It

Don't try these things at home. In fact, don't try them anywhere!


Flipping the Bird: 6 Ways Twitter Will Never Last

Twitter debuted 10 years ago with a first tweet by CEO Jack Dorsey (above). But will there be a last tweet? It has given voice to political movements, allowed everyday people to connect with presidents, public figures and celebrities; it has forced companies to completely rethink customer service. But is it sustainable?


Garry Shandling's Suddenly Creepy Episode of 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee'

Just two months before his sudden death, comedian Garry Shandling appeared in an episode of Jerry Seinfeld's acclaimed and popular show on Crackle, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." The episode's title: “It’s Great that Garry Shandling Is Still Alive.” And that's not all... 


He Was Pulled Over and Arrested... For Not Returning a VHS Rental in 2002?

You won't believe this unbelievable (but TRUE) story!


8 Ways David Letterman Is Enjoying Retirement Way Too Much

The Internet went wild when photos appeared of David Letterman jogging in the Caribbean. But he isn't going crazy, he's still on Cloud 9 after retiring less than a year ago. And he'll tell you exactly why.


Hello, Neighbor: 8 Reasons Why Pluto Is Making a Comeback

Downgraded to a "dwarf planet" a decade ago, Pluto actually is more geographically diverse than many planets in our Solar System, according to new studies published months after the New Horizons spacecraft flew by in 2015. Get to know your neighbor!


Cracking the Whip: 11 Things We Demand from the New Indiana Jones Movie

It's official: "Indiana Jones 5" is a go, with Harrison Ford back as Indy and Steven Spielberg directing. Mr. Spielberg, here are some helpful suggestions from your biggest fans.


Flower Power: 12 Ways the Rose Has Mesmerized Gods, Kings and Lovers Through the Centuries

"A rose by any other name..." wrote Shakespeare. How big has the rose influenced world culture? Let us count the ways.


17 Strange Inventions That Never Caught On (For Obvious Reasons)

You've heard that necessity is the mother of invention. So where does pure lunacy fit in? One thing these daffy brainstorms prove is that mankind will never stop trying.


Did Nancy Reagan Win the Cold War? 11 Surprising Facts About the Legendary First Lady

Many historians believe Nancy Reagan was the most consequential First Lady in American history, and set the template for all first ladies to follow. Here's a look back at an incredible life.


The Forgotten Day a Plane Hit the Empire State Building

The 9/11 attacks that brought down the World Trade Center towers in 2001 wasn't the first time a plane flew into a landmark New York skyscraper. It happened on July 28, 1945.


When Toilets Were Works of Art: 9 Antiques That Seem Too Pretty to Use

Let's face it: People in the 19th century dressed better and, as these images show, 'prayed to the Porcelain God' a lot more stylishly.


17 Eye-Popping Images from Beneath the Sea

Check out the incredible work from the winners of the 2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year contest. The competition, put on by UPY London, drew 3,500 entries from 500 photographers in 54 countries.


9 Academy Awards Moments That Were Really Awkward

Hollywood sure does know how to reinforce the HollyWEIRD vibe sometimes...


12 Movies That Sparked Real Reactions to 'Save Our World'

Movies not only have the power to entertain, but have served as a call to action in more ways than you probably realize...


11 Snapshots from the Life of Harper Lee (RIP)

Harper Lee's legend will endure long after her death -- and since she wrote basically the one book, "To Kill a Mockingbird," and didn't give interviews in the last 50 years of her life, her popularity is perhaps the greatest example of the power of words.


Strange Encounters: 14 Weird Meetings Between Celebrities

Killer Mike's endorsement of Bernie Sanders and Sean Pen's interview with El Chapo got us wondering about the encounters between celebrities that couldn't be more different that have occurred throughout history. We dug up a few.


Not So Scary: 9 Movie Monsters Taking an Unexpected 'Break'

Hey, burrowing deep into your nightmares is exhausting work! Even monsters need to take a time out every now and then...


