Inside Olive Garden's Bizarre New Endless Pasta Promotion

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Alfredo junkies, ahoy! Olive Garden is attempting to test the limits of human gluttony and starch consumption with its latest promotion. The Italian eatery has long been known for its never ending pasta bowl promo, which only lasts one sitting. 

The spaghetti-centric shop has tried to outdo itself with a VIP-style Pasta Pass. 

What is it, exactly?

Never Ending Pasta Pass

Essentially, from September 22nd to November 9th anyone possessing this pass can eat as much pasta, breadsticks, salad and soda as they want at the Olive Garden. They can keep coming back, lunch and dinner, day after day for...49 days. 

That's seven weeks. 

The passes were priced at $100 each and the store only sold 1000 of them. However, if you don't have one by the time you are reading this, you will have to explode your calorie count the old fashioned way. The Olive Garden sold out of these golden marinara tickets in 45 minutes. 

Financially Speaking

So, is it a good deal? Well, that depends on your view. If we're talking strictly on a financial scale, you bet. 

We did the math based on the spaghetti and meat sauce alone. 

One bowl for lunch: $8.99

One bowl for dinner: $10.99

Now, if you had this meal for lunch and dinner every day for 49 days without the pass it would cost $979.02

That's a savings of $879. Not bad. 

And that's not including multiple bowls of pasta, sodas or ordering more exotic (i.e. expensive) meals. 

Carb Loading

On the other hand, is eating a hearty meal of pasta twice a day for seven weeks a good health decision? No. 

Pasta is fine in small doses. But experts agree the meal is high in carbs which can skyrocket blood sugar.

Plus, the two meals would account for about 1200 calories a day. Which isn't as bad as we figured, but if you factor in butter bombs like the bread sticks and Fettuccine Alfredo (1090 calories) your heart's chances of making it out unscathed lessen a lot. 

The moral of the story is, if you're a Pasta Passer, maybe you should balance out your diet with steamed broccoli and an apple once and a while. 



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