The Terrible Truth About Food

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     The latest in first-world problems hit an all-time jaw-dropping low. Recently, it was discovered the US throws away nearly the same amount of food as it consumes. (On a global scale, 1.6 billion tons are wasted.) While it was thought American’s had all but vanquished their vanity, superficiality still lies within the demand for blemish-free food. 

The majority of people go for cosmetic perfection—but nutrients are not necessarily an external attribute. However, when most go grocery shopping, they’re looking for absolute beauty—all year round. No problem—there are labs and factories always producing food via bioengineering. Healthy, organic produce is actually harvested seasonally; it’s not always readily available—it may have some dirt and/or bruising.

To perpetuate cosmetic luster, apples, oranges, bananas, gourds and other produce must make it to the grocers without bruises and/or any other exterior issue. Grapes must have a wedge-shaped cluster. Many prefer boneless meat. It goes on like this. Should American-distributed food not meet buyer expectations, it simply gets tossed out or fed to livestock. (Never mind the still-existent impoverished people who’d gladly accept slightly damaged food.)

Then again, it’s probably safer to waste mass-produced food—or not eat it at all. According to author Eric Schlosser, life-threatening E. coli is found in beef, which then infects produce due to factory-farm run-off water. Don’t worry too much, at least the meat is cleansed with an E. coli-fighting agent—ammonia! (Yes, the finished product contains deadly chemicals.)

The aforementioned is just a bitter-sweet sample of what lies beneath the picture-perfect bounty of glamorous groceries you’re buying. (Fast food’s even more processed and treated.) When picking up provisions in the future, consider alternatives—e.g., organic free-range grass-fed beef and independently grown fruits & vegetables. They might be more expensive but not when compared to future, medical bills—e.g., bowel cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, etc. Hey, you only live once!



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