The 18 Best (And Worst) Brand Names Of All Time

RealClear Staff


Nothing can make or break a product like a brand name.

"We need a brand name that sets us apart from our competition. Thoughts?"

"Barf. Let's go with Barf."

1. Bad: Every "I can't believe it's not butter" clone.

2. Good: Wine brands that keep it real.

3. Bad: Really? You couldn't think of any other name?

4. Good: You can never go wrong with a literary pun.

5. Bad: Chinese companies aren't really known for their cultural sensitivity.

6. Good: A brand that really knows its demographic.

7. Bad: I'm supposed to trust a detergent called 'Barf' to clean my clothes?

8. Good: He can find things, so naturally he can make them disappear as well.

9. Bad: When brands get a little too generic.

10. Good: When brands get a little too specific.

11. Bad: If any type of innuendo can be made from your brand name, it's time to reconsider.

12. Good: Really though, know your demographic.

13. Bad: Who knew that you could carbonate that?

14. Good: What tops a book pun? A movie pun, of course.

15. Bad: How about we try eating literally anywhere else?

16. Good: The logo is missing the hat, but the name is utterly perfect.

17. Bad: The single worst brand name fail to ever happen.

18. Good: And the single best brand name success.



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