A Los Angeles Man Was Found Dead. The Crazy Part Is What Authorities Found In His House!

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     Local-Californian Jeffrey Alan Lash was discovered dead in his SUV—his decomposing body had been there for over two weeks! While his fiancée, Catherine Nebron, was aware of this, she didn’t bother telling anyone. Nebron claimed that was his request. (She was actually the one who helped him into his vehicle and covered him with a blanket!)

However, that’s not even the strange part. Upon authorities searching his home, 1,200 guns and seven tons of ammunition were seized from Lash’s home—all guns were in pristine condition (some with price tags on them). It took Los Angeles police two truckloads to remove everything! In addition to the wide array of arms, they also found piles of cash totaling $230,000! (The guns and ammo alone added up to $5 million!)

What’s one guy doing with all that in his home?? Lash led a private life until Catherine contacted lawyer Harlan Braun. Nebron disclosed that Lash was working for multiple, government agencies but dying of cancer. However, to everyone else, it appeared Jeffrey had no job, no income, no family and no criminal record. Lash and Nebron were together for 17 years. Jeffrey’s attorney, Robert Rentzer, was brought in and said Lash was “just a nice, ordinary guy with a fascination for weapons.” Rentzner could not explain the money and abundance of ammunition.

While private investigators are still trying to decipher Lash's life, the whole situation remains an overall mystery. 



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