Police At A Restaurant Get Mocked By Employees. Then They Realize What They Did To Their Food

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So two cops are at a fast food restaurant in Shelby, North Carolina. They end up being made fun of and then ended up getting their food served with hot sauce without requesting such.

It was July 10th when the two Cleveland County deputies went to lunch at Zaxby’s restaurant. While in uniform, the officers were teased by the staff. The wife of one of the officers explains:

“As they walked up to place their orders, the boys in the back cooking the food started yelling at them and calling them names,” she wrote on social media.

The cops still ordered despite the remarks, then when they went to eat their food they knew something was “off”.

” … [M]y husband realized [they] had put the hottest sauce possible on [his] wings – to the point where his food wasn’t even fit to eat,” she said.

It actually burned just touching it! That’s how hot they apparently made it.

“Years ago, this profession was respected, it was honored. Now to get ridiculed, to be a target, to possibly get shot at, for little pay … what’s the motivation to be a police officer other than do it because your heart’s in it to help the community?” said Cleveland County Police Captain Joel Shores.

The restaurant is looking into the incident and made this statement:

“It is our goal to always provide every guest with exceptional service,” said a spokesman in an official statement.

Since the incident, staff has been monitored more. But local residents are starting to boycott the restaurant while demanding that the employees be fired.

“If it did happen, then the employees need to be fired on the spot,” said one local resident.

No word on whether there has been disciplinary action against the employees yet!



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