Own A Craft Brewery? Now Is The Best Time To Sell It

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Beer is in, and people want to invest. That makes it the ideal time to sell a craft brewery, if you've got one.

Big Business

Business may be bad in some industries, but craft beer has been booming. In fact, distilleries and wineries have been doing pretty good lately, too. If you own all or part of a company that makes alcoholic beverages, consider selling. Seriously, you should.

Wine sales are up in every corner of the market, creating billions in profits. Wine sales have steadily increased annually by 2 percent since 2010, and the price of wine has risen over $1 per bottle in the same span of time. And since wine buyers are purchasing lots of different brands, that's good business for everybody.

Seller’s Market

Meanwhile, sales of distilled spirits rose over 4 percent in 2015. That's 6 years in a row were spirit sales have risen, with the biggest boosts among American whiskeys. As for craft beer, there's no doubt that it's been booming. Craft beer breweries have led the beer market and they've led the trends in beer drinking.

And besides all that, the market is pretty favorable right now. Interest rates are low, private equity investments are up and equity markets are on the rise. 

So what should you do? Sell, sell, sell! Share this story and spread the advice.



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