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     Many people use Craigslist on a daily basis—for all kinds of things. One particular ad is seeking women for a “Sexy Female Feet Shoot.” While it claims to pay up to $100 per hour, it also states: “...depending the types of foot modeling we agree to.” 

Unfortunately, rather than comb through postings themselves, Craigslist relies on the general public to police the site for ads such as this, which gives rise to all sorts of obscurities—a loophole for human trafficking, drug dealing and anything else that may ultimately be illegal. Before dialing, please note that no actual person will be available for instant service. When calling the organization about questionable issues, the audio menu does have a “law-enforcement” option (press four)—but that simply takes inquirers to another automated voice instructing them to e-mail or fax (415.504.6394). 

 Meanwhile, if someone falls prey to a Craigslist scam, who knows when the site will take the necessary action(s). The best bet is to call local law enforcement directly. Sexual predators frequently operate on Craigslist and other sites. No matter how much it pays, if anything remotely illegal’s involved, it’s wise to dismiss it and move one. 



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