Never Gonna Give Up Loving Rick Astley? Now, You Can Drink His Craft Beer!

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No, you are NOT getting Rickrolled. Rick Astley is making his own craft beer, and you're never gonna want to give it up.

Remember Rick?

Rick Astley may have retired from making music in 1993, but it feels like he's been a part of pop culture all along thanks to the Rickroll. May we never give up on loving "Never Gonna Give You Up." But Rick Astley is more than an incredible hit song -- he's also a beer drinker. 

Coming Soon

Astley has been working with a Danish brewery to create a fruity pilsner lager that is yet unnamed. Mikkeller brewery supplies craft beer to 40 countries. Soon, they'll be adding Astley's brew to the mix.

Will you drink Rick Astley craft beer if you get the chance? Share this story for anyone who hasn't been Rickrolled today!



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