Drunk On Duty Cop Fails Sobriety Test

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Everyone on this earth has the right to make mistakes, but what a lot of people seem to be forgetting these days is that those mistakes do have consequences which should be accounted for. It doesn’t matter if you make a little one or one that could change someone’s life, there’s always some type of fallout in the end. With that being said, the officials who make up, enact and enforce our laws (which we’ve made through many years of trial and error) should not be held to a different standard than what those laws entail. We all understand to err is to be human, but when the consequences of those mistakes aren’t identical for every grouping of people then what’s the point of the laws?

This cop was filmed by his own security footage during a routine traffic stop, the only problem is that the officer in question appears to be more drunk than a college student at a frat party! He stumbles his way to the other vehicle and eventually discovers that the other driver had three missing beers from a 6-ring, takes the remainder, opens one and then starts drinking from it in front of the guy! Even more scumbag than that, he claims it’s an “open container” in a threat to the driver.

Without knowing more information it’s impossible to tell whether the other driver really was drunk or if he was just bringing that home after a lunch somewhere, but the officer sure as hell is. While the man did drive off, you can clearly see the officer only had his own drunken interests in mind. The scariest part about this whole story is that the officer had been and probably continued to be behind the wheel after that. With how much he was stumbling, I’m surprised he didn’t kill anyone. Something has got to change.



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