Dentist Removed Pus From His Patient's Tooth But Something Weird Was Waiting To Happen...

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I've never really had any problems with my teeth. I'm not a guru in dental hygiene who flosses every day and schedules routine checkups at the dentist but I keep my teeth relatively clean.

But there are always problems that can occur in your mouth because we eat every day and sometimes even the person with the strictest regime in dental hygiene can have bad teeth days. However, it's usually those that practice bad dental hygiene who see the most problems.

Have you ever heard of a tooth abscess? It is a pocket of pus deposited in your tooth due to bacterial infection. The pus might cause painful swelling of your tooth. In the case of a severe tooth abscess, damaged tooth needs to be immediately extracted from the gums.

Extracting a tooth abscess is incredibly painful to bear but it is also incredibly painful to watch and if you watched the video above I'm pretty sure you can agree. 

Share this video with your friends and family on Facebook. It may just save someone the pain of actually going through the physical pain of a tooth abscess by encouraging them to practice good dental hygiene habits.



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