11 Songs You Didn't Know Were Written By Prince

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While the world is mourning the pop star and firing up "1999," "Let's Go Crazy" and "Little Red Corvette" on their iPods, there's a whole slew of songs recorded by other artists such as Alicia Keys, Sinead O'Connor and many more you could add to your Prince playlist.

1. 'Manic Monday' (The Bangles)

The Bangles' very first hit -- it reached No. 2 on the Billboard charts -- happened because Prince saw the all-girl band fronted by Susanna Hoffs perform live in L.A. So he wrote a couple of songs and sent them along. This was one.

2. 'Nothing Compares 2 U' (Sinead O'Connor)

The Irish singer became a star in 1990 with this song, which actually was recorded by Prince but it was never a hit. O'Connor made it her own, and now it is identified exclusively with her.

3. 'I Feel For You' (Chaka Khan)

Actually, most people know it's a Prince cover, because it was on Prince's first album in 1979. Five years later, it was funkified by Chaka Khan, who made it her anthem. (The lyrics "Chaka Khan ... Chaka Khan" didn't appear in the original song, just in case you couldn't figure that out.)

4. 'Stand Back' (Stevie Nicks)

The former Fleetwood Mac singer ventured out on her own, and actually wrote the first draft of this song inspired by Prince's "Little Red Corvette." Prince then revamped the song for the second draft, turning it into one of Nicks' classics in 1983.

5. 'Love Thy Will Be Done' (Martika)

This is actually our favorite of the Prince-written songs by other artists. A lovely ballad, the lyrics were originally written by Martika, an ethnically Cuban pop star, as a prayer. Prince put in to song form and it was a Top 10 hit. Very nice song that is, sadly, not as well remembered as it should be.

6. 'Sugar Walls' (Sheena Easton

The Scottish singer best known for the title song to the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only" collaborated with Prince more than once, but this first time was most memorable. And yeah, it really sounds like a Prince song. 

7. 'Jungle Love' (Morris Day and The Time)

No, not the Steve Miller Band song. This was the first hit, in 1984, of a band that was assembled by Prince (he did that sort of thing). They later went off on their own.

8. 'Nasty Girl' (Vanity 6)

Another Prince-assembled band was Vanity 6, starring, of course, Vanity (born Denise Matthews). This song got them started in 1982; Vanity would go on to be a movie star, too. Sadly, in an eerie coincidence, she died earlier this year at age 57 -- same age as her ex-boss.

9. 'The Glamorous Life' (Sheila E.)

We always loved Sheila E. -- whose last name was Escovedo -- because she was not only talented, but unique. She is not only a singer, but a drummer, percussionist and guitarist. She helped Prince on vocals on the "Purple Rain" album, and later worked with Ringo Starr, getting into some cool drum battles with the ex-Beatle. This collaboration with Prince in 1984 is best-remembered. 

10. 'Yo Mister' (Patti LaBelle)

This doesn't sound like a Prince song. But he not only wrote it for LaBelle's album "Be Yourself," but also produced it.

11. 'How Come You Don't Call Me?' (Alicia Keys)

Keys, only 19, included this cover of a lesser-known Prince song on her smash debut album, "Songs in A Minor." Later, they became friends and she presented him when Prince was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



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