Craft Beer Job Alert: Boston Beer CEO Stepping Away After 17 Years

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Sip a Sam Adams to honor this craft beer legend. After heading up America's biggest craft brewery, the President and CEO of Boston Beer is ready to retire. Who will take the much-coveted job?

The Search for a CEO

Whoever replaces the current head of Boston Beer, it's unlikely to be someone who is already employed with the brand. Boston Beer has hired Korn Ferry International, a recruiting firm, to find their new Chief Executive Officer.

Boston Beer

While the news is new on thecraft beer scene, it's been a looming certainty for Boston Beer's board of directors. They've known about the upcoming retirement for over a year. And until the new guy takes over, current CEO Martin Roper plans to stay through the transition.

Roper has been at the head of Boston Beer as president since 1999, and CEO since 2001. He's been the only CEO since founder Jim Koch passed on leadership to him. Koch is still on the board of directors for the company. Roper, who plans to retire, probably will not retain a seat on the board.

Raise Your Glass

Boston Beer is behind Sam Adams, one of the best-known craft beers on the market, but lately the company has faced declining sales as more craft breweries open for business all across America. Even Sam Adams has suffered sales losses. Other popular brands, including Angry Orchard, also declined in the last quarter of 2016.

A new CEO could bring new and exciting changes to Boston Beer brands. What do you want to see from this brewery and their popular brands? Share your answer, and this story!



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