The Most Badass Bald Eagles In The World Snatch Drones Right Out Of The Sky

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The Dutch National Police turned to some Americans for help with a new drone defense initiative: they're using bald eagles.

Police Eagles

The eagles have been trained to attack drones and take them down, and this program is the very first of its kind. The DNP, Dutch National Police, have spent the past year training and testing the eagles with Guard from Above, a privately-owned company. 

Sky Guards

Several young bald eagles have been purchased by the DNP as part of a new training class for the program. They should be ready to work in about 6 months. The birds will help guard the skies against hostile drones, which they are trained to see as prey. 

Since drones are not the natural prey of bald eagles, the birds could be seriously injured or killed by large drones. The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research is working on special claw protectors to prevent attack eagles from being harmed.

You Lookin’ At Me?

It all really comes down to one fact: bald eagles are just plain cool. Share this story, and spread the word about these amazing trained attack birds.



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