Sweethearts Candies: Filling Your Valentine’s Day For More Than 100 Years

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Literally billions of them are sold and eaten every year, and they're the best-selling Valentine's Day candy. They should be, since they were sending sweet messages more than 100 years ago.


In the 6 weeks leading up to Valentine's Day in the U.S., around 13 million pounds of Sweethearts are purchased by would-be lovers of all ages. They're 40 percent of the entire Valentine's Day candy market, but that's because the company that makes them has had more than enough time to make them perfect. 

A Sweet Story

Necco first began in 1847, and immediately started making small candies designed in a shell shape. Back then, they put little messages inside the candy, fortune cookie-style. About 14 years later, the founder's brother designed a new machine that could stamp vegetable dye directly onto candy. That's when Sweethearts as we know them were born.

Since 1902, Sweethearts bearing loving messages have been mass-produced for the American market. Original sayings from those days still exist, such as "kiss me" and "be mine." Newer phrases have entered the box over the years, including "text me" and "you rock." 

Candy Love

You can still contact Necco to have candy hearts custom-made for weddings, marriage proposals and other special events. What would your candy hearts say? Share your answer when you share this sweet history of candy hearts!



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