Here is the Mugshot of Your Newest Criminal Crush

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America's Most Wanted or America's Next Top Model?

Remember the "Hot Felon" from a few months ago? Well, you can eat your heart out Jeremy Meeks, because you've officially been overshadowed by a newer, "hotter" criminal - Sean Kory. 

The Internet exploded after seeing the mugshot of Kory, a 29 year old from Santa Cruz, CA, who was busted on Halloween for allegedly attacking a person dressed as a Fox News anchor.

The easy-on-the-eyes criminal spent the night at the Santa Cruz County Jail after allegedly approaching the victim and screaming, “I hate Fox News!” before grabbing a microphone prop and rubbing it on his crotch, according to the New York Daily News.

Mugshot Model: Sean Kory

Which mugshot model is your favorite?

Is this the sign of the downfall of society? I think so.



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