This Is How Pump-Action Shotguns Actually Work

RealClear Staff


One of the most iconic brand names in shotguns is the Winchester, and their 1980 Model 1912 was the very first Winchester shotgun to be manufactured without the use of an outside sledge – something every hunter today should be thankful for!

With an item so revolutionary it’s only natural to be a little curious exactly how it works; what the insides look like and how they all function in conjunction with each other isn’t necessarily a mystery, but being able to visually get an image is definitely better for an understanding from the engineering side of things.

It’s crazy just how complicated the inside of one of those things is, and just how many things are taking place when you put just a little extra pressure on the trigger. It’s a monument to human ingenuity and the man explaining it has an obvious love for his craft, making this educational video one of the easiest and best we’ve ever come across!



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