What the... 17 Photos from the 20th Century that Demand Further Explanation

These strange but true images demonstrate once and for all that "normal" means different things to different times.


Look Familiar? 18 Surprisingly Normal Snapshots of Famous Celebs In Their Youth

These legends used to look like you and me, basically. You won't believe No. 11!


Best or Bust? 12 Times the Oscars Got Best Picture Wrong

Ready to rewrite movie history? We strip a dozen movies of their Best Picture Oscars and crown the films which really deserved it.


The 7 Biggest Super Bowl Busts of All Time

But hey, Cam, take heart: Johnny Unitas, Jim Kelly and Tom Brady all know how you feel...


They Might Be Giants: 11 Strange Images of the Super-Tall (Then and Now)

They've been shunned by society and embraced; they've been athletes and supermodels, and they've been unfortunately displayed in circus freak shows. These are some of the tallest people in world history. 


11 Incredibly Cute Animals Trying to Escape the Rain

Wild animals are used to all elements of weather -- but like the rest of us, even a steady rain can ruin a day's worth of plans for these creatures.


8 Unforgettable Super Bowl Halftime Shows (+1 Great National Anthem)

Super Bowl halftime shows used to be marching bands, Up With People and Disney characters. Now they're gargantuan mini-concerts that sometime generate more passionate response than the games themselves. Here's our coutdown of the best.


11 True Things About Super Bowl I that You Didn't Know

Flying men at halftime? Players smoking cigarettes during the game? And not even a sellout? Super Bowl I was a product of a different time.


17 Breathtaking Views of Waterfalls Around the World

Beautiful yet dangerous; peaceful, yet powerful. Water is the lifeblood of Mother Earth, and these images of waterfalls will take your breath away.


Back in the 'Danger Zone': 9 Facts About the Original 'Top Gun' Ahead of 'Top Gun 2'

Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer are making a sequel to their 1986 classic, "Top Gun." Here are the things you need to know for "Top Gun 2."


These Guys Are Crazy! 12 Vertigo-Inducing Examples of Lazing About

What were they thinking? Decades ago, strolling around on high places without any kind of safety harness was no big deal. These images will make any modern-day daredevil break out with a case of sweaty palms.


You'll Never Believe These Jaw-Dropping Examples of 'Micro-Art'

How do you even make a sculpture 0.0002 of an inch tall? Check out these amazing results!


16 Weird Insurance Policies Issued by Lloyd's of London

Lloyd's of London has become world famous with a reputation for insuring anything. You won't believe No. 13!


Life in the Fast Lane: 10 Wild Memories of Glenn Frey and The Eagles

The Eagles' frontman, who has died at 67, had a wild ride through the music industry, Hollywood and that certain 1970s Los Angeles lifestyle.


Welcome to The Rock: Monemvasia, Greece's Hidden City, is Refound

Monemvasia, a fortified medieval-era town in the southeast Peloponnese that has often been described as “the Gibraltar of Greece,” is a true hidden treasure. 


Avoid a Lousy Flight: Most Travelers Don't Know these 11 Tips

No one really likes to fly anymore -- just ask the sweaty guy next to you. But there are still things you can do to beat the odds and improve your next flight.


Sean Penn-El Chapo Was Just the Latest: 12 Famous Interviews That Made History

The interview is one of the most basic cornerstones of journalism. Throughout history, they have opened eyes, opened worlds, shaken empires and solidified movements. Here are some of those.


Under Construction: 9 of the World's Most Famous Structures Had Surprisingly Humble Beginnings

They are some of the most iconic structures on the Earth. But even the Empire State Building started just like the construction of your house...


11 World-Changing Office Innovations Prior to the Internet

These popular inventions that we overlook today did wonders for productivity long before Microsoft and Apple made things even better...


11 Photos That Will Change the Way You See 'Mother Earth'

Earthly wonders seem limitless, and here's a sampling of actual photos of places you can visit that prove the point.


