She’s been locked in the trunk of a car, but watch how she escapes.

RealClear Staff


Let’s face it, kids just have a knack for finding trouble when there really shouldn’t be any, but at one point we were all the very same way.

Unlike when the previous generations were growing up however there’s a whole different set of issues to deal with, such as the sheer availability of motor vehicles. They’re all over the place these days; add to that the fact that to a kid, a broken down car can be nothing more than a jungle-gym or a sweet hiding spot and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

What would happen if your kid was ever stuck in the trunk of a vehicle, for any reason? Even if you don’t consider kidnapping to be something that could happen to your children they could still end up trapping themselves in a random car regardless, so it may be best to ensure they know how to get back *out* as well!

The more you teach your child that cars are not in any way toys then you’ll decrease the likelihood of this situation ever occurring in the first place – it just never hurts to be prepared, especially when kids are involved.



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