11 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Famous People

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These kids aren't the children of a celebrity, and they aren't celebrity baby pictures. Nope, these babies are just bona fide doppelgangers. 

1. This baby's got 99 problems, but looking like Jay Z isn’t one.

2. Wonder if this baby found his Chris Farley grin in a van down by the river.

3. I can't help falling in love with this Elvis baby.

4. You shall not pass by without noticing how much this baby looks like Gandalf.

5. He's totally Kevin from "The Office" (Brian Baumgartner), right?

6. This baby got all of John Legend's features.

7. Don't mess with baby Vladimir Putin.

8. Why, helllllooo. It's baby Mrs. Doubtfire.

9. Inconceivable how much this baby looks like Wallace Shawn.

10. "Fore" sure, this baby looks like Tiger Woods.

11. Is it too politically incorrect to mention how much this baby looks like Bill Maher?



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