Dolly Parton Suffering From The Potentially Terminal Illness That Just Took Another Country Legend

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Dolly Parton has an upcoming summer tour, but it is unclear whether she will fully recover in time as it is being reported that she is suffering from pneumonia.

Apparently she has been bedridden as she attempts to recover in time to fulfill the summer concert dates.It was legendary Merle Haggard who just died in April at age 79 after suffering from pneumonia. While he had the illness in the previous year and had recovered, the pneumonia ended up returning. At age 70, Dolly Parton is at high risk for suffering potential dire effects from pneumonia. Every year this illness claims 4 million lives and is especially dangerous for children and seniors.

It looks like no dates have been canceled as of yet for her Pure & Simple Tour. Hopefully Dolly makes a full recovery and will be healthy enough to perform all of her epic concerts this summer!



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