9 New Laws Now on the Books in 2016

Depending on what state you live in, you can start toting guns in public, lock your prescription drugs, or even freeze your child's credit.


13 Surefire Hangover Cures (Depending on What Part of the World You're Waking Up In)

Wake up somewhere on this lonely planet with the weight of the world on your head? Here are some local recipes to get you back up and at 'em...


A Dozen Snippets of Famous Advice for a Better 2016

We all want good things in 2016! Here's some advice from Oprah, Stephen King, Taylor Swift and others for getting (and staying) on the right track each day...


8 Things You Didn't Know About Meadowlark Lemon, the Clown Prince of Basketball

Before Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, Meadowlark Lemon, who has died at age 83, was the most famous basketball player on Earth -- playing in Rome before the pope, in Moscow during the Cold War before the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, and performing ball-handling tricks on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”


8 Ways Silicon Valley's Domination Stops at the U.S. Border

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have revolutionized the world -- and the world has been "inspired" (read: "basically copying from"). You'll find that a lot of these international tech giants seem awfully familiar...


Stiff Competition: 14 Action Figures That Made it OK for Boys to Play With Dolls

Remember the Golden Age of action figures? You could never make No. 8 in these times!


The Strange Life and Death of Japan's Greta Garbo

She was one of Japan's top stars, and then she walked away from it all… Who was Setsuko Hara?


11 'Firsts' in 2015 That Prove the Times They Are A Changin'

Some pretty amazing things happened in 2015, many of which did not make the top headlines. Yet they could be the harbingers of things to come.


13 Wild Images from 70s-Era Sports Stars

The 70s were a colorful time when sports stars took some unreal (awesome?) photos... #7 is beyond bizarre!


13 Awesome Things About Dick Van Dyke Most Fans Never Knew

Dick Van Dyke can still dance and sing at 90! The iconic star of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Mary Poppins" is (STILL) a national treasure!


These Prove the 70s were Way More Awesome

Everybody knows the 1970s were totally groovy, but even basic items back then (lunch boxes, for example) blow away the 21st century versions...


14 Revolutionary Inventions By Women That Changed the Way We Live

Turns out women have been inventing culture-altering devices for more than the last 200 years. If you're using WiFi, windshield wipers or a paper bag, you'll know what we mean.


7 Ways 'Star Wars' Is More 'Old-School' Than You Realized (No Spoilers)

When it came out in 1977, "Star Wars" was cutting-edge cinema, and changed movies forever. But a mid-20th century Force was with young George Lucas when he was realizing his vision.


His Way: 11 Things Most Folks Didn't Know About Frank Sinatra at 100

Frank Sinatra, arguably the 20th century's greatest entertainer, would've turned 100 this month. But there was so much more most never knew about Ol' Blue Eyes...

movies & tv

Humbug: 8 Weird TV Christmas Specials from the Past

Sometimes Christmas "Specials" get a little weird...


History Repeats Itself: Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary TD Was So Much Like Doug Flutie's 1984 Gamewinner It's Eerie!

Did you see Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' incredible Hail Mary pass for a touchdown to wide receiver Richard Rodgers that beat the Detroit Lions? Some sports fan has laid over the audio from the most famous Hail Mary in football history -- Doug Flutie's pass that won a big game for Boston College on 1984 -- over Rodgers' play, and it's uncanny how similar it is! Check it out!


27 Music Star Deaths That Shocked the World

The death of Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland at age 48 is just the latest example of a music star dying too young. It's been going on since the birth of Rock 'n' Roll itself in the 1950s. Here's a spin through the years. 

movies & tv

Good Grief! 14 Things You Didn't Know About 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' on Its 50th Anniversary

Hard to believe that it's been a half century since Peanuts characters first started to move, on a Christmas special that first aired in 1965.


People Love Visiting These Places -- It's Like They've Traveled Back In Time!

Even in this fast-paced, wired world there are still places on the planet you can travel to that aren't keeping up with modern times -- and thank goodness for that!