The Largest Cruise Ship In The World Is Five Times The Size Of The Titanic

RealClear Staff


Cruises are becoming more popular as time goes on and people realize the absolute wonders they can introduce, but there’s one ship out there that stands above them all – the Oasis of the Seas.

Operated by Royal Caribbean, the only other cruise ships surpassing her are her own sister ships, the Allure of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas; upon it’s introduction in 2009 she was the largest cruiser the world had ever seen – five times the size of the historic Titanic!

She was also the very first to hold over 5,000 passengers at once which will likely earn her spot in seafaring history if it already hasn’t. In order to keep her operating at peak efficiency over 2,200 workers needed to be hired to take care of everything, and I mean everything! This is all due to just how much there is to do on a boat like this – they even have replicas of a few very well regarded locations, but I won’t spoil the surprise.



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