Lawmakers Are Paving The Way For Craft Brewing In Mississippi And Georgia

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Thanks to two new bills, direct sales from breweries and brewpubs could soon become a reality in Mississippi and Georgia...and that means the craft beer market is ready to explode in these states.

On-Site Sales

The George state Senate voted to allow on-site sales at brewpubs and craft breweries, legislation that has failed to pass in previous years. The new bill allows customers to purchase beer and to drink beer on-site, good news for brewpubs. The bill will now head to the Georgia House of Representatives. Should it pass, it will go into effect later this year.

Enabling Craft Breweries

Mississippi is also working on similar legislation. House Bill 1322 allows breweries producing less than 60,000 barrels of beer annually in Mississippi to sell up to two cases of beer, per day, to customers. This will empower smaller breweries to get their beer into customers' hands even without a strong distribution network. 

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Legislation that makes it easier for craft beer breweries to make and sell their beer makes it much easier for consumers to get the brew they want. Share this story, and spread the word that craft beer is soon going to be easier for everyone to drink!



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